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Buy-In: $1,000 + $100
Prize Pool: $357,930
Entrants: 369

$1,100 Main Event ($300K Guarantee)

  • May 24, '13 - May 29, '13


Updates on Day 1A (May 24, 13)


Meet Your Chip Leader

Nathan BjernoThe current chip leader is Nathan Bjerno, with 210,000.

Bjerno is a 25-year-old professional poker player from Corona, California.

He has over $190,000 in live tournament earnings, with the bulk of that coming in 2012 at the California State Poker Championship and the WSOP Circuit at the Bike.

Player Tags: Nathan Bjerno

Stanley Buffett Gets There On The River

Gal Yifrach raised to 2,100 and was called by three players, including Stanley Buffett in the cutoff.

The flop came down JHeart Suit 6Heart Suit 5Club Suit and everyone checked. The turn was the QClub Suit and Yifrach bet 4,000. Buffett raised all in for 12,500 and everyone folded to Yifrach, who made the call.

Buffett showed KDiamond Suit 10Diamond Suit and Yifrach revealed ASpade Suit KHeart Suit, surprised he was ahead in the hand. The river was the 9Spade Suit, however, and Buffett doubled up.

Yifrach is still one of the tournament’s chip leaders with 135,000 in chips.

Player Tags: Stanley Buffett,   Gal Yifrach

Randy Holland Wins Big Pot

Randy HollandRandy Holland raises to 2,600 and is called by a player in middle position and the small blind. The flop comes J Heart Suit 10Club Suit 2Spade Suit and Holland continues with a bet of 7,200.

The player in middle position calls and the turn is the ADiamond Suit. Holland bets 13,000 and his opponent calls once again. The river is the 8Club Suit and both players check.

Holland shows pocket kings and his opponent mucks. Holland now has 122,000 in chips.

Player Tags: Randy Holland

Level 10

Play continues without a break as the blinds increase to 500-1,000 with a 100 ante.


Anthony Tao Flops A Boat To Score A Knockout

Anthony Tao raised on the button and his opponent moved all in from the small blind. Tao made the call and showed 9Heart Suit 9Club Suit, which was racing against his opponent’s KClub Suit QSpade Suit.

The board ran out QClub Suit QHeart Suit 9Diamond Suit JDiamond Suit 7Club Suit and Tao’s full house took the pot. He now has 76,000 in chips.

Player Tags: Anthony Tao

Dave Edquist Wins A Cooler

Francis Ten raises to 3,000 and Dave Edquist reraised to 8,000 behind him. The button then moves all in for his last 18,100.

Ten spends a few minutes in the tank before folding what he later claimed was pocket jacks and Edquist snap calls with pocket aces.

His opponent shows pocket queens, but they fail to hit on a board of 2Diamond Suit 2Heart Suit 2Club Suit AClub Suit 7Club Suit. Ten is left with 45,000 after his fold and Edquist chips up to 72,000.


Level 9

The players have returned from the break to increased blinds of 400-800 with a 100 ante.

During the break, tournament officials raced off the green 25 denomination chips.



The remaining players are now on a 15-minute break. There are four levels left to play here on day 1A.


Amir Wahab Busts Bobby Suer

On a flop of QDiamond Suit JSpade Suit 8Heart Suit, Bobby Suer found himself all in holding KHeart Suit QSpade Suit.

Amir Wahab, however, was holding a set of eights, leaving Suer drawing really slim. The turn and the river fell 9Club Suit 2Spade Suit and Suer was eliminated.

Wahab is now one of the chip leaders with 102,000.

Player Tags: Bobby Suer,   Amir Wahab

Slow Action

There were only four eliminations in level 7, bringing the field size down to 67.

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