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CPPT IX - bestbet Jacksonville

$2,500 No-Limit Hold'em


Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Main Event Begins Friday, June 25

The 2021 Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville kicked off last week, and now the centerpiece of the 11-event series is set to get underway. The CPPT bestbet Jacksonville $2,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event ...

Buy-In: $3,000 + $120
Prize Pool: $942,840
Entrants: 324

No-Limit Hold'em Event 9

  • Apr 16, '07 - Apr 17, '07


Updates on Final Day (Apr 17, 07)


Anna Wroblewski Wins Event 9

On a 1074 flop, Anna Wroblewski and Jonathan Dull get all their chips in the pot.  Dull shows the 103 and Wroblewski turns over the 98.  The 5 turn completes Wroblewski's flush and Wroblewski eliminates Dull when the 8 comes on the river.

Dull earns $192,640 for his second place finish.

Wroblewski, along with the $337,395 first place cash prize and $25,000 entry into the WPT Championship, takes home her first Bellagio gold bracelet.

Wroblewski Increases Lead

In a limped pot, Jonathan Dull bets $60,000.  Anna Wroblewski calls.  The 7 turn leads to a $50,000 bet by Wroblewski.  Dull calls.  The K comes on the river, and Wroblewski fires $100,000 into the pot.  Dull goes in the tank for a moment, calls, and mucks when Wroblewski flips over the 43.

Down 3-to-1 at one point, Wroblewski now has over $1 million to Dull's $600,000.

Jonathan Dull Takes Down Massive Pot

Anna Wroblewski opened for $45,000, Jonathan Dull re-raised to $175,000 and Wroblewski called.  The flop came K86 and both players checked.  The turn was the 2, Dull bet out $200,000 and Wroblewski called.  The river was 9 and both players checked.  Dull tabled TT, Wroblewski mucked and Dull raked in a pot worth over $400,000 chips.

Anna Wroblewski Doubles

In a limped pot, and with the board showing Q752, Jonathan Dull bets $35,000.  Anna Wroblewski raises $70,000.  Dull moves all in.  Wroblewski insta-calls.  Dull shows the 75 and Wroblewski turns over the Q5.  The river brings the 9.  Wroblewski doubles up to around $1 million.

Heads Up Play

Here are the chip counts going into heads up play:

1. Jonathan Dull - $1,415,000
2. Anna Wroblewski - $530,000

Abel Meijberg Eliminated 3rd ($96.320)

Able Meijberg completed from the small blind and Jonathan Dull raised from the big blind to $50,000.  Meijberg re-raised all in and Dull instantly called.  Dull showed down 99 and Meijberg tabled K3.  The board came T3A46 and Meijberg was sent home in 3rd place with $96,320.

Jonathan Dull Doubles Through Abel Meijberg

On a 1086 flop, Abel Meijberg bets $100,000.  Jonathan Dull moves all in for $522,000.  Meijberg calls.  Dull shows the QQ and Meijberg turns over the A10.  The board bricks out.  Dull wins the hand, and doubles up to over $1 million.

Blinds Increase

Blinds are now $8,000 - $16,000 with a $3,000 ante.

Abel Meijberg Doubles Through Anna Wroblewski

Anna Wroblewski raises $38,000.  Abel Meijberg re-raises $120,000.  Wroblewski moves all in.  Meijberg calls.  Meijberg shows the AQ and Wroblewski turns over the A10.  The board brings the J5245.  Meijberg doubles up to over $800,000.

Players On Break

Event 9 players are on a short break.
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