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Buy-In: $2,000 + $100
Prize Pool: $937,020
Entrants: 483

No-Limit Hold'em Event 7

  • Apr 14, '07 - Apr 15, '07


Updates on Final Day (Apr 15, 07)


Jared Hamby Wins Five Star World Poker Classic Event #7 ($298,020)

Kathy Liebert raises $40,000 from the small blind.  Jared Hamby calls.  The flop brings the 542.  Liebert bets $75,000.  Hamby moves all in.  Liebert calls.  Hamby says "club ball" as he turns over the 109, but Liebert shows the superior flush draw with the Q8.  Hamby, however, pairs his nine on the 9 turn and eliminates Liebert from the tournament when the 2 comes on the river.

Liebert earns $164,075 for her second place finish.

Hamb, along with the $298,020 first place cash prize, nabs his second bracelet at the 2007 Five Star World Poker Classic.

Players Currently On Break

Kathy Liebert and Jared Hamby are currently on a break.

Heads Up Play

Play is now heads up in Event #7.  The chip counts are as follows:

1. Jared Hamby - $1,320,000
2. Kathy Liebert - $600,000

First place recieves over $290,000 and a Bellagio gold bracelet.

David Daneshgar Eliminated 3rd ($86,595)

David Daneshgar raises to $58,000.  Jared Hamby moves all in.  Daneshgar calls.  Hamby shows the AK and Daneshgar turns over the AQ.  The 97210 board gives Daneshgar the flush draw, but he is eliminated from the tournament when the 2 comes on the river.

Justin Gaines Eliminated 4th ($50,120)

Kathy Liebert raises to $60,000 and a short-stacked Justin Gaines moves all in.  Liebert calls.  Gaines shows the A9 and Liebert turns over the AQ.  The K10676 board brings no help, and Gaines is eliminated from the tournament.

Finall Table Resumes

The blinds are now $10,000-$20,000 with a $4,000 ante.

Chip Counts

Here is an updated chip count for the final table:

Jared Hamby -- $800,000
David Daneshgar -- $380,000
Kathy Liebert -- $340,000
Justin Gaines -- $250,000


The final table is on a 15 minute break.

Jared Hamby Doubles Up

Hamby raises to $45,000 from the button with $300,000 behind.  Justin Gaines re-raises to $200,000 with Hamby covered.  Hamby shrugged then called.  He tabled 88 and Gaines showed AQ.  The board came J628K doubling Hamby up to over 620,000.

Blinds Increase

Blinds are now $8,000-$16,000 with a $3,000 ante.
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