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CPPT XII - DeepStack Extravaganza I

$1,600 CPPT No-Limit Hold'em $400K GTD


Andrew Rodgers Wins Card Player Poker Tour Venetian Main Event ($103,936)

The 2024 Card Player Poker Tour Venetian $1,600 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event attracted a field of 458 entries, blowing away the $400,00 guarantee to create a final prize pool of $650,360. After three starting ...


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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $654,750
Entrants: 450

Event 1 - No-Limit Hold'em

  • Apr 05, '06 - Apr 06, '06


Updates on Final Day (Apr 06, 06)


Anthony Reategui wins!

Robert Mizrachi went all in before the flop with Qs-6c and Anthony Reategui called with pocket deuces.
Reategui had little to lose with Mizrachi only having 69,000 in chips.

The flop came 8s-7s-3h.

Reategui was still ahead with his little pair but Mizrachi could win with runner spaids or any pair to his hand.

The turn was the Ad, eliminating one of Mizrachi's possibilities and
the river, a Js, sealed his fate and sent him home in 2d place.

Robert Mizrachi earned $113,265.

Anthony Reategui wins the Bellagio 4th Annual Five Star World Poker Classic $1,500 No-limit hold'em event and a diamond and gold bracelet. (He was also wearing his other Bellagio gold bracelet from last year's event.)


It's Heads-Up

The action is between Anthony Reategui and Robert Mizrachi going into the next hand.
Reategui has an enormous chip lead with 1,275,000.
Mizrachi is left with 75,000 making him the underdog in this heads-up challenge.


Andy Miler goes home in 3rd Place

Reategui put Miller all in before the flop with Kd-9h. Miller called with Ac-2s. The flop came 7c-Qc-Ks, pairing Reategui and giving him the advantage. Miller needed an ace or running deuces to stay alive. The turn was the 9s giving Reategui two pair and Miller was drawing dead to the river, the 4d.
Andy Miller went home in 3rd place with $59,780.

The action is now heads-up.


Miller doubles through Mizrachi

Anthony Miller doubled up against Robert Mizrachi when Miller went all in before the flop with Kh-2d.
Mizrachi called with 4c-4h.
The board came Ks-8c-5d-Qc-10d giving Miller a pair of kings on the flop.

Miller now has 125,000 in chips. Mizrachi has 130,000.

Navarro is out.

Anthony Reategui pushed with pocket aces (Ad-As) before the flop and Michael Navarro called all in with pocket fours (4c-4s).
The flop came Ah-10s-6h to immediately pair Reategui and give him a sizeable advantage.
The turn was the 9s and
Navarro was drawing dead into the river.
The 4h was the last card to fall, giving both players set over set, but it was too little - too late for Navarro.

Navarro will go home in 4th place with $34,625.


Returned from break

The final four have returned from a short break.

The blinds are now $6,000 - $12,000 with a $2,000 ante.


Miller doubles up

Miller doubled up through Mizrachi when he went all in with K2. Mizrachi called with pocket fours. The board came K-5-8-Q-10 to pair Miller on the flop and win him the pot.

Reategui and Miller experienced a dramatic chop when Miller pushed all in before the flop with Ks-Jd.
Reategui had Kc-Qh.
The board came 10d-6c-5d-6d, giving Miller a diamond draw, but Reategui still had the advantage with the better kicker.
The river was the 5s giving both players a pair of fives with only their kings playing to chop the pot and leave the tournament three handed.

Reategui Eliminates Alexander

Lonnie Alexander went all in preflop in heads up action against Anthony Reategui.
Alexander had 9d-8s.
Reategui was ahead going into the hand with 9c-9h.
The board came Ah-Qs-6s-Jd-6d, giving Reategui the pot and sending Alexander to the rail in 5th place.

Lonnie Alexander will go home with $25,170.

Approximate Chip Counts

Andy Miller 124,000
Anthony Reategui 925,000
Robert Mizrachi 156,000
Michael Navarro 145,000


Miller doubles through Mizrachi

Anthony Miller doubled up through Robert Mizrachi when he went all in on the turn. The board was Jd-8c-6h-8h. Mizrachi called.
Miller had 8-9 for a set of 8s and
Mizrachi's turned over pocket kings (Kh Kd).
The meaningless river of Qd awarded Miller the pot.

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