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Buy-In: $25,000
Prize Pool: $1,840,000
Entrants: 64

2011 NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship

  • Mar 03, '11 - Mar 06, '11


Updates on Final Day (Mar 06, 11)


Erik Seidel Wins 2011 NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship

Erik SeidelChris Moneymaker was able to take a decent lead in his second match, but Erik Seidel clawed his way back to a big lead of his own with some sizable preflop pots.

Then, Moneymaker picked a rough spot to bluff on an ace-high rainbow board, betting all three streets. Seidel called him down with ace rag and was able to take a monster lead in the match.

Moneymaker wasn’t done, however, and fought back to nearly even. Then, on a flop of 9Heart Suit5Club Suit5Diamond Suit, Moneymaker tried to push Seidel off his hand holding KDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit.

Seidel rechecked his cards, saw 5Heart Suit4Spade Suit and made the call. The turn and river fell 6Club Suit2Club Suit and Moneymaker was eliminated.

Seidel takes the title and continues to ride one of the most impressive streaks in tournament poker history. He picks up $750,000 for his run and successfully improves upon his runner-up finish in 2010.

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Chris Moneymaker

Erik Seidel Wins First Round

Chris Moneymaker On The RopesI think it’s safe to say that things didn’t go well for Chris Moneymaker in the first match. Every time he had a hand, Erik Seidel held a bigger one. Every time he bluffed, Erik Seidel raised him.

Moneymaker was down to his last 200,000 or so before managing a double up, but still had a lot of work to do outchipped 3-1.

Eventually, Moneymaker got short enough to move all in holding QSpade Suit10Club Suit on a flop of JClub Suit9Heart Suit4Club Suit. Seidel made the call with JHeart Suit6Heart Suit and it held when the turn and river fell ASpade SuitJSpade Suit to give him the first match.

The two players will now reset the chips for the second match. If Seidel wins, it’s all over.

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Chris Moneymaker

Finals -- Shuffle Up and Deal!

Moneymaker and Seidel Before Their MatchErik Seidel and Chris Moneymaker are seated for their best of three match here in the finals. The winner will take home $750,000 and the title of NBC National Heads Up Poker Champion.

Each player starts with 800,000 in chips and blinds of 5,000-10,000. Shuffle up and deal!

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Chris Moneymaker

Erik Seidel Defeats Andrew Robl

Erik SeidelThey are being super secretive with the action now, so we have no idea how it happened, but Erik Seidel moved all in and Andrew Robl went into the tank.

After a few minutes, he made the call, but could only muck when Seidel showed him threes full. Robl was eliminated and Seidel moves on to the championship round for the second consecutive year.

Seidel has already put together a monster year and is seemingly the best $25,000 buy-in tournament player on the planet. With $300,000 already locked up, this is now his fifth six-figure score of 2011.

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Andrew Robl

Chris Moneymaker Defeats Jonathan Duhamel

Chris Moneymaker
We weren’t able to catch the action, but Jonathan Duhamel was all in on a board reading QClub SuitJSpade Suit10Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit5Club Suit holding what appeared to be Q-9.

Moneymaker either called the bet or got called, showing down K-Q for a better kicker

Duhamel is eliminated and Moneymaker advances to the finals, where he is guaranteed at least $300,000, the second largest score of his career. This is also his second six-figure score of the year.

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Chris Moneymaker

Final Four

Chris Moneymaker, Jonathan Duhamel, Erik Seidel and Andrew Robl are seated and ready to begin.

Each player is guaranteed at least $125,000, but will earn $300,000 and a spot in the finals with a victory in this match.

The players will start with 400,000 in chips and blinds of 2,000-4,000. Shuffle up and deal!


Andrew Robl Defeats David Benyamine

Andrew RoblDavid Benyamine was slightly behind in his match with Andrew Robl when he moved all in holding ADiamond Suit6Club Suit.

Robl woke up with AHeart Suit10Heart Suit and it held on a board of KDiamond Suit9Heart Suit4Heart Suit4Diamond Suit8Heart Suit

Player Tags: David Benyamine,   Andrew Robl

Erik Seidel Defeats Vanessa Rousso

Erik SeidelVanessa Selbst moved all in holding 9Club Suit7Club Suit but ran right into the ADiamond SuitJClub Suit of Erik Seidel.

The flop brought two aces and that was all it took to send Selbst to the rail. Seidel will now advance to the Final Four for the second straight year to face the winner of the Benyamine-Robl match.

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Vanessa Selbst

Hearts and Diamonds Bracket -- Elite Eight

The Hearts and Diamonds Brackets will decide their champions now, with Vanessa Selbst taking on Erik Seidel and Andrew Robl battling David Benyamine.

All of these players are guaranteed at least $75,000, but will lock up an additional $50,000 for winning their match.

Each player will begin with 200,000 in chips and blinds of 1,000-2,000.

Shuffle up and deal!


Jonathan Duhamel Defeats Olivier Busquet

Jonathan DuhamelOlivier Busquet was all in holding ASpade SuitQDiamond Suit and slightly behind in the match. The blinds were so high that Jonathan Duhamel was forced to make the call holding KHeart SuitJHeart Suit.

The board ran out 8Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit5Spade SuitJSpade Suit8Spade Suit and Busquet was eliminated. Duhamel will now play Chris Moneymaker in the Final Four.

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