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Buy-In: $2,500 + $120
Prize Pool: $538,350
Entrants: 222

No-Limit Hold'em Event 3

  • Dec 02, '06 - Dec 04, '06


Updates on Final Day (Dec 03, 06)


We Have a Winner!

Three hours and twenty minutes of heads up action later, we have a winner. The key hand that turned it around for Wong and sent Kasabyan to his demise was a race of aces, with Wong holding a better kicker.

Kasabian called Wong from the small blind and Wong answered with an all in bet before the flop. With his last 200k, Wong pushed and waited for Kasabian’s next move. If Kasabian called and lost the hand, it would bring both players back to even in chips. But Kasabian did call, turning over Ah-8h. Wong sat back and tossed his cards face up on the table. Wong had As-9d. Kasabian would have to pair his kicker, or pull some other rabbit out of a hat to win the hand.  The board came Qd-6s-5c-2c-2s and Wong raked in a monster pot.

Only moments later, the game was over and Kasabian accepted defeat.  He’ll go home with $112,825.

Steve Wong won the gold bracelet, $215,255, and a $25,000 seat into the World Poker Tour finals on April 21, 2007.


Photos of Today's Event

Photos are ready for viewing.  Click on the multimedia tab or click the photo tab to the left of this update.

Updated Chip Counts

Wong and Kasabyan are playing some solid poker and Wong is inching closer to evening the score.

Steve Wong 430k
Gevork Kasabyan 680k 


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

If Steve Wong wins this event he will become the Bellagio’s 20th tournament millionaire.

Wong Shakes It Up

Just as Wong promised, he's gone on the attack against Kasabyan. 

With a board of 8c-6c-8h-Jh, Wong pushed on the button. Kasabyan though for a moment, then folded. Wong pulled in a 110k pot. 


Shout Out to Holland

Wong and Kasabyan are taking a short break before going head on. 

Wong would like to thank all of his fans in Holland for being so supportive.

There’s not much background on Kasabyan, since he plays mostly the smaller tournaments on the circuit.  Coming in short stacked, Wong was asked what he though of his opponent.  “I don’t think he’s ready to face me since I have a lot of experience in big events like this.” When asked if he thought he could come from behind and turn the tables on Kasabyan, Wong replied. “Yes, I can.”


Updated Chip Counts

The following chip counts are approximate.

Steve Wong 340k
Gevork Kasabyan 740k 


Nam Le Goes Home

Nam Le was in the big blind with As-3h, and Kasabyan was in the small blind with 9c-Kc. Kasabyan raised and Le came over the top all in.  Kasabyan called.  The board came Jh-9s-5c-5s-4s, pairing Kasabyan.  Nam Le went home in 3rd place with $56,415.

Jorgensen Crushed by Kasabyan

With pocket jacks (Jc-Jh), Jorgensen pushed on the button for 250k, but he ran into Kasabyan’s pocket aces (As-Ah).  Kasabyan, in the small blind, called. The board came 7h-6c-4h-10c-5d and Jorgensen sat silent for several moments before exiting the table. Jorgensen went home in 4th place with $30,770.

Updated Chip Counts

With four players remaining, action is fast paced. Nam Le is the short stack headed into the 13th round, with Jorgensen celebrating a clear lead.

Steve Wong 320k
Nam Le 145k
Theo Jorgensen 410k
Gevork Kasabyan 250k

The blinds are now 3k-6k with a 1k ante. 

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