Poker Coverage:

Buy-In: $2,500 + $120
Prize Pool: $802,675
Entrants: 331

No-Limit Hold'em Event 8

  • Apr 15, '07 - Apr 16, '07


Updates on Final Day (Apr 16, 07)


Jesse Martin Wins Event 8 ($289,740)

Jesse Martin raises $40,000 from the small blind.  Scott Clements calls.  The flop brings the K42.  Clements bets $90,000 and Martin moves all in.  Clements calls.  Martin shows the A4 and falls behind when Clements turns over the K7.  Clements stays ahead with the 9 turn, but Martin spikes his ace on the A river. 

Clements earns $163,205 for his runner-up finish.

Martin, a well-known East Coast player, takes home $289,740 and a Bellagio gold bracelet.

Heads-Up Play Begins

Jesse Martin and Scott Clements have started heads up play.  The blinds have been raised to $8,000-$16,000 with a $3,000 ante.  Currently Martin has 1,060,000 chips to Clements' $585,000.  Stay tuned to Cardplayer to see who comes out victorious.

Paul Spitalnic Eliminated 3rd ($96,320)

Paul Spitalnic moves all in.  Scott Clements calls.  Spitalnic turns over the K10 and Clements shows the AQ.  The 1094 flop gives Spitalnic a pair and a flush draw.  Clements, however, retakes the lead with the A turn.  No help comes on the 6 and Spitalnic exits the tournament in 3rd place.

Paul Alterman Eliminated 4th ($46,625)

Paul moved all in for his last $150,000 in chips from the small blind with T9 and was called by Scott Clements with K8.  The board came QJ64A eliminating Paul in 4th place for $46,625.

Jesse Martin Takes Pot From Paul Spitalnic

Jesse Martin raises to $50,000 and Paul Spitalnic calls from the big blind.  The flop brings the AQJ.  Martin bets $100,00.  Spitalnic raises an additional $240,000.  Martin reraises all in, and Spitalnic mucks.

Paul Alterman Doubles Up Through Scott Clements

Paul Alterman moves all in from the small blind and Scott Clements calls from the big blind.  Alterman shows the J9 and Clements takes the lead with the KQ.  The flop, however, comes the 973.  The paired nine holds and Alterman doubles up to over $200,000.

Clements Power Poker

Scott Clements has built a large stack and is using it to his advantage.  He has raised preflop 8 out of the last 10 hands and seems to have the rest of the table playing on their heels.

Noah Boeken Eliminated 5th ($34,975)

Paul Spitalnic raises to $40,000 from under the gun.  Noah Boeken reraises all in for an additional $137,000.  Spitalnic calls.  Boeken turns over the 33 and Spitalnic shows the AK.  The board brings the 1054A6.  Spitalnic turns top pair, and eliminated Boeken from the tournament in 5th place.

Final Table Chip Counts

Final Table Chip Counts:

Paul Alterman - $260,000
Scott Clements - $430,000
Paul Spitalnic - $220,500
Noah Boeken - $165,000
Jesse Martin - $450,000

Tuan Nguyen Eliminated 6th ($27,200)

Tuan Nguyen went all in for his last $30,000 from middle position and Scott Clements re-raised to isolate.  It worked and his A7 was up against Nguyen's K4.  The door card was the 4 and Nguyen took the lead when the rest of the flop came T9.  The turn was the 2 and Clements was down to his last card with 6 outs.  Nguyen yelled "hold one time" but it wasn't enough, the river came A sending Nguyen home in 6th place with $27,200.
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