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Buy-In: $1,000
Prize Pool: $3,910,500
Entrants: 4345

Event 3 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • May 29, '10 - Jun 01, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 02, 10)


Level 33 Update: Aadam Daya Wins Bracelet

Blinds: 120,000-240,000 with a 30,000 ante

Players Remaining: 1 out of 4,345

Notable Eliminations:

Deepak Bhatti – $385,106

Big Hands:

Bhatti Doubles Up

Deepak Bhatti moved all in for 925,000 and was called by Aadam Daya. Daya showed the QSpade SuitJSpade Suit and Bhatti showed the JClub Suit2Club Suit. The flop was ASpade SuitKHeart Suit7Spade Suit, keeping Daya in the lead, but the 2Diamond Suit on the turn gave Bhatti the lead.

The river bricked off for Daya, as it came the 9Diamond Suit and Bhatti doubled up to 2,000,000.

Aadam DayaAadam Daya Wins Event No.3, Deepak Bhatti Eliminated in Second Place ($385,106)

Deepak Bhatti moved all-in from the button and was instantly called by Aadam Daya. Daya showed QDiamond SuitQSpade Suit and was ahead of Bhatti’s KHeart Suit5Spade Suit.

The board ran out JSpade Suit4Spade Suit5Heart SuitAClub Suit3Diamond Suit, keeping Daya’s pocket queens in the lead and giving him his first bracelet, along with a $625,872.

Player Tags: Deepak Bhatti,   Aadam Daya

Level 32 Update: Heads-Up off to a Slow Start

Blinds: 100,000-200,000 with a 30,000 ante

Players Remaining: 2 out of 4,345

Average Chip Count: 6,517,500

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Aadam Daya – 11,050,000
2. Deepak Bhatti – 1,950,000

Notable Eliminations:


Big Hands:

First Real Pot Chopped

Both players limped preflop and took a flop of AClub Suit3Heart Suit8Heart Suit, which both players checked. The turn was the 8Spade Suit and Daya checked again and called a bet of 200,000 from Bhatti.

The river was the KHeart Suit and Daya checked and called 400,000 from Bhatti. Bhatti showed KSpade Suit6Diamond Suit and chopped the pot with Daya who showed KClub Suit2Diamond Suit.

Daya Makes Trips

Both players limped the button and saw a flop of QHeart Suit3Club Suit2Spade Suit. They both checked and saw the 3Diamond Suit fall on the turn. Daya now led for 300,000 and was called by Bhatti. the river was the KSpade Suit and Daya led again, this time for 600,000. Bhatti called and Daya showed JSpade Suit3Spade Suit, good for trips and Bhatti mucked.

Play has been relatively slow without many real big confrontations and showdowns. Daya has been the more aggressive of the two, to pick up many pots with a stab on the fop, and has built a sizeable lead.

Player Tags: Deepak Bhatti,   Aadam Daya

Level 31 Update: Gabe Costner Eliminated

Blinds: 80,000-160,000 with a 20,000 ante

Players Remaining: 2 out of 4,345

Average Chip Count: 6,517,500

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Aadam Daya – 7,700,000
2. Deepak Bhatti – 5,300,000

Notable Eliminations:

Gabe Costner – $279,327

Big Hands:

Gabe CostnerCostner Loses Three Big Pots, Eliminated in Third Place ($279,327)

In what seemed like a flash after the dinner break, Gabe Costner was eliminated in third place after losing three big pots.

In the third hand back from dinner break, Costner raised to 475,000 and called a shove from Aadam Daya. Daya showed KHeart SuitQDiamond Suit and Costner showed 6Diamond Suit6Spade Suit. The board ran out QSpade Suit3Spade SuitQClub Suit2Spade SuitKClub Suit and gave the pot to Daya.

Just minutes later Costner raised from the button to 375,000 and was three-bet by Deepak Bhatti to 1,275,000 and Costner called. The flop was ADiamond Suit6Spade Suit6Club Suit and after Bhatti checked, Costner fired 850,000. Bhatti moved the rest of his stack in, which although was not much more, caused Costner to muck.

Finally, Aadam Daya raised to 400,000 from the button and Costner moved all-in. Daya called and saw the good shape he was in when he turned over AHeart SuitKDiamond Suit and Costner showed AClub SuitQHeart Suit. Costner couldn’t find a queen and was eliminated in third place, leaving Aadam Daya and Deepak Bhatti to play heads-up for the bracelet.

Player Tags: Deepak Bhatti,   Gabe Costner,   Aadam Daya

Level 30 Update: Nick Mitchell and Bart Davis Eliminated

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 with a 15,000 ante

Players Remaining: 3 out of 4,345

Average Chip Count: 4,345,000

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Gabe Costner – 6,500,000
2. Aadam Daya – 4,000,000
3. Deepak Bhatti – 3,000,000

Notable Eliminations:

Nick Mitchell – $154,425
Bart Davis – $206,904

Big Hands:

Deepak BhattiBhatti Doubles Up Again

Nick Mitchell raised from the button to 250,000 and Deepak Bhatti three-bet from the small blind to 600,000, with only another 600,000 behind in his stack. Mitchell opted to move the rest in and Bhatti made the call.

Mitchell showed KHeart SuitQSpade Suit and was in terrible shape against Bhatti’s ASpade SuitQHeart Suit. Despite cries from Mitchell’s supporters, the board came 5Club Suit10Heart Suit7Spade Suit4Club Suit2Club Suit, meaning Bhatti would double up to 3,500,000 and Mitchell slipped to 1,300,000.

Nick Mitchell Eliminated in Fifth Place ($154,425)

Nick Mitchell made a move on the blinds and was called by seemingly his nemesis, Deepak Bhatti. Mitchell showed 5-4 and Bhatti held the A-7.

The dealer turned over the door card and showed the 4Spade Suit and the Mitchell supporters roared, until he displayed the other two cards, the ASpade Suit and 7Club Suit. The JDiamond Suit on the turn brought no help to Mitchell and the 3Spade Suit on the river gave the pot to Bhatti. With Mitchell’s supporters gone, the Amazon room is a lot quieter.

Bart Davis Eliminated in Fourth Place ($206,904)

Aadam Daya made it 300,000 on the button and was met with a three-bet from the small blind to 750,000. Daya thought for a while and then made the call.

The flop was JHeart Suit9Heart Suit5Heart Suit and Davis announced that he was all in. Daya couldn’t get his chips in the middle fast enough and showed the AHeart Suit10Heart Suit, giving him the nut flush. Davis showed QDiamond SuitQHeart Suit and was in need of some serious help.

Players are now on a 60-minute dinner break.

The turn was the KDiamond Suit leaving Davis drawing dead and left with just over $200,000 as a parting gift.

Player Tags: Nick Mitchell,   Aadam Daya

Level 29 Update: Brown and Settle Sent to the Rail

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante

Players Remaining: 5 out of 4,345

Average Chip Count: 2,607,700

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Nicholas Mitchell – 3,550,000
2. Aadam Daya – 3,300,000
3. Bart Davis – 2,050,000
4. Gabe Costner – 1,650,000
5. Deepak Bhatti – 850,000

Notable Eliminations:

Isaac Settle – $88,025
Cory Brown – $116,141

Big Hands:

Deepak Bhatti Doubles Up

Deepak Bhatti open shoved 405,000 under-the-gun and was called by Gabe Costner. Bart Davis folds and showed A-K to the table.

Bhatti showed AClub SuitKDiamond Suit and was up against Costner’s 10Club Suit10Heart Suit. The race was skewed towards Costner since Davis folded the same hand that Bhatti had and elimination seemed likely for Bhatti.

The flop was 2Diamond Suit2Club Suit6Club Suit, keeping Costner in the lead until the KSpade Suit fell on the turn. The 4Diamond Suit came on the river and gave the pot to Bhatti, doubling him up to 850,000.

Isaac SettleShort Stack Settle Doubles

With just 285,000, Isaac Settle shoved all-in from the button. Bart Davis called the additional 185,000 from the big blind and the hands were turned up. Davis showed the 9Diamond Suit6Club Suit and was slightly behind KDiamond SuitJSpade Suit of Settle.

The dealer ran the board 8Spade Suit5Diamond SuitQHeart SuitKClub SuitKHeart Suit meaning that Settle doubled up to 700,000.

Isaac Settle Eliminated in Seventh Place ($88,025)

Shortly after the double up, Settle found his chips in the middle in good shape when he had the JHeart SuitJDiamond Suit against Bart Davis’ ADiamond Suit10Diamond Suit.

Unfortunately for Settle the flop came ASpade Suit2Club Suit6Club Suit, giving the lead to Davis. The turn and river did not bring another jack for Settle and was eliminated in seventh place.

Cory BrownCory Brown Eliminated in Sixth Place ($116,141)

Cory Brown and Gabe Costner got all of the chips in on a flop of 9Heart Suit3Heart Suit5Diamond Suit. Costner showed 10Heart Suit7Heart Suit and was slightly behind the JHeart Suit9Club Suit.

Costner was searching for a 10 or a heart and after the AClub Suit came on the turn, the 6Heart Suit fell on the river, filling Costner’s flush and giving him the pot.

Player Tags: Isaac Settle,   Cory Brown

Level 28 Update: Dash Dudley Eliminated

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante

Players Remaining: 7 out of 4,345

Average Chip Count: 1,862,142

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Aadam Daya – 3,500,000
2. Nicholas Mitchell – 3,300,000
3. Gabe Costner – 1,900,000
4. Cory Brown – 1,700,000
5. Isaac Settle – 1,500,000
6. Deepak Bhatti – 900,000
7. Bart Davis – 500,000

Notable Eliminations:

Dash Dudley – $67,221

Big Hands:

Dash DudleyDash Dudley Eliminated in Eighth Place ($67,221)

After his confrontation with Mitchell, Dash Dudley moved all-in for his last 250,000 and was called by Isaac Settle. Dudley showed 10Diamond Suit7Diamond Suit and Settle had ADiamond SuitJDiamond Suit. The board came KHeart Suit9Diamond SuitQDiamond Suit, giving each player a flush straight draw, with Settle’s flush draw being better.

The KSpade Suit on the turn and the 3Spade Suit on the river bricked off for Dudley and his bracelet dreams are dashed.

Isaac Settle Doubles Through Deepak Bhatti

Isaac Settle got all of his chips in the middle against Deepak Bhatti. Settle had QClub SuitQHeart Suit and Bhatti had ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit. Settle won the race and doubled up to 1,500,000.

Mitchell Loses Some, Doubles Up Davis

Action folded to Bart Davis on the button who moved all-in for 630,000 and Nick Mitchell isolated by going all-in from the small blind. The Mitchell crowd erupted when they saw Mitchell turn over KDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit and Davis show the KClub Suit3Diamond Suit.

They were ecstatic until the flop came 6Club Suit10Diamond Suit3Spade Suit, giving Davis the lead. The turn was the KSpade Suit and the river was the 2Diamond Suit, doubling Davis up to 1,400,000 and Mitchell slipped to 2,200,000.

Player Tags: Deepak Bhatti,   Dash Dudley,   Nick Mitchell

Level 27 Update: Richard Rice Eliminated

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 7 out of 4,345

Average Chip Count: 1,862,142

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Aadam Daya – 3,500,000
2. Nicholas Mitchell – 3,300,000
3. Gabe Costner – 1,900,000
4. Cory Brown – 1,700,000
5. Isaac Settle – 1,500,000
6. Deepak Bhatti – 900,000
7. Bart Davis – 500,000
8. Dash Dudley – 250,000

Notable Eliminations:

Richard Rice – $51,735

Big Hands:

Richard RiceRichard Rice Eliminated in Ninth Place ($51,735)

This hand took place at the end of the last level just before the 20 minute break.

Nick Mitchell raised to 110,000 from middle position and Richard Rice moved all in for 575,000. Mitchell thought for a moment before making the call and the cards were turned over.

Mitchell showed the ADiamond SuitJDiamond Suit and Rice tabled the KDiamond SuitQDiamond Suit. The board came 6Club Suit10Diamond Suit7Club Suit9Spade SuitASpade Suit, making Rice our first casualty at the final table.

Another Level, Another Double Up for Bhatti

Nick Mitchell raised to 130,000 and Deepak Bhatti moved his last 640,000 into the middle. Mitchell nodded and made the call and found he was in some trouble. Bhatti showed KHeart SuitKDiamond Suit and Mitchell showed KSpade SuitQSpade Suit

There was barely even a sweat for Bhatti as the board ran out 2Club Suit8Spade SuitJHeart Suit8Diamond Suit4Heart Suit, doubling Bhatti up to 1,400,000, Mitchell slipped to 1,300,000.

Dudley Wins a Couple Pots

Dash Dudley was able to add some chips to his stack when he defended his big blind to a raise from Gabe Costner. They both checked down a QHeart Suit6Club Suit6Heart SuitKClub Suit5Diamond Suit. Dudley’s pocket jacks trumped Costners pocket nines.

Just a few hands later, Dudley three-bet preflop to 400,000 after Cory Brown raised to 140,000.

Nick MitchellMitchell Doubles Up

After a raise on the button by Dash Dudley, Nick “Agriffrod” Mitchell moved his 1,260,000 stack into the middle. Dudley went into the tank for quite a while before making the call.

Dudley showed ADiamond SuitQClub Suit and was way ahead of Mitchell’s AClub SuitJDiamond Suit. Mitchell’s supporters on the rail exploded when the KHeart SuitJClub Suit3Diamond Suit hit the flop. The turn was the 6Spade Suit and the river was the 8Diamond Suit and Dudley was left with under 300,000 in chips, while Mitchell propelled himself into contention for the chip lead.


Level 26 Update: A Few Double Ups

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 9 out of 4,345

Average Chip Count: 1,448,333

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Aadam Daya – 2,855,000
2. Gabe Costner – 1,830,000
3. Cory Brown – 1,355,000
4. Bart Davis – 1,355,000
5. Nicholas Mitchell – 1,280,000
6. Dash Dudley – 1,258,000
7. Isaac Settle – 970,000
8. Rich Rice – 690,000
9. Deepak Bhatti – 400,000

Notable Eliminations:


Big Hands:

Gabe CostnerCostner Picks Up First Big Pot of Day

Dash Dudley raised to 110,000 from the hijack and was called by Gabe Costner called from the big blind. The flop came ADiamond Suit2Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit and Costner checked and Dudley made a bet of 140,000 and was called by Costner.

The turn was the 7Heart Suit and both players checked. After the 7Spade Suit, Costner then put out a bet of 350,000 and was called fairly quickly by Dudley. Costner rolled over the KDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit and took the pot. Dudley is down to 350,000.

Bhatti Doubles Up

Deepak Bhatti moved all in for 270,000 with KHeart SuitQHeart Suit and was then Cory Brown moved all in over the top with ASpade SuitKSpade Suit. Everybody got out of there where and the flop came 9Heart Suit10Heart SuitAClub Suit, giving Bhatti plenty of outs against Brown’s top pair.

The turn was the 2Spade Suit, but the JClub Suit on the river gave the pot to Bhatti, doubling him up to over 500,000.

Dudley Doubles

Dash Dudley moved in for his last 550,000 and was called by Bart Davis. It was a race situation when Dudley showed ADiamond SuitQDiamond Suit and Davis showed 8Spade Suit8Heart Suit.

The board ran out QDiamond SuitKSpade Suit2Heart Suit5Diamond Suit6Spade Suit, pairing Dudley’s queen and doubling him up to 1,200,000.

Left in the Deck:

Sasquatch Makes an Appearance

They are shooting a commercial for Jack’s Link beef jerky in the amazon room and just an ear shot away from the tables, we can see Sasquatch sitting at a poker table.

Player Tags: Deepak Bhatti,   Gabe Costner

Final Table Under Way

The cards are in the air for the final table of event no. 3, the $1,000 no-limit hold’em event. Aadam Daya is the chip leader coming into the final table and has a 500,000 chip lead on second place.

The final nine players will battle it out on the felt for a first prize of $625,872, with each player guaranteed at least $51,735. Stay tuned to Card Player for further coverage of today’s final table.

While you’re waiting for some updates, check out this interview with James Akenhead after he won his table in the $5,000 shootout event.

Akenhead After Win


Final Table Starts at 2:30 PST

Day 4 of Event No. 3 ($1,000 no-limit hold’em) will start today at 2:30 PST.

Just 9 players remain to resume level 25 with blinds at 20,000-40,000 and a 5,000 ante. Action will conclude when someone walks away with the $625,872 first place prize.

The chip average to start the road to the bracelet is 1,448,333, after a day 3 that witnessed 32 eliminations.

Stay tuned to for updates throughout this final day of event No.3 at the 2010 World Series of Poker.

Here’s the chip counts for when the final table begins:

1. Aadam Daya – 2,850,000
2. Cory Brown – 2,315,000
3. Gabe Costner – 1,830,000
4. Dash Dudley – 1,355,000
5. Bart Davis 1,355,000
6. Nick Mitchell – 1,280,000
7. Isaac Settle – 970,000
8. Rich Rice – 700,000
9. Deepak Bhatti – 400,000

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