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Buy-In: $9,700 + $300
Prize Pool: $7,152,000
Entrants: 745

WPT L.A. Poker Classic Main Event

  • Feb 26, '10 - Mar 04, '10


Updates on Final Day (Mar 04, 10)


Andras Koroknai Wins the L.A. Poker Classic ($1,788,001) -- Raymond Dolan Eliminated in Second Place ($1,002,710)

Raymond DolanOn the first hand of heads-up play Andras Koroknai moved all in preflop from the button and Raymond Dolan made the call. Their cards:

Dolan: QClub Suit 4Heart Suit
Koroknai: QHeart Suit 8Heart Suit

Board: 10Heart Suit 9Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit 7Spade Suit KHeart Suit

Koroknai won the hand and the tournament with a rivered flush! He is awarded $1,788,001 in prize money along with a WPT bracelet, a watch, and a Commerce trophy. Dolan was eliminated in second place and he took home $1,002,710.

Player Tags: Andras Koroknai,   Raymond Dolan

Heads-Up Play Begins

Cards are back in the air for the heads-up final. Here is a look at the chip counts:

Andras Koroknai: 13,450,000
Raymond Dolan: 1,450,000

Blinds are 75,000-150,000 with a 25,00 ante.


Break Time

The final two players are taking a quick break before the heads-up final.


Tri Huynh Eliminated in Third Place ($665,136)

Tri HuynhTri Huynh raised to 400,000 from the button preflop and Andras Koroknai moved all in. Huynh quickly made the call and the top players flipped over their cards:

Koroknai: ASpade Suit KHeart Suit
Huynh: JSpade Suit JClub Suit

Board: KClub Suit 7Spade Suit 2Diamond Suit 9Club Suit 10Spade Suit

Huynh was eliminated on the hand in third place and he will take home $665,136 in prize money. Koroknai now holds a dominant chip lead with 13,460,000.

Player Tags: Tri Huynh,   Andras Koroknai

Andras Koroknai Doubles Up

Raymond Dolan raised to 300,000 from the button preflop and Andras Koroknai reraised to 775,000. Dolan made the call and the flop was dealt AClub Suit QDiamond Suit 2Diamond Suit. Korknai bet 875,000 and Dolan raised to 2 million. Koroknai went into the tank for two minutes and then reraised all in for 3.73 million. Dolan made the call and they flipped over their cards:

Koroknai: ASpade Suit JClub Suit
Dolan: AHeart Suit 6Heart Suit

Turn and River: ADiamond Suit and 10Club Suit

Koroknai doubles up to 9,190,000 after the hand and Dolan dropped down to 1,660,000.

Player Tags: Andras Koroknai,   Raymond Dolan

Quick Break

The players are on another break.


Gevork Kasabyan Eliminated in Fourth Place ($450,580)

Gevork KasabyanTri Huynh raised to 250,000 under the gun and Gevork Kasabyan made the call from the big blind. The flop was dealt ADiamond Suit 9Club Suit 8Club Suit and Kasabyan checked. Huynh bet 300,000 and Kasabyan check-raised to 700,000. Huynh reraised all in and Kasabyan made the call after spending three minutes in the tank. Their cards:

Kasabyan: ASpade Suit 7Diamond Suit
Huynh: AClub Suit 9Diamond Suit

Turn and River: 7Heart Suit and 9Spade Suit

Kasabyan was eliminated in fourth place on the hand and he will take home $450,580 in prize money.

Player Tags: Gevork Kasabyan,   Tri Huynh

Level 33

The blinds are now 60,000-120,000 with a 20,000 ante for the start of level 33.


Back to Business

The players are back in their seats once again. The chip counts tab has been updated.


Another Break

It’s break time again. Back in 15 minutes.

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