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Buy-In: $1,100
Prize Pool: $663,000
Entrants: 527

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Oct 11, '14 - Oct 15, '14


Updates on Final Day (Oct 15, 14)


Shan "Pacman" Jing Wins CPPT Bicycle Main Event

Shan JingShan “Pacman” Jing has won the CPPT Bicycle Casino main event and $135,981.

Jing, who’s known as Pacman in the L.A. poker scene, is a regular in card rooms across California. Aside from a few cashes in Las Vegas, the vast majority of Pacman’s $632,489 live tournament earnings come from tournaments in or around L.A..

Before today, Pacman’s largest cash came from winning the 2007 Winnin’ o’ the Green $1,500 main event for $72,600. Now Pacman gets to add another L.A. victory title to his resume along with his first six-figure score.

Pacman’s score was the largest of the $663,000 prize pool had to offer. The prize pool far surpassed the $500,000 estimated guarantee thanks to 527 entrants, 56 of whom bought in on day 2 through the Quantum Rebuy option.

Pacman’s road to victory involved two lengthy days followed by a shorter final table.

The final nine players convened today at 4pm to play down to a winner and quickly got down to five players. Then play stalled a bit and the final five players battled for two-and-a-half hours.

After we lost our 5th place finisher, Amit Makhija quickly eliminated two more players and got heads-up with the chip lead.

Pacman then doubled up up early on though and when the final two players went on break, Pacman was up to 12.8 million to Makhija’s 8.8 million.

That’s when players decided to end things.

Makhija and Pacman decided on a nearly even chop (Makhija got $135,980 to Pacman’s $135,981) and a flip for the title.

Initially, players wanted to draw a high card but decided on a final hand instead. Pacman got dealt pocket fours while Makhija got ace-nine.

A flip ensued and pocket fours held up.

Makhija finished 2nd while Shan Jing became the CPPT Bicycle Casino main event champion.

Here is a look at the payouts and POY points awarded in this event:

Place Player Earnings (USD) POY Points
1 Shan Jing $135,981 840
2 Amit Makhija $135,980 700
3 Zaher Samaan $56,510 560
4 Adam Volen $43,115 420
5 Joshua Hale $35,765 350
6 Douglas Suyemoto $25,535 280
7 Cody Shedd $19,900 210
8 John Apikian $15,455 140
9 Tim Cramer $11,610 70
Player Tags: Amit Makhija,   Shan Jing

Watch The 2014 CPPT Bike Main Event Final Table Live!

Amit Makhija headlines the final nine. Watch the live stream with hole cards starting at 3:30 PM Pacific.


Price of Poker Rising

The blinds have been increased to 125,000/250,000 with a 25,000 ante.


Shan Jing Hits Gin To Double

Shan JingAmit Makhija had quickly stretched the chip lead he began heads-up play with, and Jing was getting quite short by the time this key pot arose.

Jing called from the button with the JHeart Suit7Diamond Suit and Makhija raised his option to 300,000 with the KHeart Suit2Heart Suit. Jing called and he flop brought the KSpade Suit9Club Suit7Club Suit. Makhija bet 500,000 and Jing called.

The turn was the 10Heart Suit and Makhija bet enough to put Jing all-in, and after some thought Jing made the call.

Makhija was a big favorite to take down the pot and secure the title with his pair of kings against Jing’s pair of sevens, but the JDiamond Suit on the river had other plans.

With two pair Jing earned a double up to stay alive, increasing his stack to around 7 million.

Player Tags: Shan Jing

Heads-Up Chip Counts

Here are a look at the chip counts at the start of heads-up play.

Amit Makhija – 13 million
Shan Jing – 8.5 million

Player Tags: Amit Makhija,   Shan Jing

Zaher Samaan Eliminated in 3rd Place ($56,510)

Zaher SamaanAmit Makhija raised to 425,000 from the button and Zaher Samaan moved all in for 1.9 million from the small blind. Shan Jing took some time in the tank before folding from the big blind and Makhija called.

Makhija was behind with his QClub SuitJClub Suit against Samaan’s AHeart Suit7Club Suit. The flop and turn kept Samaan in the lead as the dealer peeled off a board of KDiamond Suit5Diamond Suit3Spade Suit5Heart Suit, but the JHeart Suit fell on the river and Makhija made the best hand to scoop the pot.

Samaan was eliminated to leave Makhija heads-up with Jing for the title.

Player Tags: Amit Makhija,   Zaher Samaan

Chip Counts At The Break

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Shan Jing 11,100,000
2 Amit Makhija 8,885,000
3 Zaher Samaan 1,650,000
4 Adam Volen $43,115
5 Josh Hale $32,765
6 Zaher Samaan $25,535
7 Doug Suyemoto $19,900
8 John Apikian $15,455
9 Tim Cramer $11,610

Adam Volen Eliminated in 4th Place ($43,115)

Adam VolenAdam Volen raised to 400,000 from under-the-gun and action folded to Amit Makhija in the big blind. Makhija took a few moments before moving all in for effectively Volen’s 2.6 million chip stack. Volen quickly called and it was off to the races for Volen’s tournament life.

Volen tabled 9Spade Suit9Club Suit and was flipping against Makhija rolled over QClub SuitJHeart Suit. The flop was JDiamond Suit4Spade Suit2Spade Suit and Makhija took the lead. The turn was the JClub Suit and Volen was still looking for a nine. The river was the 6Diamond Suit and Volen was eliminated in third place as Makhija chipped up to just over 10 million in chips.

Player Tags: Amit Makhija,   Adam Volen

Blinds Up

The blinds have been increased to 100,000/200,000 with a 25,000 ante.


Shan Jing Wins A Big One

Shan JingFrom under the gun Zaher Samaan raised to 325,000 with the 10Spade Suit8Spade Suit.

On his left Shan Jing reraised to 1,000,000 with the AClub Suit5Diamond Suit.

After plenty of deliberation Samaan made the call and the two saw a flop of AHeart Suit10Diamond Suit7Spade Suit.

Samaan checked and Jing bet 1,200,000. Samaan tanked for quite a while before making the call, leaving himself with only 2.2 million behind.

The turn brought the 7Heart Suitand Samaan again checked. Jing checked back and the river brought the 6Spade Suit.

Samaan again went into the tank but eventually checked again. Jign checked behind and revealed his hand to take the huge pot.

Player Tags: Shan Jing
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