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Buy-In: $3,000 + $120
Prize Pool: $590,730
Entrants: 203

No-Limit Hold'em Event 4

  • Dec 03, '06 - Dec 05, '06


Updates on Final Day (Dec 05, 06)


Ralph Perry Takes Down Roland deWolfe

After the flop of 6h-3d-2h, deWolfe pushed for his last 200k. Perry called. DeWolfe paired the board with 6d-5d and Perry showed his open ended straight draw with Ad-4c. A 5s on the turn completed Perry’s hand, but deWolfe could still win with another 5 or a 6. The river sealed Perry’s win with an 8c.

Roland deWolfe went home in 2nd place with $124,350.

Ralph Perry won $234,635, the bracelet, and a $25,000 seat into the World Poker Tour Finals in April.


DeWolfe Takes Hit After Hit

Perry has gone from short stacked to chip monster in about 20 minutes. Dragging in pot after pot, he’s built up to about 900k.

Perry Doubles Up

After the flop of Ac-4h-6c, Perry pushed for 100k and deWolfe called. Perry turned over 3-5 for a straight draw, and deWolfe showed A-4 suited for two pair. The turn was an 8, but the river gave Perry the deuce he needed to complete his hand and give deWolfe a taste of his own medicine. 

Both players have made it very clear to each other that they want the title and the bracelet. 


DeWolfe Is Loaded

It’s heads up now, with Perry holding less than 200k. Roland has been hyper-aggressive in the later rounds, and now he has the chips to turn the heat up even higher.

Rene Doubles Up And Then Goes Down

Angelil pushed with K-8 suited and deWolfe called with 6-4 offsuit. The flop of Q-10-8 leaned in Angelil’s favor, but deWolfe has pulled some rabbits out of his hat in the past.  Angelil smiled and feigned holding his breath as the turn and river, a 9 and a 5, gave him the win and doubled him up.

On the next hand, Angelil pushed with A-5 and deWolfe called with 6-9. A nine on the flop paired deWolfe and Angelil couldn’t improve. He went home in 3rd place with $62,175.


Perry Takes Another Hit

The flop came Jc-7d-6d and DeWolfe pushed from early position. Perry called from the button.  DeWolfe showed 6c-10c and Perry had him dominated with Kh-6s. The flop came Jc-7d-6d allowing Perry to maintain the lead. But Perry took another blow from deWolfe when the river, a 10c, gave the underdog another pair.

Angelil has stayed out of the way of deWolfe and Perry, letting them knock each other around.

Angelil Doubles Through deWolfe

Angelil moved all in before the flop for 165k from the small blind. Perry folded, but deWolfe called. Angelil showed Kc-As, deWolfe had Ac-9c. The flop came Ks-8d-4d, pairing Angelil. The turn, the 2h and the river, the 9s sealed the win for Angelil, doubling him up.

Perry Takes A Hit

After a flop of 8s-8c-3c,DeWolfe pushed all in for 237k in the big blind with Qh-6c. Perry thought for a moment and then called, turning over As-Kc. It appeared Perry would take deWolfe down when a 6d came on the turn, pairing the underdog. Spectators and tournament players, hearing the tournament director announcing the bad beat over the microphone, let out a collective groan. But no one made more noise than Mrs. Perry, who just arrived in support of her husband. The river, a 10d, sealed the win for deWolfe who doubled up and became the current chip leader.

De Wolfe Doubles Up

DeWolfe pushed with Q-J and Perry called him with KQ.  The pot was around 400k ,and if deWolfe won, he would double up considerably.  If Perry won, it would be his third casualty in a row. The flop came Q-8-4 and Perry was in the lead. The turn, a 5, did little to change the outcome. But a jack fell on the river, giving deWolfe two pair.

Perry Takes Down Luong

It looks like Perry is backing up the promise he made to his son Sean, as he’s using his chip advantage to bully the table. Goio, short stacked for most of the day, move all in with A-8.  Perry called with pocket sevens. Like magic, the flop came 9-7-3.  Gioi stood and watched helplessly as a 10 on the turn and a 3 on the river sealed the win for Perry.  Gioi Luong went home in 4th place with $33,905.
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