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Buy-In: $2,500
Prize Pool: $628,075
Entrants: 259

Event 3 - No-Limit Hold'em

  • Apr 07, '06 - Apr 08, '06


Updates on Final Day (Apr 08, 06)


Adam Smith Wins!

In a surprise move during the first hand of heads-up action, Smith had a 2-1 chip lead against Pecoraro and before we knew it they were all in. Smith won the hand and the tournament with J-3 offsuit. That was that and the tournament was suddenly, and without warning, over.

Joe Pecoraro takes 2nd place with $126,540.

Adam Smith is the champion, taking home $230,375 along with the diamond and gold bracelet.

Card Player will provide the winning photo and a brief summary of the day's events later this evening.


Al Barbieri is out in 3rd place ($63,270)

Al Barbieri was on the button and called the big blind. Joe Pecararo limped in on the small blind. The flop came 9h-7c-2c and Pecararo bet 20,000. Barbieri called to see the Ad on the turn. Pecoraro bet out again and Barbieri called all in. Pecararo had Jh-Js and Barbieri had Jc-5c for the flush draw. The river was the Kh, giving Pecararo the best hand and sending Al Barbieri to the rail in 3rd place with $63,270.


Cards are in the Air!

Players are headed into the 17th round.

Short Break

Players are on a short break. When they return the blinds will be 10,000-20,000 with a 4,000 ante.

Approxminate Chip Counts:

Adam Smith 932,000
Joe Pecoraro 304,000
Al Barbieri 61,000


Al Barbieri Doubles Through Joe Pecoraro

Al Barbieri raises to 50,000, Adam Smith calls, Joe Pecoraro moves all in, and Barbieri immediately calls. Smith folds, and tells his friends on the rail that he had pocket tens. Pecoraro shows Ad-Qc, but he's dominated by Barbieri's As-Ks. The flop comes 10h-7h-2d, and Smith would have hit a set. As it stands, Barbieri retains the lead with ace-king high. The turn card pairs the board with the 7s, and Pecoraro could win with a queen, or chop with a ten or a deuce (double-pairing the board). The river card is the 6s, and Barbieri doubles up in chips.

Justin Gaines Goes Out in 4th Place ($36,170)

Justin Gaines moved all in with Ac-9d and Joe Pecoraro called with As-Kd. Pecoraro was in the lead going into the flop of Jc-6h-2c. Gaines would need runner clubs for a flush or a 9 to pair his hand. The turn was the Qd, eliminating the flush possibility and the river, the 6d, gave Pecoraro the win.
Justin Gaines was eliminated in 4th place, taking home $36,170.


Adam Smith doubles through Joe Pecoraro

After the flop of Jc-4c-4s, Adam Smith was all in with Jd-3d against Joe Pecoraro, who had pocket queens. The turn was the Ac, keeping him in the lead, but the the river was the Jh saving Smith with trip jacks and doubling him up through Pecoraro.


Beverly Cheney Out in 5th Place ($27,115)

Beverly Cheney is all in preflop with pocket eights (8c-8d) against Adam Smith's pocket queens (Qd-Qs). The board comes Ah-5c-4d-7h-9d, and Cheney's eights never improve. Beverly Cheney is eliminated in fifth place, earning $27,115.

Adam Smith Doubles Through Al Barbieri

Adam Smith is short-stacked and all in with pocket aces (Ad-As) against Al Barbieri's Kd-9d. Barbieri flops a pair of kings but doesn't improve any further on a board of Kh-Jh-6c-4h-10h (neither player had a heart). Smith doubles up in chips.

Beverly Cheney Doubles Through Al Barbieri

Beverly Cheney is all in preflop with Ac-10s against Al Barbieri's Qh-Jd. The board comes 9d-7s-4h-Ks-3c, and Cheney wins the hand with ace high to double up in chips.
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