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Buy-In: $50,000
Prize Pool: $6,336,000
Entrants: 132

Event 55 - The $50,000 Poker Players Championship

  • Jun 30, '13 - Jul 04, '13


Updates on Final Day (Jul 04, 13)


Matthew Ashton Wins Event No. 55 ($1,774,089)

Level: 26

Players Remaining: 1 out of 132

Players Eliminated:

3rd: John Hennigan – $686,568
2nd: Don Nguyen – $1,096,254

Live Updates:

John HenniganJohn Hennigan Eliminated in Third Place ($686,568)

Pot-Limit Omaha

John Hennigan limped preflop and Matthew Ashton raised to 300,000. Hennigan reraised the pot to 900,000 and Ashton called. The flop fell JSpade Suit8Spade Suit6Club Suit and Hennigan was all in. Ashton called and the two players tabled their hands.

Ashton: ASpade Suit8Heart Suit6Heart Suit3Spade Suit
Hennigan: QHeart SuitQSpade Suit7Club Suit4Heart Suit

Turn and River: 10Club SuitADiamond Suit

Hennigan was eliminated in third place by two pair, aces and eights. Ashton grew his stack to 17.3 million in advance of the heads-up final against Don Nguyen (2.5 million).

Matthew Ashton Wins Event No. 55 ($1,774,089) — Don Nguyen Eliminated in Second Place ($1,096,254)

Limit Hold’em

Matthew AshtonMatthew Ashton raised preflop on the button and Don Nguyen called. The flop was dealt 10Club Suit7Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit and Nguyen checked. Ashton bet and Nguyen raised. Ashton called and the turn fell 9Spade Suit.

Nguyen bet and Ashton called before the river delivered the QDiamond Suit. Nguyen bet, Ashton raised, and Nguyen called all in. Nguyen revealed 10Spade Suit6Club Suit but he was behind the KClub Suit10Diamond Suit held by Ashton, who won the pot and the tournament with his king-kicker.

Nguyen was eliminated in second place and took home $1,096,254 in prize money. Ashton was awarded a gold bracelet at his fourth final table of the summer and the top prize worth $1,774,089.

Be sure to check back with Card Player for all of your final table action, chip counts, and prize payouts for each gold bracelet event.

Player Tags: John Hennigan,   Matthew Ashton,   Don Nguyen

Level 25 Update: Matthew Ashton Takes the Chip Lead

Level: 25

Players Remaining: 3 out of 132

Average Chip Count: 6,600,000

Chip Counts:

Seat 1: Matthew Ashton – 12,000,000
Seat 3: Don Nguyen – 5,600,000
Seat 7: John Hennigan – 2,195,000

Players Eliminated:


Live Updates:

Matthew AshtonMatthew Ashton Takes the Chip Lead and Pulls Away

Pot-Limit Omaha

In the course of two hands during Level 25 Matthew Ashton took the chip lead and then pulled away from his other two competitors. In the hand where he took the upper hand Ashton raised to 240,000 preflop during Pot-Limit Omaha. Don Nguyen called and the flop fell ASpade SuitQClub Suit10Club Suit. Ashton bet 270,000 and Nguyen called. The turn fell 9Club Suit and Ashton bet 720,000. Nguyen raised to 1.44 million and Ashton called. The river delivered the JDiamond Suit and both players checked. Ashton flipped over AClub SuitJClub Suit9Heart Suit3Heart Suit for the ace-high flush and he grew his stack to a chip-leading 8.6 million when Nguyen mucked.

In another Pot-Limit Omaha hand Ashton raised to 160,000 and John Hennigan called preflop. The first three cards fell 9Club Suit3Club Suit3Heart Suit and Hennigan checked. Ashton bet 160,000 and Hennigan called before the turn fell JSpade Suit. Hennigan checked again and this time Ashton bet 480,000. Hennigan called and the river delivered the 8Spade Suit. Hennigan checked once more and Ashton bet 980,000. Hennigan called and Ashton revealed ADiamond Suit8Diamond Suit3Club Suit2Club Suit. Hennigan mucked and Ashton held more than half the chips in play after the hand with 11.5 million.

Player Tags: John Hennigan,   Matthew Ashton,   Don Nguyen

Level 24 Update: David Benyamine Eliminated in 4th Place

Level: 24

Players Remaining: 3 out of 132

Average Chip Count: 6,600,000

Chip Counts:

Seat 1: Matthew Ashton – 5,500,000
Seat 3: Don Nguyen – 7,600,000
Seat 7: John Hennigan – 6,500,000

Players Eliminated:

4th: David Benyamine – $497,122

Live Updates:

David BenyamineDavid Benyamine Eliminated in Fourth Place ($497,122)

Seven-Card Stud

Don Nguyen posted the bring-in and David Benyamine completed. Nguyen called and on fourth street Nguyen checked. Benyamine bet and Nguyen called. On fifth street Nguyen bet and Benyamine raised. Nguyen called and on sixth street Benyamine got the last of his chips into the middle.

Nguyen showed (7Diamond Suit2Diamond Suit) 2Spade SuitQHeart Suit7Heart Suit2Club Suit (JDiamond Suit) and Benyamine mucked his cards. Benyamine was eliminated in fourth place and Nguyen increased his chip lead to 9 million.

Player Tags: David Benyamine,   Don Nguyen

Level 23 Update: Final Four Head to Dinner

Level: 23

Players Remaining: 4 out of 132

Average Chip Count: 4,950,000

Chip Counts:

Seat 1: Matthew Ashton – 5,620,000
Seat 3: Don Nguyen – 7,200,000
Seat 7: John Hennigan – 4,170,000
Seat 8: David Benyamine – 2,805,000

Players Eliminated:


John HenniganLive Updates:

John Hennigan Makes Two Boats Against Don Nguyen

Limit Hold’em

The two largest hands of the last level involved John Hennigan making a full house to beat Don Nguyen. The first came in Limit Hold’em when Nguyen raised and Hennigan called. The flop was dealt JSpade Suit8Heart Suit5Spade Suit and Nguyen bet. Hennigan raised and Nguyen called before the turn brought the 5Club Suit. Nguyen checked, Hennigan bet, and Nguyen called before the river delivered the 2Heart Suit. Nguyen checked again, Hennigan bet, and Nguyen called. Hennigan flipped over JDiamond Suit5Diamond Suit for fives over jacks and won the pot to grow his stack to 3.9 million.

Omaha Eight-or-Better

Don Nguyen completed and John Hennigan checked before the flop was dealt 8Heart Suit8Spade Suit3Heart Suit. Nguyen checked, Hennigan bet, and Nguyen raised. Hennigan reraised and Nguyen called. The turn delivered the QClub Suit and Nguyen checked. Hennigan bet and Nguyen called before the river fell 4Diamond Suit. Hennigan turned over JSpade SuitJClub Suit8Diamond Suit4Heart Suit for a full house and Nguyen mucked his cards. Hennigan grew his stack to 4.7 million after the hand.

Player Tags: John Hennigan,   Don Nguyen

Level 22 Update: Mike Wattel Out 7th, Minh Ly Out 6th, George Danzer Out 5th

Level: 22

Players Remaining: 4 out of 132

Average Chip Count: 4,950,000

Chip Counts:

Seat 1: Matthew Ashton – 4,650,000
Seat 3: Don Nguyen – 7,550,000
Seat 7: John Hennigan – 3,015,000
Seat 8: David Benyamine – 4,880,000

Players Eliminated:

7th: Mike Wattel – $251,602
6th: Minh Ly – $309,830
5th: George Danzer – $388,523

Live Updates:

Mike WattelMike Wattel Eliminated in Seventh Place ($251,602)

No-Limit Hold’em

Don Nguyen raised to 80,000 and Mike Wattel reraised all in for 550,000. Nguyen called and the two players tabled their hands.

Nguyen: AClub SuitQSpade Suit
Wattel: ADiamond SuitJHeart Suit

Board: QClub Suit10Club Suit6Spade Suit2Club Suit9Spade Suit

Nguyen won the pot to grow his stack close to 6 million with a pair of queens and Wattel was eliminated in seventh place.

Minh LyMinh Ly Eliminated in Sixth Place ($309,830)

Seven-Card Stud

George Danzer posted the bring-in and Minh Ly completed. David Benyamine called and Danzer called as well. Minh bet on fourth street and both opponents called. On fifth street it was Ly who led out again. Benyamine raised and Danzer reraised. Minh called all in and Benyamine four-bet.

Danzer called and then action in the side pot saw Benyamine bet on sixth street and seventh street and Danzer calling both times. All the cards were tabled and Benyamine won the side pot with (8Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit) QDiamond Suit8Spade Suit10Diamond SuitADiamond Suit (10Spade Suit) for an ace-high flush. That was also good enough to top Minh’s (ASpade SuitKClub Suit) KSpade Suit10Heart Suit2Spade SuitAHeart Suit (9Diamond Suit) and win the main pot.

Minh was eliminated in sixth place and Benyamine grew his stack to a chip-leading 5.15 million. Danzer was below 2 million after the hand.

George DanzerGeorge Danzer Eliminated in Fifth Place ($388,523)

Pot-Limit Omaha

David Benyamine raised to 80,000 on the cutoff and Don Nguyen called on the small blind. George Danzer also called on the big blind and the flop was dealt 8Club Suit8Diamond Suit3Heart Suit. Nguyen bet 150,000 and Danzer bumped it up to 425,000. Benyamine folded and Nguyen reraised to 800,000. Danzer then made it 1.2 million to go and Nguyen kicked it up to 1.6 million. Danzer then reraised all in for 2.25 million and Nguyen called. The two players then revealed their hands.

Nguyen: KDiamond SuitJSpade Suit10Diamond Suit8Heart Suit
Danzer: ADiamond SuitKHeart Suit9Spade Suit8Spade Suit

Turn and River: 4Club SuitJClub Suit

Nguyen won the pot with a full house on the river to take the chip lead with 7.55 million and Danzer was eliminated in fifth place.

Player Tags: Minh Ly,   Michael Wattel,   George Danzer

Level 21 Update: Jonathan Duhamel Eliminated in 8th Place

Level: 21

Players Remaining: 7 out of 132

Average Chip Count: 2,828,571

Chip Counts:

Seat 1: Matthew Ashton – 3,755,000
Seat 3: Don Nguyen – 5,410,000
Seat 4: Mike Wattel – 945,000
Seat 5: George Danzer – 3,900,000
Seat 6: Minh Ly – 1,915,000
Seat 7: John Hennigan – 2,200,000
Seat 8: David Benyamine – 1,670,000

Players Eliminated:

8th: Jonathan Duhamel – $207,630

Live Updates:

Jonathan DuhamelJonathan Duhamel Eliminated in Eighth Place ($207,630)

Pot-Limit Omaha

Jonathan Duhamel raised to 65,000 under the gun and both George Danzer and Matthew Ashton called. The flop was dealt JClub Suit10Spade Suit6Diamond Suit and Ashton checked. Duhamel also checked and Danzer bet 130,000. Ashton got out of the way and Duhamel raised to 600,000. Danzer reraised and Duhamel called all in. The two players then tabled their hands.

Danzer: JDiamond Suit6Club Suit5Diamond Suit2Heart Suit
Duhamel: KClub SuitKDiamond SuitQSpade Suit2Diamond Suit

Turn and River: QHeart Suit4Heart Suit

Danzer won the pot with two pair, jacks and sixes, to grow his stack to 3.74 million. Duhamel was eliminated in eighth place.

Player Tags: George Danzer,   Jonathan Duhamel

Official Final for Event No. 55 ($50,000 Poker Players Championship) Begins at 2 p.m.

The final table of Event No. 55 ($50,000 Poker Players Championship) begins at 2 p.m. PT on Thursday, July 4, and Card Player will be posting level-by-level updates with all major hands, current chip counts, and prize payouts.

With the elimination of Mike Gorodinsky in ninth place ($173,796), the eight-handed final table is now set. Play will begin in Level 21 and action will continue until a winner is determined. Play may be extended an additional day if it takes more than 10 levels to reach a winner as noted on the official structure sheet. With cards now back in the air, here is a look at the final table and how these players stack up:

Seat 1: Matthew Ashton – 2,996,000
Seat 2: Jonathan Duhamel – 1,627,000
Seat 3: Don Nguyen – 5,068,000
Seat 4: Mike Wattel – 810,000
Seat 5: George Danzer – 2,868,000
Seat 6: Minh Ly – 2,307,000
Seat 7: John Hennigan – 1,412,000
Seat 8: David Benyamine – 2,709,000

While only 8 remain, this event attracted a field of 132 players, creating a total prize pool of $6,336,000 and the top 32 players made the money. Here is a look at the final table payouts:

1st Place: $1,774,089
2nd Place: $1,096,254
3rd Place: $686,568
4th Place: $497,122
5th Place: $388,253
6th Place: $309,830
7th Place: $251,602
8th Place: $207,630

Be sure to check back with Card Player at the conclusion of each level for regular updates with all major hands, current chip counts, and prize payouts.

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