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Buy-In: $1,500 + $90
Prize Pool: $755,145
Entrants: 519

No-Limit Hold'em Event 6

  • Dec 05, '06 - Dec 07, '06


Updates on Final Day (Dec 06, 06)


Jay Glazer Wins!

Glazer whittled Westra down to the nub. Westra was forced to go all in on his big blind. Glazer turned over pocket Aheart-Aspade. Westra literally threw in the towel. It didn’t matter, the board awarded Glazer the winning hand anyway.

Johnathan Westra went home in second place with $131,335.

Jay Glazer won the bracelet, $244,395, and a $25,000 seat into the World Poker Tour Finals in April 2007.

Back to Even

With a series of all ins and plays to the river, Glazer has managed to bring them back to nearly even.

1. Jay Glazer 780k
2. Johnathan Westra 777k


Heads Up

It's heads up between Glazer and Westra, who has a considerable chip lead.

1. Jay Glazer 330k
2. Johnathan Westra 1.3M


Gioi Luong Out in 3rd Place

Westra opened for 50k from the small blind and Luong, next to act, called. The flop came Kspade-5heart-4diamond. Westra bet out 60k and Luong called all in for about 30k. Luong had 5diamond-2diamond, for middle pair. Westra had Kspade-9diamond for top pair. The turn was the Jheart, and the river a 7club. Gioi Luong went home in 3rd place with $69,315.

Players On Break

The blinds are 8k-16k with a 3k ante.

Here are the approximate chip counts:

1. Jay Glazer 380k
2. Johnathan Westra 1.7M
3. Gioi Luong 73k


Fred Bonyadi Is Out

Bonyadi pushed under the gun with pocket kings. It was folded to Westra on the button, who called with A-Q. Bonyadi had over 400k in chips. If he doubled up, he’d trade chip leads with Westra who was sitting with about 700k. If he lost, Westra would attain chip monopoly. The flop came A-4-5, putting Westra ahead with the higher pair. A 3 on the turn and a queen on the river didn’t improve Bonyadi’s hand.  Fahrzad “Fred” Bonyadi went home in 4th place with $40,095.

Rob Kelepouris Out in 5th Place

With about 50k already in the pot, Kelepouris raised another 100k from the button. Glazer got out of the way, and Westra moved all in from the big blind. Luong folded. Kelepouris called and turned over Kspade-Qspade. Westra had pocket Qclub-Qdiamond. The flop came Aclub-Jclub-9spade and Kelepouris would need a 10 to make a straight. The turn was an 8heart, and the river, 2diamond, awarding Westra the pot. Rob Kelepouris went home in 5th place with $29,185.

Glazer Doubles Through Kelepouris

Action came around to Glazer in the small blind, and he moved all in for his last 100k. It was folded around to Kelepouris, who called from the button. Glazer had Aclub-Jclub, but Kelepouris had pocket 8spade-8diamond.  The flop came Qheart-9club-8, giving Kelepouris a set. The turn was the 6club, giving Glazer some hope, but he would need another club on the river to win. In runner-runner fashion, a 2club fell, completing Glazer’s flush and doubling him up to about 240k.

Westra Cripples Glazer

Westra moved all in from under the gun. Action was folded to Glazer in the big blind, who called. Glazer turned over Aheart-Qdiamond, and Westra showed his pocket Kheart-Kclub. The board came Jspade-8heart-7spade-5diamond-3heart and Westra doubled up to about 630k, crippling Glazer to a little over 100k.

Updated Chip Counts

After a short break, the players returned to 6k-12 blinds, and a 2k ante.

The following chip counts are approximate: 

1. Jay Glazer 430k
2. Johnathan Westra 306k
3. Fred Bonyadi 350k
4. Gioi Luong 150k
5. Rob Kelepouris 255k

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