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Buy-In: $5,000 + $180
Prize Pool: $848,750
Entrants: 175

No-Limit Hold'em Event 5

  • Dec 04, '06 - Dec 06, '06


Updates on Final Day (Dec 06, 06)


David Daneshgar Wins!

West raised all in on the button and Daneshgar insta-called.  West turned over K-J, but Daneshgar slammed over his pocket aces.  The board came 4c-3c-2s and West walked over to the other side of the table to congratulate Daneshgar. But another club came on the turn (Ac), giving Daneshgar a set, but West still had some hope since he was holding one card of the club suit. The river was the 2d and West was eliminated.

Tim West won second place and $181,115.

David Daneshgar won the bracelet, $330,105, and a seat into the World Poker Tour Finals in April 2007.


They're Back

The players are finally back from their "short" break and ready to do business at the table. The cards are in the air.

Dan Shak Is Out

Daneshgar bet 41k, and Shak moved all in on the button. Daneshgar showed pocket queens (Qd-Qc), and Shak had As-9c. The flop came Jh-8c-7s to give Shak a straight draw or hope by pairing an ace. The turn was another 8h and the river sealed the win for Daneshgar with a Qh, to send Dan Shak home in 3rd place with $90,560.

Updated Chip Counts

Players are on a short break going into heads up action.

David Daneshgar 1.6M
Tim West 690k 


Paul McCaffrey Out in 4th Place

Daneshgar limped from the small blind and McCaffrey moved all in for 210k. Daneshgar called. McCaffrey had Ks-Qd. Daneshgar was ahead with As-Kc.  The board came Js-9h-6h-4h-5c. Daneshgar’s hand held up and McCaffrey went home in 4th place with $49,385.

Daneshgar Doubles Through Shak

Daneshgar pushed with pocket tens and Shak called with A-7.  The flop came 10-2-3, giving Daneshgar a set.  The turn was a Q, leaving Shak drawing dead and doubling Daneshgar up to about 200k.

Tony Cousineau Out in 5th Place

Cousineau moved all in with A-2 versus McCaffrey with A-K. The board came A-10-3-K-4, sending Cousineau to the rail in 5th place with $37,045.

Updated Chip Counts

David Daneshgar 180k
Tony Cousineau 100k
Dan Shak 790k
Paul McCaffrey 220k
Tim West 410k

Soulier Out in 6th Place

With plenty of betting before the action reached Soulier on the button, he moved all in for 380k.  It was folded to Shak, who on Soulier’s right, called in late position. Soulier had 8c-8h. Shak turned over Qs-Qc. The nearly 800k pot could change the face of the game. Up to now, everyone was about even in chips. The flop came 4d Ks Ah and Soulier would need to pair his 8 to win. The turn and river (10d-2s) sent Soulier to the rail in 6th place with $28,815.

Soulier Doubles Through Daneshgar

Soulier doubled up when, first to act, he moved all in with Qs-9c. Daneshgar called, in late position, with Kh-Qh.  The flop came Jd-9d-3c, giving Soulier a pair, but Daneshgar still had a straight draw to the 10. The turn 5s and river 6d saved Soulier’s tournament life as he pulled in a pot worth 136k.
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