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Buy-In: $1,350 + $150
Prize Pool: $344,250
Entrants: 255

$1,500 Card Player Poker Tour Main Event ($300K Guarantee)

  • Sep 06, '13 - Sep 09, '13


Updates on Final Day (Sep 09, 13)


Harvey Vandeven Wins CPPT bestbet Jacksonville Main Event ($76,598) - TK Miles Finishes Second ($76,598)

Harvey VandevenThe final two players have decided to chop up the remaining prize pool with the stipulation that chip leader Harvey Vandeven be declared the champion of the Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville main event. Vandeven topped a field of 255 players to get to the final heads-up match against TK Miles, who finished in second as decided by the chop.

The chip counts at the start of heads-up play were 3,730,000 for Vandeven and 1,410,000 for Miles; but Vandeven decided he wanted the glory, trophy, and Card Player Poker Tour title. They split up the money though, so each of the two finalists receive $76,598.

Congratulations to our newest CPPT champion, Harvey Vandeven; and thanks to the bestbet Jacksonville for hosting a great tournament.

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Rick Swain Eliminated in Third Place ($37,868)

Rick SwainThe flop read 10Diamond Suit8Spade Suit6Spade Suit when Rick Swain moved all in again on his short stack, this time from the small blind. Harvey Vandeven called on the big blind. The two players then revealed their hands.

Vandeven: JDiamond SuitJSpade Suit
Swain: 8Heart Suit7Heart Suit

Turn and River: 3Diamond Suit2Diamond Suit

Swain was eliminated in third place, good for $37,868, and Vandeven will take 3,730,000 into the heads-up final against TK Miles (1,410,000).

Player Tags: Harvey Vandeven,   Rick Swain

Chip Counts

Harvey Vandeven: 2,900,000
TK Miles: 1,800,000
Rick Swain: 425,000


Rick Swain Crippled then Doubles

There was 485,000 in the pot and the board read 9Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit6Spade Suit when Harvey Vandeven shoved all in for 1,185,000 on the big blind and Rick Swain check-called on the small blind. Harvey held ADiamond Suit8Club Suit and Swain had AClub Suit7Diamond Suit. The turn and river fell JDiamond SuitASpade Suit and Vandeven doubled up to take the chip lead with 2,950,000. Swain was crippled with just 195,000 after the hand.

He moved that stack into the middle preflop a few hands later from the button and TK Miles called on the big blind. Swain held 10Club Suit8Diamond Suit and Miles flipped over ADiamond Suit2Diamond Suit. The board ran out KDiamond Suit8Club Suit6Heart SuitJSpade SuitKClub Suit and Swain doubled up to survive with 425,000. Miles was down to 1.8 million after the hand.

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Updated Chip Counts

The play has slowed between the final three players, who began three-handed play nearly even in chips.

TK Miles – 2,200,000
Richard Swain – 1,625,000
Harvey Vandeven – 1,350,000


Updated Chip Counts

Current chip counts for the final three players:

TK Miles – 2,200,000
Harvey Vandeven – 1,750,000
Richard Swain – 1,500,000


Ben Beebe Eliminated in Fourth Place ($26,335)

Ben BeebeTK Miles moved all in preflop on the small blind and Ben Beebe called all in on the big blind. The two players then revealed their cards.

Miles: ADiamond SuitAHeart Suit
Beebe: ASpade Suit2Spade Suit

Board; AClub SuitJDiamond Suit2Club Suit6Diamond Suit8Club Suit

Beebe was eliminated in fourth place, good for $26,335, and Miles was up to 1,570,000 for three-handed play.

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Yi Li Eliminated in Fifth Place ($19,622)

Yi LiYi Li was all in preflop on the button for 490,000 and Harvey Vandeven called to cover him on the small blind. The two players then flipped over their hands.

Vandeven: 8Diamond Suit8Heart Suit
Li: AClub Suit8Spade Suit

Board: 10Diamond Suit7Club Suit2Spade Suit4Heart Suit4Club Suit

Li was eliminated in fifth place, good for $19,622, and Vandeven was up to 1.6 million after the hand.

Player Tags: Harvey Vandeven,   Yi Li

Break Time

The players are now on a 15-minute break.


Chip Count Update

Rick Swain: 1,825,000
TK Miles: 1,230,000
Harvey Vandeven: 1,100,000
Ben Beebe: 500,000
Yi Li: 330,000

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