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Buy-In: $2,000 + $100
Prize Pool: $735,260
Entrants: 379

No-Limit Hold'em Event 7

  • Dec 06, '06 - Dec 08, '06


Updates on Final Day (Dec 08, 06)


JC Tran Wins!

Only moments after Nguyen collected his winnings and shook the hands of his fellowmen, Tran made his move.

Pham, just returning from the “other” tournament, raised before the flop with pocket tens. Tran reraised all in with AcKc. The board gave Tran top pair and the tournament was officially over.

David Pham went home in second place with $149,050.

JC Tran won the title, the bracelet, $266,820, and a $25,000 seat into the World Poker Tour championship in April 2007.

This win will push Tran into second position in the POY leader board.

Last Call For Men Nguyen

The bar closed on Nguyen when he pushed from the button for 330k before the flop. Tran folded and Pham called in the small blind. Nguyen turned over 7c-10c, but Pham had Ac-Kc and Nguyen was way behind.  The flop came Qh-5s-4d, which didn’t little to help Nguyen, and a Qc on the turn meant that Nguyen needed a 7 or a 10 to win. But the river was a Kh and Pham took down the pot. Men Nguyen went out in 3rd place with $74,525.

Pham Covering Two Events

The hardest workingman is David Pham, who during his breaks, exits the stage and plays in today’s $2,500 event. That tournament is headed into its 6th level and Phan sits with about 11k.

On the other hand, J.C. Tran is working had to pass Nam Le on the POY leader board and inch closer to Michael Mizrachi.

House Cleaning

It's only two hours into Day 2 of this event and seven players have already been eliminated.

It’s three-way action (and we mean ACTION) between J.C. Tran, Men “The Master” Nguyen, and David “The Dragon” Pham. Despite the disappointment of Greenstein’s early exit, this is probably the way it was supposed to happen. The three are close to even going into the next round.

JC Tran has 545k
Men Nguyen has 540k
David Pham has 430k


Justin Bonomo Goes Home

Nguyen raised with pocket Jd-Jh and action went around to Bonomo who called all in with 8h-9h.  The flop came Qh-Ts-4h giving Bonomo some hope for a flush. But that was the last heart to come and Justin Bonomo who went out in 4th place with $42,565.

Peter Gould Goes Home

Gould was the next man in line to see the cashier, when Nguyen put his suited J-9 up against Gould’s suited K-Q. The both had hearts. The flop came 10-9-4 and Nguyen’s hand hadn’t improved, then a K on the turn paired Gould who was feeling pretty good about his hand. Tournament director Jack McClelland announced that Pham would need a queen to win.  Sure enough, a Q came on the river and Pham completed a straight. Peter Gould went home in 6ht place with $24,840.

Barry Greenstein is Out

Pham raised under the gun, and Greenstein moved all in for close to 200k. Pham called and turned over Ac-Ks. Greenstein had pocket 6h-6d. the flop comes 5c-3h-2c and Greenstein’s hand was still good. A Qc on the turn put Pham on a flush draw, and the river sealed his win with an 8c.  Barry Greenstein went home in 5th place with $31,940.

Todd Arnold Is Out

Another short stack, Arnold, made his move on the button and pushed for 40k. Pham called. Arnold had suited connectors 7-6, and Pham had 9-7 suited. The flop came Q-4-2 and Pham is still ahead, but the hand was decided with a 9 on the turn, as Arnold was drawing dead to the river.  Todd Arnold went home in 7th place with $17,745.

Alan Sass and Ken James Go Home

Sass met his fate when after a round of betting Nguyen forced Sass all in, the turned over pocket aces. Sass would need a miracle with his K-Q, but there were none to be found. Nguyen tripped up on the flop and Alan Sass went home in 9th place with $11,355.

Ken James was the next one out when he pushed his last 35k in the middle. Gould went all in and the rest of the table folded. James shows Q-10, but Gould had a better queen with A-Q. The board paired Gould on the flop and James hand never improved.  Ken James went out in 8th place with $14,195.

Catching Up

Bonomo found himself in another tricky spot when he raised in late position to 20k and Tran called from the big blind. The flop came Q-8-5 with two clubs and Tran checked. Bonomo bet 30k and Tran called to a 2 on the turn. It was checked to a 4 on the river and Tran bet out. Bonomo folded, awarding the pot to Tran.

In three-way action before the flop, Sass pushed, Pham raised, Greenstein reraised, and everyone folded behind. Sass turned over K-K, while Pham showed pocket tens and Greenstein held pocket queens. The flop came 10-9-7 and the underdog was suddenly put in the lead. Neither Greenstein nor Sass could improve and Pham took down the pot.

On the very next hand, Sass pushed his last 15k in the pot. Bonomo protected his pocket queens, while Sass showed K-Q. The board came K-9-7-7-2 and Sass would live to see another day.
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