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Buy-In: $2,000
Prize Pool: $552,900
Entrants: 285

Event 2 - No-Limit Hold'em

  • Apr 06, '06 - Apr 07, '06


Updates on Final Day (Apr 07, 06)


Rob Hollink Wins Bellagio Event #2 ($204,815)

On the next hand, Stan Fulton is forced all in, and he flips over pocket fours (4d-4h). He's pleased to have a real hand, and Hollink shows Jh-7s. It's a race situation. The board comes 9s-3h-2c-5s-3c, and Fulton's pocket pair holds up. He doubles up to 26,000 in chips.

The next hand, Fulton went all in blind with 9c-4c, but he was dominated by Hollink's Ac-9s. The flop gave Fulton a ton of outs, falling 7h-5c-3c -- he had a flush draw and a gut-shot straight draw, and he could also hit a four. But the turn card was the 10d, and the river card was the 7d. Stan Fulton was eliminated in second place, earning $110,755.

Rob Hollink wins Event #2 ($2,000 No-Limit Hold'em), earning $204,815, a $25,500 seat in the WPT World Championship, and a gold-and-diamond Bellagio bracelet.


Rob Hollink Cripples Stan Fulton

Almost immediately, Stan Fulton is all in preflop with Qh-5h against Rob Hollink's As-Kh. The flop comes Ac-Ad-3c, and in Jack McClelland's words, "Rob takes a slight lead." Translation? Fulton is drawing dead on the flop, with no pair and no draw against three aces. The meaningless turn card is the Jh, and the meaningless river card is the Ah -- Hollink finished the hand with four aces. Fulton is convinced that Hollink had more chips, but they count down the stacks to be sure. It turns out that McCormack survives the hand with 13,000. He'll be forced all in on the next hand, but at least he's still alive.

Heads-Up Chip Counts

Here are the approximate chip counts for heads-up play:

Stan Fulton - $575,000
Rob Hollink - $560,000


Chris McCormack Out in 3rd ($55,375)

Rob Hollink limps for 16,000 from the small blind, and Chris McCormack checks his option from the big blind. The flop comes Qc-Jd-Js, Hollink bets 40,000, and McCormack calls. The turn card is the 5h, Hollink bets 65,000, McCormack moves all in, and Hollink calls immediately, showing Jh-8h (trip jacks). McCormack shows Qh-9c (pair of queens), and he'll need a queen on the river to stay alive. But the last card is the 6h, and Chris McCormack is eliminated in third place, earning $55,375.

Players Have Returned

The players have returned from their break.

Official Chip Counts

Here are the official chip counts from the break:

1. Stan Fulton - 617,000
2. Rob Hollink - 303,000
3. Chris McCormack - 214,000

The players should return from their break about 7:40 pm PST.


15-Minute Break; Blinds Increasing

The players take a 15-minute break before the blinds increase to 8,000-16,000, with a 3,000 ante. Official chip counts coming soon.

Chris McCormack Doubles Through Rob Hollink

Chris McCormack is all in preflop with Ad-9c, but he's dominated by Rob Hollink's As-Jc.
The flop comes Qs-10c-6h, but the 9h on the turn puts McCormack in the lead.
Hollink needs an eight, a jack, or a king on the river to bust McCormack, but the last card is the 3c.
Chris McCormack doubles up to about 220,000 in chips, while Hollink is knocked down to about 255,000.

David Daneshgar Out in 4th Place

David Daneshgar is all in preflop with pocket tens (10d-10h) against Rob Hollink's Ac-6d. Hollink is getting lucky late, as he once again makes a straight on a board of 7c-5h-4s-Kh-8h. David Daneshgar is eliminated in fourth place, earning $31,625.

The approximate chip counts for the final three players:

Stan Fulton - 640,000
Rob Hollink - 300,000
Chris McCormack - 80,000


David Plastik Out in 5th Place

David Plastik is all in from the big blind with pocket nines (9c-9d) against Rob Hollink's 10s-2s. In Jack McClelland's own words, "David Plastik is all in with pocket nines against Doyle Brunson's ten-deuce." Plastik was hoping to see no tens, and he got his wish on a board of Qh-Jc-4h-As-Kh. Unfortunately, that king on the river gave Hollink an ace-high straight. David Plastik groans in disgust as he's eliminated in fifth place, earning $23,735. After the hand, Hollink was up to about 205,000 in chips.
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