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Buy-In: $340
Prize Pool: $103,500
Entrants: 345

$340 No-Limit Hold'em $100K Guarantee

  • Oct 23, '14 - Oct 26, '14


Updates on Final Day (Oct 26, 14)


Tigran Manukyan Wins CPPT Hollywood Park ($30,005)

Tigran ManukyanTigran Manukyan has become the newest CPPT champion here at Hollywood Park.

Aside from the title, Manukyan won $30,005, a trophy and a custom Hollywood Park bracelet. It was lengthy, uphill endeavor for Manukyan, who had to battle a field of 345 players over the course of two days.

Manukyan, who was one of the 36 day 1 survivors, came back to day 2 24th in chips.

The struggle continued throughout the day for Manukyan as he made the final table 6th in chips and then entered the heads-up match with a 3-2 chip deficit.

It was the opposite day Massoud Eskandari had.

Eskandari started the day third in chips and made it to the final table with a massive chip lead after powering through the field.

But momentum switched to Manukyan after play got heads-up.

After losing a few big pots early on in the heads-up match, Manukyan doubled up and continued to win pots.

With momentum on his side, Manukyan took over the lead and continued to hack away at Eskandari’s stack.

By the time Eskandari moved all-in, he only had 1.865 million to Manukyan’s 8.485 million.

The shift of luck was epitomized in the final hand when Manukyan hit a full house to take down the tournament and the title.

Eskandari became the runner-up finisher while Manukyan won his first tournament title and $30,005.


Final Table Live Stream!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Massoud Eskandari Eliminated in 2nd Place ($17,080)

Massoud EskandariTigran Manukyan called from the small blind and Massoud Eskandari moved all-in for 1.865 million.

Manukyan called and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

Eskandari: QDiamond Suit9Diamond Suit
Manukyan: ADiamond Suit6Diamond Suit

The KSpade Suit6Heart SuitKClub Suit2Heart Suit6Club Suit board Manukyan a full house and the victory.

Eskandari finished in 2nd place and won $17,080 while Manukyan became the newest CPPT champion.


Tigran Takes the Momentum

After players came back from break, Tigran Manukyan continued to hack away at Massoud Eskandari’s stack.

In one hand, Manukyan raised to 250,000 and Eskandari called. Both players checked the flop and turn of a QHeart Suit7Club Suit3Diamond SuitKHeart SuitKClub Suit board and Manukyan bet 350,000 on the river.

Eskandari called and then mucked when Manukyan showed QClub Suit9Club Suit.

A few hands later, Eskandari raised to 275,000 and Manukyan called.

Eskandari continued for 410,000 on a 6Diamond Suit5Heart SuitKSpade Suit flop and Manukyan raised to 1.4 million. Eskandari folded and then lost a bigger pot a few hands after that.

In that one, Eskandari raised to 250,00 and the flop came 6Spade Suit8Diamond SuitADiamond Suit after Manukyan called.

Eskandari then bet 500,00 but folded again when Manukyan moved all-in.

Eskandari is now down to 2.1 million while Manukyan is up to 8.35 million.


Tigran Leads at Break

In a hand that extended well into the break, Tigran Manukyan raised to 240,000 and Eskandari re-raised to 930,000.

Manukyan moved all-in for 4.9 million more and Eskandari tanked.

After a few minutes of thought and counting out the chips, Eskandari folded and Manukyan took the lead.

Manukyan – 6.685 million
Eskandari – 3.665 million


Break Time

The final two players are on a 10-minute break.


Evening Out

Massoud Eskandari raised to 240,000 and Tigran Manukyan called.

Players checked the 5Spade SuitAClub Suit4Diamond Suit flop and Manukyan checked again when the 5Diamond Suit came on the turn.

Eskandari bet 500,000 and a 5h completed the board when Manukyan called. Eskandari bet a final 600,000 when checked to and and Manukyan called.

Eskandari showed air with 8Spade Suit7Club Suit and Manukyan showed a full house with KSpade Suit4Spade Suit.

Manukyan took the pot and players were nearly even with about 5 million a piece.


Tigran Doubles

Tigran Manukyan was in need of a double up and got one.

Manukyan moved all-in on an ADiamond Suit5Diamond Suit9Diamond Suit flop and Eskandari called.

Eskandari had top pair with ASpade SuitJSpade Suit while Manukyan had a flopped flush with 7Diamond Suit5Diamond Suit.

The turn brought a 9Heart Suit and a 5Club Suit on the river gave Manukyan the double.

Tigran Manukyan – 3.5 million
Massoud Eskandari – 6.85 million


Tigran Tumbles

Massoud Eskandari started the heads-up match with the lead and won a few big pots early on to extend it.

In one, Tigran Manukyan raised to 240,000 and Eskandari called.

Eskandari check-called a 250,000 bet on the 8Heart Suit2Spade SuitQDiamond Suit flop and players checked the JClub Suit on the turn and JSpade Suit on the river.

Eskandari showed ADiamond SuitKHeart Suit and took down the pot when Manukyan mucked.

A few hands after, Manukyan called from the small blind and Eskandari checked.

The flop came KHeart Suit10Club Suit8Heart Suit and both players checked.

Eskandari bet 175,000 when the 7Diamond Suit came on the turn and Manukyan raised.

Eskandari called and then bet 600,000 when the JSpade Suit fell on the river.

Manukyan called and mucked again when Eskandari showed 10Diamond Suit9Spade Suit.

Manukyan dropped to 1.7 million while Eskandari was up to 8.65 million.


Heads-Up Break

The final two players decided to take a 10-minute break before they start their heads-up match.

Tigran Manukyan – 4.1 million
Massoud Eskandiari – 6.2 million

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