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Buy-In: $3,000 + $120
Prize Pool: $942,840
Entrants: 324

No-Limit Hold'em Event 9

  • Apr 16, '07 - Apr 17, '07


Updates on Final Day (Apr 17, 07)


Anna Wroblewski Wins Event 9

On a 1074 flop, Anna Wroblewski and Jonathan Dull get all their chips in the pot.  Dull shows the 103 and Wroblewski turns over the 98.  The 5 turn completes Wroblewski's flush and Wroblewski eliminates Dull when the 8 comes on the river.

Dull earns $192,640 for his second place finish.

Wroblewski, along with the $337,395 first place cash prize and $25,000 entry into the WPT Championship, takes home her first Bellagio gold bracelet.

Wroblewski Increases Lead

In a limped pot, Jonathan Dull bets $60,000.  Anna Wroblewski calls.  The 7 turn leads to a $50,000 bet by Wroblewski.  Dull calls.  The K comes on the river, and Wroblewski fires $100,000 into the pot.  Dull goes in the tank for a moment, calls, and mucks when Wroblewski flips over the 43.

Down 3-to-1 at one point, Wroblewski now has over $1 million to Dull's $600,000.

Jonathan Dull Takes Down Massive Pot

Anna Wroblewski opened for $45,000, Jonathan Dull re-raised to $175,000 and Wroblewski called.  The flop came K86 and both players checked.  The turn was the 2, Dull bet out $200,000 and Wroblewski called.  The river was 9 and both players checked.  Dull tabled TT, Wroblewski mucked and Dull raked in a pot worth over $400,000 chips.

Anna Wroblewski Doubles

In a limped pot, and with the board showing Q752, Jonathan Dull bets $35,000.  Anna Wroblewski raises $70,000.  Dull moves all in.  Wroblewski insta-calls.  Dull shows the 75 and Wroblewski turns over the Q5.  The river brings the 9.  Wroblewski doubles up to around $1 million.

Heads Up Play

Here are the chip counts going into heads up play:

1. Jonathan Dull - $1,415,000
2. Anna Wroblewski - $530,000

Abel Meijberg Eliminated 3rd ($96.320)

Able Meijberg completed from the small blind and Jonathan Dull raised from the big blind to $50,000.  Meijberg re-raised all in and Dull instantly called.  Dull showed down 99 and Meijberg tabled K3.  The board came T3A46 and Meijberg was sent home in 3rd place with $96,320.

Jonathan Dull Doubles Through Abel Meijberg

On a 1086 flop, Abel Meijberg bets $100,000.  Jonathan Dull moves all in for $522,000.  Meijberg calls.  Dull shows the QQ and Meijberg turns over the A10.  The board bricks out.  Dull wins the hand, and doubles up to over $1 million.

Blinds Increase

Blinds are now $8,000 - $16,000 with a $3,000 ante.

Abel Meijberg Doubles Through Anna Wroblewski

Anna Wroblewski raises $38,000.  Abel Meijberg re-raises $120,000.  Wroblewski moves all in.  Meijberg calls.  Meijberg shows the AQ and Wroblewski turns over the A10.  The board brings the J5245.  Meijberg doubles up to over $800,000.

Players On Break

Event 9 players are on a short break.
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