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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $1,890,000
Entrants: 1400

Event 39 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

  • Jun 21, '10 - Jun 23, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 23, 10)


Final Table Update: Steven Kelly Wins

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 with a 10,000 ante

Players Remaining: 1 out of 1,397

Average Chip Count: 6,300,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Steven Kelly — 6,300,000


3. Derric Haynie — $161,117
2. Jeff King — $236,819

Big Hands:

Jeff KingDerric Haynie Eliminated in 3rd Place ($161,117)

Steven Kelly bet 165,000 and Derric Haynie moved all in for 1,000,000. Kelly called and exposed pocket eights. Haynie tabled the QSpade SuitJSpade Suit and was off to a race for his tournament life. However, the board offered no help to the over cards as it ran out ADiamond Suit9Club Suit2Heart SuitAClub SuitKClub Suit, eliminating Haynie.

Jeff King Eliminated in 2nd Place ($236,819)

Jeff King shoved for 1,500,000 and Steven Kelly called. King tabled the KSpade SuitQDiamond Suit and had live cards versus the AHeart Suit9Diamond Suit of Kelly. The board ran out JSpade Suit9Club Suit3Spade Suit2Club Suit3Heart Suit and ace-high held to give Kelly the title.

Player Tags: Jeff King,   Derric Haynie,   Steven Kelly

Final Table Update: Reagan Leman and Dustin Dirksen Eliminated

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 with a 4,000 ante

Players Remaining: 3 out of 1,397

Average Chip Count: 1,571,625

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Steven Kelly — 3,140,000
2. Jeffrey King — 2,335,000
3. Derric Haynie — 1,055,000


5. Reagan Leman — $78,361
4. Dustin Dirksen — $112,214

Big Hands:

Reagan Leman

Reagan Leman Eliminated in 5th Place ($78,361)

Reagan Leman open-shoved for just 600,000. Jeff King called in the small blind. Leman tabled AClub Suit5Heart Suit while King exposed the AHeart SuitQClub Suit. The board ran out QHeart Suit9Diamond Suit8Diamond Suit8Spade Suit2Heart Suit and Lehman was gone.

Dustin Dirksen Eliminated in 4th Place ($112,214)

Derric Haynie shoved from the small blind and Dustin Dirksen called 700,000 for his tournament life. Haynie tabled the QSpade Suit10Heart Suit while Dirksen exposed the ADiamond Suit10Diamond Suit. The flop came QHeart Suit10Club Suit6Club Suit giving Haynie the huge advantage. The 7Diamond Suit on the turn and the KHeart Suit on the river sealed the victory for Haynie. Haynie was over 2,000,000 after the hand.

Player Tags: Jeff King,   Dustin Dirksen,   Reagan Leman

Final Table Update: Paul Varano and Brett Shaffer Eliminated

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 with a 4,000 ante

Players Remaining: 5 out of 1,397

Average Chip Count: 1,047,750

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Jeffrey King — 3,080,000
2. Derric Haynie — 1,150,000
3. Dustin Dirksen — 1,080,000
4. Steven Kelly — 990,000


7. Paul Varano — $40,887
6. Brett Shaffer — $56,446

Big Hands:

Paul VaranoPaul Varano Eliminated in 7th Place ($40,887)

Paul Varano moved all in for 260,000 and Steven Kelly called from the small blind. Kelly exposed pocket aces and Varano tabled the ASpade SuitQHeart Suit. The board ran out dry for Varano as it came 10Club Suit4Club Suit4Spade Suit7Spade SuitQClub Suit and he was gone. Kelly was up to 910,000 after the hand.

Brett Shaffer Eliminated in 6th Place ($56,446)

Brett Shaffer opened to 80,000 from the cutoff and Jeffrey King defended his big blind. The flop came JSpade Suit8Club Suit7Club Suit and King checked. Shaffer bet 150,000. King raised to put Shaffer all in. Shaffer called and tabled the AClub Suit3Club Suit and was ahead of the QClub Suit9Club Suit of King. The KHeart Suit on the turn a brick for King. However, the QDiamond Suit on the river gave King the knockout. King was the chip leader with 2,740,000 after the hand.

Player Tags: Paul Varano,   Steven Kelly

Final Table Update: Dustin Dirksen Eliminated

Blinds: 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante

Players Remaining: 7 out of 1,397

Average Chip Count: 898,071

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Jeffrey King — 1,428,000
2. Derric Haynie — 1,275,000
3. Paul Varano — 865,000
4. Dustin Dirksen — 775,000
5. Steven Kelly — 680,000
6. Reagan Leman — 570,000
7. Brett Shaffer — 375,000


8. Michael Cooper — $30,119

Big Hands:

Michael CooperMichael Cooper Eliminated in 8th Place ($30,119)

Michael Cooper shoved for 343,000 and Dustin Dirksen moved all in over the top. Everyone else folded and Cooper tabled the AHeart SuitQDiamond Suit and was in great shape against the ADiamond Suit10Diamond Suit of Dirksen. However, the flop came ten high, giving Dirksen a pair. The pair of tens held and Cooper was eliminated. Cooper was out in eighth and Dirksen was at 760,000 after the hand.

Player Tags: Michael Cooper,   Dustin Dirksen

Final Table Update: Justin Scott Eliminated

Blinds: 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000 ante

Players Remaining: 8 out of 1,397

Average Chip Count: 785,812

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Derric Haynie — 1,225,000
2. Brett Shaffer — 925,000
3. Steven Kelly — 915,000
4. Reagan Leman — 805,000
5. Dustin Dirksen — 805,000
6. Jeffrey King — 545,000
7. Paul Varano — 525,000
8. Michael Cooper — 510,000


9. Justin Scott — $22,575

Big Hands:

Justin ScottJustin Scott Eliminated in 9th Place ($22,575)

Michael Cooper opened to 65,000 and Justin Scott moved all in for 200,000. Action was folded back to Cooper and he made the call. Cooper exposed the AHeart SuitJClub Suit and was racing against the 7Spade Suit7Club Suit of Scott. The flop came JHeart Suit9Club Suit2Heart Suit as Cooper hit a pair of jacks. The turn and river bricked for Scott and he was eliminated. Cooper was at 500,000 after the hand.

Player Tags: Michael Cooper,   Justin Scott

Final 14 Players Will Return at 2:30

Annette ObrestadAfter winning two tables in two days, the remaining 14 players in the $1,500 no-limit shootout event will return to the Rio at 2:30 p.m. to play down to a winner.

There will be two tables of seven players and it will be played out like a normal tournament to decide the winner.

Some notables who won their table on day two include JC Tran, Annette Obrestad, and Derric “SixPeppers” Haynie.

Tran will be looking for his third bracelet, and Obrestad is looking for her first victory on American soil. Haynie is looking to make his second final table of the WSOP after coming in fourth in the $1,500 2-7 no-limit event.

Check back with Card Player later for updates throughout this event as we see who our next bracelet winner will be.

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