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Buy-In: $2,500 + $120
Prize Pool: $889,975
Entrants: 367

No-Limit Hold'em Event 8

  • Dec 07, '06 - Dec 09, '06


Updates on Final Day (Dec 08, 06)


Danny Wong Wins!

Wong opened for 42k on the button and Pham raised him back. Wong moved all in and Pham thought for a moment.  He’d just committed 70k to the pot and this was his chance to either take the lead or take the fall. He called, creating a pot worth over 1M. Wong turned over Ac-4s and Pham showed his Jc-Jd in the hole.  Wong called out, “four, four, four!” But he came up short as only two fours and a ten fell on the flop. Pham was noticeably distraught as he jumped back from the table. He looked at the board again and shook his head.  But being the warrior that Phan is, he didn’t give up and shouted back at the cards, “jack, jack!” But the turn paired the board with another 10s. Pham needed a 10 or a jack on the river to win, but the Kh came and Danny Wong high-fived his friends in a sign of victory. Runner up David Pham, a long-time veteran of the sport, congratulated the twenty-something Daniel Wong.

David Pham will take home $181,540.

Danny Wong was elated. “Last time I missed it by one.” He was referring to the Bellagio Cup II $10,000 championship in July, when Shannon Shorr elbowed him out of a win. “I really wanted this.”

“This” is the title, the bracelet, $319,420, and a seat into the $25,000 World Poker Tour Finals in April of 2007.


Coming Up

After doubling up once and pulling in a few pots, Pham has managed to build his stack back up to around 700k.

Updated Chip Counts

The players were close to even before Wong eliminated Madsen. Now Wong has a monster chip lead over Pham. But this game’s not over yet.

Seat 2. Danny Wong 1.5M
Seat 5. David Pham 300k

Jeff Madsen Goes Home

With a 100k pot and action between Madsen and Wong, the flop came 10s-8d-4d and Madsen checked to Wong who bet around 60k. Madsen called to see the turn 10h. Madsen pushed and Wong called. Madsen had Ac-Ks and Wong had middle pair with Kc-8h. The river was the 6c and Jeff Madsen was eliminated in 3rd place, taking home $90,770.

Madsen earned 888 POY points, he now sits in 10th position. 


Rhett Butler Is Out in 4th Place

WSOP Championship Final Tablist Rhett Butler was eliminated in 4th place when he moved all in under the gun for 132k. Wong called on the button and turned over Kd-Jd. Butler had Qs-Jh. The flop came As-Td-4d giving Wong a flush draw. Butler still had hope with a straight draw. But a 6d on the turn left Butler drawing dead to the river.  Butler went home in 4th place with $51,890. 


The following chip counts are approximate:

Seat 1. Rhett Butler 180kS
eat 2. Danny Wong 650k
Seat 5. David Pham 570k
Seat 10. Jeff Madsen 415k

The blinds are now 8k-16k with a 3k ante. 


William Gaffney Out in 5th Place

After the turn, Gaffney pushed for 108k with Q-3. Wong called with K-9. The board read A-K-2-3 and Wong was in the lead with high pair. The river was a 4c and William Gaffney finished in 5th place with $38,900.

Chris Bjorin Out in 6th Place

Wong raised to 32k in late position, Bjorin pushed for his last 48k on the button. Pham and Wong called for three way action before the flop of 8-6-3 with two hearts. The turn was the 7d, Pham bet and Wong folded.  David flopped a set of sixes leaving Bjorin drawing dead to the river with his A-Q.  Bjorin finished in 6th place with $30,255.

Final Table Shots

Photos are now available for your viewing pleasure.  Click here, or on the photo link to the left of this update.

Approximate Chip Counts

Seat 1. Rhett Butler 200k
Seat 2. Danny Wong 200k
Seat 3. Chris Bjorin 195k
Seat 4. William Gaffney 160k
Seat 5. David Pham 380k
Seat 10. Jeff Madsen 480k
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