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Buy-In: $1,500 + $90
Prize Pool: $785,700
Entrants: 540

No- Limit Hold'em Event 1

  • Nov 30, '06 - Dec 02, '06


Updates on Final Day (Dec 01, 06)


Kevin Song Wins

Kevin Song moved all in after the flop and Brandon Cantu called.  Song had Kc-8c.  Cantu showed J-8 offsuit. The flop came Ac-Jc-8d to give Cantu two pair, but Song had a flush draw. The turn was another club (7) to put Song in the lead going into the river. Cantu needed a jack or an eight to win. The river was the 5d to seal the win for Song.

Brandon Cantu came in second to take home $136,835.

Kevin Song won the bracelet, $253,560, and a seat into the $25,000 World Poker Tour Finals championship on April 21, 2007.

This concludes Card Player's coverage for the day. Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of the $2,000 NLH event 2, and Day 1 of the  $2,500 NLH event. 


Gavin Griffen and Sabastian Skuja Are Out

Gavin Griffen went home in 4th place with $41,855.

Skuja went all in with A-7 suited and Cantu called with pocket fives. The board of 9-5-3-2-10 gave Cantu the win to send Skuja home in 3rd place with $72,220. 



Nick Moeller Takes 5th

Nick Moeller was knocked out in 5th place with $30,410 and the remaining four players went on a short break.

When they return, the antes will be 2,000 with 6,000 and 12,000 blinds.


Larry Tull Is Out

Larry Tull was knocked out by Gavin Griffen and went home in 6th place with $21,285. 


Skuja Doubles Through Griffen

Before the flop, Gavin Griffin went all in with pocket fives and Sabastian Skuja called him with A-K offsuit. Griffen had Skuja covered when the flop came K-J-10 rainbow, giving Skuja a pair. Griffen needed a five to win, but the turn was a jack and the river was an ace. Skuja doubled up.

Sang Yi Takes 7th Place

Skuja Sebastian called Yi’s all in before the flop. With two pair on the board, it was up to Sebastian’s high card (a queen) to win the hand and send Sang Yi home in 7th place with $15,205.

Sang Yi Knocks Out Thanh Tran

Thanh Tran went all in with A6 against Sang Yi, who called with AQ. Yi’s kicker held up, sending Thanh Tran home in 8th place with $12,165.

James VanAlstyne Goes Home

James VanAlstyne, who went all in with a pair of queens, ran into Gavin Griffin’s pocket kings before the flop. Griffin’s hand held up and James VanAlstyne went home in 9th place with $10,645.

Man Gurian is Out

Man Gurian went all in in early position with pocket 7s against Brandon Cantu's pair of kings. Neither player hit the board sending Gurian home in 10th place with $9,120.

Down to the Final Table

Ten players moved to the feature table.

1. Sang Yi
2. Gavin Griffin
3. Larry Tull
4. Brandon Cantu
5. Sebastian Skuja
6. Nick Moeller
7. Robert Doyle
8. Kevin Song
9. Man Gurian
10. James Van Alstyne 

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