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Buy-In: $2,000 + $100
Prize Pool: $733,320
Entrants: 378

No-Limit Hold'em Event 2

  • Dec 01, '06 - Dec 03, '06


Updates on Final Day (Dec 02, 06)


DevilFish Wins!

With the Ad-6c, Strzemp moved all in before the flop for the rest of his short stack.  DevilFish called with a better kicker, Ah-8c.  The board came Ks-Kd-Jh-5s-2h.

Runner up John Strzemp took home $148,640.

David “DevilFish” Ulliott won the bracelet, $266,160, and a seat into the World Poker Tour Finals in April, 2007.

DevilFish Cripples Strzemp

After a flop of 7c-6s-5c,  Strzemp moved all in with 8c-3c and DevilFish called with 3h-4s.  Strzemp had both straight and flush draws, while DevilFish had made his hand with a low straight. Strzemp had a higher straight draw, but the turn was a Ks, and the river, the 3s, giving DevilFish the win and doubled him up through Strzemp.

Back to Even

Ulliott and Strzemp are about even in chips, with around 750k apiece. 


Heads Up

It’s down to two players, David Ulliott and John Strzemp. These two have been beating each other up all day, rallying back and forth with the chip leads since Lin’s exit.  They chopped a couple of pots and have taken turns eliminating the competition. Currently, Ulliott has a little over 600k in chips.  With the rest of the 1,512,000 in play, Strzemp has about 1.5 times as many chips as Ulliott.

David Farber Goes Home

Farber went all in with K-10 and Ulliott called with A-4.  The flop came 8-5-2 allowing Ulliott to maintain his lead. The turn was another dangerous card for Farber as the 6 gave Ulliott a straight draw. The river sealed it for Ulliott when a 3 completed his hand and sent Farber to the rail in third place with $74,320.

Cards Are In The Air

The players returned from break and Ulliott wasted no time pulling in two pots against both of his opponents.  Ulliott is the clear chip leader with over 700k.

Players On Break

The following are approximate chip counts going into the 17th round.

Seat 2 – David Farber 452k
Seat 3 – John Strzemp 371k
Seat 9 – David Ulliott  690k

When they return, the blinds will raise to 10k-20k with a 4k ante. 


Ulliott Knocks Out Alsharairi

Alsharairi pushed all in with pocket aces in the small blind, and Ulliott called in the big blind with Jc-8c. Ulliott had Alsharairi covered when the flop came 10s-3c-2c, giving Ulliott the flush draw.  Ulliott stood up to shake Alsharairi’s hand and bid him adeau. The turn brought the 6c to complete Ulliott’s hand, but another club could spell trouble. With seven outs, Alsharairi waited for the river. Ulliott called out for a diamond, but the Ks was the last card to fall, good enough to seal the win for Ulliott.

Sam Alsharairi went home in 4th place with $42,475.

William Lin is Out

Lin pushed all in on the button with K-10 offsuit and Farber called under the gun with A-K. Unfortunately for Lin, the ace played, awarding the pot to Farber.

William Lin went home in 5th place with $31,850.

Lin Takes A Hit

Lin has been dominating the field, knocking several players out of the park. But Lin was crippled by Strzemp when he went all in with pocket sevens. Strzemp called with pocket nines. The board missed both players, doubling Strzemp up through Lin. Lin was left with less than 100k in chips.
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