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Buy-In: $5,000
Prize Pool: $2,162,000
Entrants: 460

Event 50 - $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

  • Jun 28, '10 - Jun 30, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 30, 10)


Chance And Skill

Kornuth Wins Event No. 50, Boudreau Finishes in Second ($313,792)

Chance Kornuth raised to 200,000 and Kevin Boudreau popped it up to 600,000. Kornuth called and they saw the flop of 2Heart Suit8Club SuitJDiamond Suit.

A series of betting got Boudreau all in and at risk. Their hands:

Boudreau: ASpade SuitKClub SuitKHeart Suit4Spade Suit
Kornuth: QClub Suit9Diamond Suit8Heart Suit6Heart Suit

The turn brought the 8Spade Suit to give Kornuth trip eights. The 3Club Suit finished the board and Boudreau was eliminated in second place, good for $313,792.

Kornuth took down his first WSOP title and $508,090.

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We Are Heads Up!

Martin Busts in 4th ($165,825)

Chance Kornuth raised to 280,000 from the button and Ted Martin moved all in from the small blind for 550,000. Kevin Boudreau called and so did Kornuth.

The flop came 6Spade Suit10Spade Suit2Club Suit and Boudreau moved all in for 340,000 more. Kormuth made the call and had both Boudreau and Martin at risk. Their hands:

Boudreau: ASpade SuitQSpade SuitKHeart Suit5Spade Suit
Kornuth: AHeart Suit8Spade Suit7Club Suit2Spade Suit
Martin: ADiamond SuitKClub SuitJSpade Suit6Club Suit

The turn was the 9Spade Suit, giving Boudreau the ace-high flush. The 4Club Suit landed on the river and Martin was eliminated while Boudreau tripled up to 2.4 million.

SmithTwo Pair Busts Smith in 3rd ($226,923)

Danny Smith raised only to have Kevin Boudreau put him all in. Smith called and they showed down:

Smith: AClub SuitQSpade SuitJDiamond Suit8Heart Suit
Boudreau: AHeart SuitKSpade Suit7Spade Suit3Spade Suit

The board ran out 9Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit6Heart SuitQHeart SuitKHeart Suit and Smith was blasted in 3rd place, winning $226,923.

With that, Kevin Boudreau and Chance Kornuth were heads up with 3.6 million versus 3.2 million.


Another Two Bite the Dust

Julian GardnerJulian Gardner Eliminated in Sixth Place ($91,387)

Chance Kormuth raised to 80,000 preflop and Julian Gardner made the call after spending a moment in the tank. The flop fell JClub Suit9Heart Suit6Club Suit and Kornuth bet 85,000. Gardner moved all in, Kornuth made the call, and they flipped over their cards:

Kornuth: KDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit9Club Suit7Club Suit
Gardner: 8Spade Suit7Heart Suit6Spade Suit4Spade Suit

Turn and River: KClub Suit and 10Diamond Suit

Kornuth won the hand to grow his stack to 2.31 million and Gardner was eliminated in sixth place ($91,387).

Scott Mandel Eliminated in Fifth Place ($122,455)

Scott Mandel checked a flop of KHeart SuitJSpade Suit3Club Suit and Chance Kornuth checked as well after the two were heads-up in a raised pot preflop. The turn fell 8Diamond Suit and Mandel bet 100,000. Chance bet the pot and when the dust settled Mandel was all in for his tournament life. Their cards:

Mandel: 9Diamond Suit5Spade Suit3Spade Suit3Diamond Suit
Kornuth: 8Spade Suit8Club Suit6Club Suit4Spade Suit

River: 7Club Suit

Mandel was eliminated in fifth place, good for $122,455.


And They're Off

BarberoBarbero Busto in 9th ($40,364)

With Danny Smith raising to 65,000 and Robert Mizrachi calling in front of him, Jose Barbero pushed his last 256,000 all in. Smith called and Mizrachi folded. Their hands:

Barbero: AClub SuitKDiamond SuitJHeart Suit8Diamond Suit
Smith: AHeart SuitASpade SuitQClub Suit8Club Suit

Smith hit a set on the flop of AClub Suit8Heart Suit6Heart Suit and Barbero was in trouble. The turn was the 4Club Suit and the 6Club Suit river sent Barbero to the rail in 9th for $40,364.

Smith took the pot and moved up to 1.3 million in chips.

MizrachiMizrachi Falls in 8th ($52,471)

Robert Mizrachi check-raised a flop of 3Diamond Suit7Diamond SuitJSpade Suit to 480,000 after Scott Mandel led with 120,000. Mandel reraised all in, having Mizrachi covered. Mizrachi called. Their hands:

Mandel: JClub Suit7Spade Suit4Spade Suit4Club Suit
Mizrachi: AClub SuitADiamond SuitJDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit

Mizrachi was trailing but the KClub Suit turn gave him even more cards to draw to. The 5Heart Suit hit on the river and Mandel held on to knock Mizrachi out in 8th place ($52,471).

Mandel had 1.3 million after the win.

LiuLiu Outdrawn, Gone in 7th ($68,902)

Chance Kornuth raised to 60,000 and Eric Liu potted to 225,000. Kornuth made the call and the flop ran AHeart Suit10Spade Suit7Heart Suit.

Kornuth moved all in and Liu called, putting his tournament life on the line. Their hands:

Liu: AClub SuitASpade SuitQDiamond Suit2Spade Suit
Kornuth: QHeart SuitJClub Suit10Diamond Suit2Heart Suit

Liu held top set but Kornuth had straight and flush draws. The KSpade Suit turn card nailed Kornuth’s straight draw and the 9Diamond Suit river meant that Liu was gone in 7th place, making $68,902.

Kornuth’s stack grew to 1.6 million.


Final Table Set

It didn’t take long following dinner break for one player to fall and the final nine to be set. Here are the names and chip stacks at the final table:

Scott Mandel — 1,211,000
Danny Smith — 1,069,000
Chance Kornuth — 896,000
Kevin Boudreau — 854,000
Edward Martin — 791,000
Eric Liu — 771,000
Robert Mizrachi — 711,000
Jose Nacho Barbero — 328,000
Julian Gardner — 266,000


Dinner Break

Players are now on dinner break.

The official final table is nearly set, as just 10 players remain. They are:

Scott Mandel
Ran Azor
Julian Gardner
Danny Smith
Robert Mizrachi
Jose Nacho Barbero
Chance Kornuth
Eric Liu
Edward Martin
Kevin Boudreau

Stay tuned to to see who will win the $508,090 first-place prize.


Final Day Begins at 3:00 p.m. PDT

Just 31 players remain out of the 460 that began the tournament.

The first player eliminated today will receive $12,561. First place will walk away with the gold bracelet and $508,090. The plan is to play down to a winner.

Notables still in contention include chip leader Robert Mizrachi, Ryan D’Angelo, Ran Azor, Benjamin Spindler, Jason Mercier, Di Dang, Joe Beevers, Josh Tieman, Julian Gardner, Joe Serock, Eric Liu, Ayaz Mahmood, Justin Smith and Nam Le.

Player Twitter Account:

Justin Smith

Stay tuned for level-by-level updates from the final day of event No. 50!

Here are the chip counts of the 31 players returning for the final day:

1 Robert Mizrachi 758,000
2 Kevin Boudreau 504,000
3 Jose Nacho Barbero 480,000
4 Ran Azor 445,000
5 Benny Spindler 339,000
6 Chance Kornuth 318,000
7 David Iammarino 302,000
8 Ryan D’Angelo 268,000
9 Ali Aljenabi 254,000
10 Jason Mercier 221,000
11 Di Dang 220,000
12 Joe Beevers 212,000
13 Josh Tieman 209,000
14 Edward Martin 208,000
15 Danny Smith 202,000
16 Julian Gardner 190,000
17 Niall Charlton 184,000
18 Scott Mandel 178,000
19 Joe Serock 150,000
20 Daniel Makowsky 144,000
21 Yadin Shemmer 140,000
22 Ben Middleton 134,000
23 Eric Liu 130,000
24 Ayaz Mahmood 126,000
25 Justin Smith 120,000
26 Mark Eddleman 108,000
27 Kyle Bowker 99,000
28 Gary Bolden 83,000
29 Nam Le 60,000
30 Ross Boatman 52,000
31 Alan Reyf 42,000
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