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Buy-In: $1,000 + $80
Prize Pool: $636,320
Entrants: 656

$1,080 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

  • Apr 10, '15 - Apr 12, '15


Updates on Final Day (Apr 12, 15)


Chan Pelton Wins CPPT Choctaw Main Event

Chan Pelton defeats a field of 656 players and Andrew Watson heads-up to take home $130,445 and a CPPT title at the $1,080 No Limit Hold’em CPPT Choctaw Main Event. Pelton topped a final table that featured defending champion Austin Lewis, last year’s runner-up Gary Luther and the 2012 runner-up Miguel Hernandez.

A complete recap of the day will be posted shortly.

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Level 35

Play continues without a break into Level 35 with blinds now at 70,000-140,000 and a 20,000 ante.


Herb Montalbano Eliminated 3rd ($59,203)

Andrew Watson opened to 250,000 from the button and Chan Pelton called from the small blind. Herb Montalbano called from the big blind and the three saw a flop of QClub Suit9Club Suit3Club Suit. Pelton checked and Montalbano bet 600,000. Watson raised to 1.2 million and Pelton folded. Montalbano called and the turn was the 8Spade Suit. Montalbano shoved and Watson called.

Watson showed 9Spade Suit9Heart Suit to Montalbano’s JSpade Suit10Spade Suit. The river was the 3Spade Suit and Montalbano was eliminated.


Level 34

Players have returned from break to Level 34. Blinds are now at 60,000-120,000 with a 20,000 ante.



The final three players are on a 15-minute break.


Brant Hale Eliminated 4th ($44,027)

Brant HaleBrant Hale was all in with JSpade Suit9Heart Suit and Herb Montalbano called with ASpade SuitKClub Suit.

Hale picked up a few outs after a flop of AHeart Suit7Spade Suit6Club Suit and a 10Club Suit turn, but the 6Diamond Suit on the river ended his tournament.

Player Tags: Herbert Montalbano,   Brant Hale

Austin Lewis Eliminated 5th ($33,184)

Austin LewisWe will have a brand new Card Player Poker Tour champion as Austin Lewis has been eliminated 5th for $33,184.

Chan Pelton raised to 225,000 from under the gun and Lewis moved all in for 1.375 million. Pelton called and the hands were shown.

Lewis showed KDiamond SuitQDiamond Suit and Pelton tabled ADiamond Suit8Diamond Suit.

Pelton eliminated Lewis after a 10Club Suit9Spade Suit5Heart SuitAHeart Suit3Club Suit board.

Player Tags: Austin Lewis,   Chan Pelton

Level 33

Play continues without a break into Level 33. The blinds are now at 50,000-100,000 and a 20,000 ante.


Paul Phillips Eliminated 6th ($25,345)

Paul PhillipsPaul Phillips moved all in with KHeart SuitQSpade Suit and Austin Lewis called with ASpade SuitKClub Suit.

Phillips’ hand never improved on a 10Diamond Suit5Club Suit4Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit7Club Suit board.

Player Tags: Austin Lewis,   Paul Phillips

Gary Luther Eliminated 7th ($19,611)

Gary LutherA very short Gary Luther was all in with JHeart Suit6Heart Suit and Andrew Watson called with KHeart Suit4Heart Suit.

Watson flopped a four and Luther never recovered.

Player Tags: Andrew Watson,   Gary Luther
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