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Buy-In: $1,000
Prize Pool: $2,815,200
Entrants: 3128

Event 47 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 26, '10 - Jun 29, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 30, 10)


Busse Takes Down Event No. 47!

BusseBusse Cripples Crowe

Owen Crowe and Shawn Busse were pretty close to equal in chips when one hand nearly ended the heads up battle.

On that hand, Busse raised to 200,000 from the button and Crowe called. On a flop of 8Heart Suit5Heart Suit5Spade Suit Crowe led for 275,000 and Busse popped it up to 725,000. Facing a reraise, Crowe reached for even more chips and raised to 1.54 million. Busse put the period on the raising war by moving all in.

“I guess you got aces,” Crowe said, then called.

He was right. Their hands:

Busse: ADiamond SuitAHeart Suit
Crowe: JHeart Suit9Heart Suit

Busse held pocket aces but Crowe had the flush draw. The turn brought the KSpade Suit and Crowe needed a heart or else he would be completely crippled. It wasn’t to be, as the 4Diamond Suit hit on the river and Busse took a pot that gave him 9.1 million to Crowe’s 240,000.

CroweCrowe Finishes Runner-Up ($300,494)

Crowe got his last chips in preflop and Busse called. Their hands:

Crowe: 5Heart Suit3Heart Suit
Busse: AHeart Suit4Spade Suit

The flop hit Crowe, running 7Club Suit7Spade Suit3Club Suit to give him two pair. But an incredible comeback wasn’t in the cards for Crowe, and the 6Heart Suit turn and 6Spade Suit river nullified his threes and Busse’s Ace-kicker gave him the pot, his first WSOP title, and $485,791

Crowe took $300,494 in his third, and deepest, final table run.

Player Tags: Owen Crowe

Heads Up!

IkonenIkonen Knocked Out in 3rd ($212,660)

Shawn Busse raised to 185,000 and Owen Crowe reraised to 500,000. Pekka Ikonen reraised yet again all in over the top for 1.3 million. Busse got out of the way and Crowe called. Their hands:

Crowe: ADiamond Suit4Diamond Suit
Ikonen: QSpade SuitJHeart Suit

Crowe had the lead and hit part of the flop that ran 6Club Suit3Heart Suit4Heart Suit. Ikonen needed to see some paint but the turn and river came 2Heart Suit2Spade Suit and he was eliminated in 3rd place, making $212,600 for his solid showing.

The knockout left Owen Crowe and Shawn Busse heads up. Between the two of them they had eliminated every player at the final table except one.

Crowe had a 2-1 chip lead going into heads up against Busse, with 6.2 million to Busse’s 3.1 million.

Player Tags: Owen Crowe,   Shawn Busse,   Pekka Ikonen

Down to Three

JinJin Eliminated in 5th ($112,720)

Action folded to Pekka Ikonen who moved all in from the small blind. Wenlong Jin sat with a severely short stack in the big blind and decided he had to make the call. Their hands:

Ikonen: 9Club Suit7Club Suit
Jin: 8Club Suit6Heart Suit

It was close, but Ikonen held the edge. The flop came ASpade SuitADiamond SuitJHeart Suit, changing nothing. The 5Club Suit on the turn left Jin in need of an eight or six. The 9Heart Suit came on the river and Ikonen’s two pair took the pot and booted Jin in 5th place for $112,720.

Ikonen had around 2 million in chips following the hand.

ShiPocket Pair Battle Results in Shi Busting in 4th ($153,935)

Pekka Ikonen raised to 140,000 from under the gun and Chuan Shi raised to 350,000 total. Shawn Busse got out of the way and Owen Crowe pushed all in.
Ikonen quickly let his hand hit the muck and Shi made the call. Their hands:

Crowe: JSpade SuitJHeart Suit
Shi: 8Spade Suit8Club Suit

Crowe held the bigger pocket pair and Shi was in serious trouble. The board ran 4Heart Suit2Diamond Suit2Club Suit5Spade SuitADiamond Suit and Shi fell in 4th place, making $153,935.

Crowe had 5.2 million in chips following the hand and took the chip lead into three-way action.

Player Tags: Owen Crowe,   Wenlong Jin,   Chuan Shi,   Pekka Ikonen

Dinner Break

The final 5 players are now on dinner break.
They are:

Owen Crowe: 2,650,000
Shawn Busse: 2,520,000
Chuan Shi: 2,070,000
Pekka Ikonen: 1,235,000
Wenlong Jin: 725,000

Stay tuned to to see how it plays out.


Aces Bust Andreev in 6th

AndreevAndreev Falls to Aces in 6th ($83,498)

Following a short break, Shawn Busse made sure he would remain toward the top of the leaderboard. He used pocket aces to secure a healthy pot and knock short-stacked Ilya Andreev out of the event.

On that hand Andreev moved all in for 535,000 from the button an Busse made the easy call. Their hands:

Andreev: QDiamond SuitJHeart Suit
Busse: A-A

The flop was 5Heart Suit7Diamond Suit6Spade Suit, offering no help to Andreev. The QClub Suit turn card gave him some outs but the 8Club Suit river sent him to the rail in 6th place. He made $83,498.

Busse had 2.3 million in chips after the hand.

Player Tags: Shawn Busse,   Ilya Andreev

Action Picks Up

WhiteWhite Rivered in 9th Place ($36,287)

Adam White arrived at the final table as the chip leader, but after getting involved in some big pots early he found himself short on chips and all in for his tournament life against the always dangerous Owen Crowe.

In that hand, Crowe raised from middle position to 95,000, and White decided to reraise all in for 270,000 more. Crowe made the call and they showed their hands:

White: KDiamond SuitJClub Suit
Crowe: 5Club Suit9Club Suit

The flop missed both players, running 7Diamond Suit6Spade Suit2Spade Suit to keep White’s king high in the lead but provide Crowe with a straight draw.

The turn brought the 4Heart Suit and Crowe had even more outs. The river didn’t provide Crowe with a straight, but it gave him the 9Heart Suit to make a pair. Crowe took the pot and White was the first victim of the final table, finishing in 9th for $36,287.

Crowe had 2.8 million in chips following the hand.

BaekkeBaekke Loses Flip, Out in 8th ($47,379)

Allan Baekke, the 2010 EPT Snowfest Main Event winner, was the next player to go.

When action folded to him in the small blind he moved all in for around 750,000. Shawn Busse looked down at his cards from the big blind and made the call. Their hands:

Baekke: KHeart SuitJHeart Suit
Busse: 7Heart Suit7Club Suit

It was time for a coin flip. The flop ran 6Spade SuitQDiamond Suit2Heart Suit and Busse’s sevens were still ahead. The turn was the QHeart Suit, giving Baekke a flush draw. The highly anticipated river was the 6Club Suit, and Baekke missed his outs. Busse’s two pair were best, eliminating Baekke in 8th place for $47,379.

Busse took a nice pot and the chip lead, with 3.3 million in chips.

MannMann Runs Into Big Slick, Falls in 7th ($62,553)

After Owen Crowe raised to 90,000 from middle position Jason Mann moved all in from the big blind for 600,000. Crowe was quick to call and they showed down:

Crowe: AClub SuitKDiamond Suit
Mann: KClub SuitQHeart Suit

Mann’s hand was dominated and he found no signs of life on the 4Spade Suit8Spade Suit2Diamond Suit flop. The 3Heart Suit on the turn left him dead to a queen and the 6Spade Suit sent him packing on the river. His 7th place finish earned him $62,553.

Crowe soared into the chip lead with 3.6 million.

Player Tags: Adam White,   Jason Mann,   Shawn Busse,   Allan Baekke

Final Day Begins at 2:30 p.m.

Owen CroweThe final nine players will return at 2:30 p.m. to play down to a champion.

Owen Crowe finds himself fourth in chips and will make his third appearance at a WSOP final table. He will be in search of his first bracelet.

Here are the final table seating assignments and chip counts:

Seat 1: Wenlong Jin – 292,000
Seat 2: Chuan Shi – 894,000
Seat 3: Jason Mann – 893,000
Seat 4: Ilya Andreev – 985,000
Seat 5: Allan Baekke – 1,633,000
Seat 6: Shawn Busse – 1,203,000
Seat 7: Owen Crowe -1,192,000
Seat 8: Pekka Ikonen – 626,000
Seat 9: Adam White – 1,685,000

Stay tuned Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. as we bring you all of the elimination hands from the final table.

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