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Buy-In: $1,500 + $100
Prize Pool: $726,045
Entrants: 499

$1,600 No-Limit Hold'em $500K GTD

  • Mar 11, '16 - Mar 15, '16


Updates on Final Day (Mar 15, 16)


Ludovic Geilich Wins The CPPT Wynn Poker Classic Main Event ($150,662)

Ludovic Geilich raised to 360,000 and Ed O’Connell moved all in. Geilich looked pained as he asked for a count.

It took about 90 seconds for the tournament director to organize and count down O’Connell’s stack, but the amount was ultimately settled on as 5,640,000. Geilich tanked for another minute or so before throwing in a stack to signify a call, and the cards were turned on their backs.

Geilich showed ADiamond Suit10Diamond Suit, but he was dominated and in rough shape against O’Connell’s ASpade SuitKDiamond Suit.

“What more could I want?” shouted O’Connell, to no one in particular.

Geilich, however, was much more reserved and didn’t even celebrate as the flop fell QHeart Suit10Heart Suit9Diamond Suit, vaulting him into the lead. The turn was the 3Diamond Suit, taking away even more outs from O’Connell.

The river was the 7Club Suit and O’Connell was eliminated. He took home $106,366 for his runner-up finish. Geilich takes the title, the trophy and the $150,662 first-place prize.

Here is a look at payouts and Card Player Player of the Year points awarded at this final table:

Place Player Earnings (USD) POY Points
1 Ludovic Geilich $150,662 720
2 Edward O’Connell $106,366 600
3 Jim Petzing $75,509 480
4 Jared Hamby $53,727 360
5 Nikolai Sears $39,206 300
6 Benjamin Zamani $29,768 240
7 Zachary Ackley $22,507 180
8 Christopher Stephan $16,699 120
9 Brian Hansen $12,706 60

O'Connell Bets $1 Million On The River, Gets Called

Ed O'ConnellFrom the button Ed O’Connell raised to 300,000. Ludovic Geilich called from the big blind and the two saw a flop of ASpade SuitADiamond Suit4Spade Suit. Both players checked and the turn brought the JClub Suit.

Geilich checked and O’Connell bet 300,000. Geilich called and the river brought the 6Heart Suit. Geilich checked again and O’Connell bet 1 million.

After some thought Geilich made the call and O’Connell revealed the KClub SuitJSpade Suit. Geilich flashed the JDiamond Suit before mucking his hand.


O'Connell Rivers An Ace

Ludovic Geilich limped, Ed O’Connell raised and Geilich called. The flop came down 9Spade Suit9Diamond Suit7Heart Suit and O’Connell bet 160,000. Geilich called and the turn was the 5Heart Suit.

This time, O’Connell checked, and Geilich bet 395,000. O’Connell called and the river was the ASpade Suit. O’Connell then decided to bet 400,000 and eventually Geilich made the call.

O’Connell showed AClub Suit2Diamond Suit, and Geilich could only shake his head in frustration at the “ace from space.” O’Connell now has 4,500,000 while Geilich sits with 7,900,000.


Heads-Up Chip Counts

Heads-up play begins with the following stacks:

Ludovic Geilich – 7.5 million
Ed O’Connell – 4.9 million

Both players are now guaranteed at least $106,366 but both surely have their eyes on the title, the trophies and the $150,662 top prize.


Jim Petzing Eliminated In Third Place ($75,509)

Jim PetzingShortly after losing a big one and being left with only 1 million in chips Jim Petzing got all-in preflop with the ADiamond Suit2Heart Suit against Ludovic Geilich’s ASpade Suit10Heart Suit.

The board ran out JSpade Suit7Diamond Suit4Diamond Suit7Heart Suit9Club Suit and Petzing was sent to the rail in third place, earning $75,509.

Geilich increased his stack to 7.5 million going into the heads-up match with Ed O’Connell for this year’s CPPT Wynn title.

Player Tags: Jim Petzing

Geilich Doubles Through Petzing

Jim Petzing raised to 250,000 in the small blind and Ludovic Geilich raised to 600,000. Petzing made the call and the two players saw a flop of 10Heart Suit5Spade Suit2Heart Suit.

Geilich checked and Petzing bet 500,000. Geilich called and the turn was the JDiamond Suit. Again, Geilich checked, and Petzing moved all in. Geilich instantly called with pocket aces and was happy to see that Petzing was drawing dead holding 7Spade Suit6Spade Suit.

The inconsequential river card was the 4Heart Suit and Geilich doubled up to 6,200,000. Petzing was left with 1,000,000.

Player Tags: Jim Petzing,   Ludovic Geilich

Ludovic Geilich Takes One Down

Ludovic GeilichLudovic Geilich raised to 360,000 from the small blind and Ed O’Connell made the call in the big blind.

The flop came down 10Heart Suit9Spade Suit3Spade Suit and both players checked. The turn was the 7Heart Suit and Geilich bet 500,000. O’Connell made the call and the river completed the board with the KClub Suit.

Geilich checked and O’Connell checked behind. Geilich showed the ASpade Suit10Spade Suit and O’Connell mucked his hand.

Player Tags: Ludovic Geilich

Level 31

Blinds are up to 60,000 – 120,000 with an ante of 15,000 for level 31.


Chip Counts

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Ed O’Connell 5,200,000
2 Jim Petzing 4,500,000
3 Ludovic Geilich 2,700,000


The final three are now on a 15 minute break following the completion of level 30.

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