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Buy-In: $5,000
Prize Pool: $4,361,600
Entrants: 928

Event 56 - $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed

  • Jun 30, '09 - Jul 02, '09


Updates on Final Day (Jul 02, 09)


Final Table Update: Matt Hawrilenko Wins Event No. 56

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante

Players Remaining: 1 out of 928

Chip Counts:

1. Matt Hawrilenko – 14,000,000

Average Chip Count: 14,000,000


3. Faraz Jaka — $400,526
2. Josh Brikis — $619,609

Big Hands:

Faraz Jaka Eliminated In Third Place($400,526)

Faraz Jaka raised preflop and Matt Hawrilenko came back over the top. Jaka then moved all in and Hawrilenko made the call.

Jaka: QHeart SuitQClub Suit
Hawrilenko: ADiamond SuitKClub Suit

Board: AClub SuitJSpade Suit10Spade SuitJDiamond Suit5Spade Suit

It was the classic race situation and Hawrilenko took the lead on the flop when an ace fell. Jaka still had a gutshot straight draw but it never materialized and he was eliminated, leaving Hawrilenko and Josh Brikis to do battle for the bracelet.

Matt HawrilenkoMatt Hawrilenko Wins Event No. 56($1,003,163), Josh Brikis Eliminated In Second Place ($619,609)

It only took four hands of heads-up play before the final WSOP event before the main event came to an end.

Josh Brikis raised to 300,000 preflop and the action was on Matt Hawrilenko. He made it a cool 1,000,000 straight. Brikis then came over the top for all of his chips and Hawrilenko made the call.

Hawrilenko: JHeart SuitJDiamond Suit
Brikis: ADiamond Suit9Diamond Suit

Board: 8Diamond Suit8Club Suit2Heart Suit3Spade Suit10Club Suit

Hawrilenko’s pair remained in the lead on the flop and the final two streets offered no help to his opponent, giving Hawrilenko the hand and the final gold bracelet of the 2009 World Series of Poker. Hawrilenko took home $1,003,163 for the win and a ton of momentum heading into the main event.

Player Tags: Matt Hawrilenko,   Faraz Jaka,   Josh Brikis

Final Table Update: Sean Keeton Eliminated In 4th Place

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante

Players Remaining: 3 out of 928

Chip Counts:

1. Matt Hawrilenko – 6,950,000
2. Josh Brikis – 4,650,000
3. Faraz Jaka – 3,650,000

Average Chip Count: 4,733,333


4. Sean Keeton — $269,983

Big Hands:

Sean Keeton Eliminated In Fourth Place($269,983)

Faraz Jaka raised to 200,000 from under the gun and the action was on Sean Keeton. He moved all in for over 2 million and the action was on Matt Hawrilenko. He then came over the top all in for over 4 million. Jaka mucked and the players turned over their cards.

Keeton: ASpade SuitQDiamond Suit
Hawrilenko: JDiamond SuitJClub Suit

Board: 10Heart Suit4Heart Suit2Spade Suit10Spade Suit3Heart Suit

Hawrilenko’s pair held up against the two over cards of his opponent and Keeton was sent to the rail.

Player Tags: Matt Hawrilenko,   Sean Keeton,   Faraz Jaka

Final Table Update: Jonas Wexler Eliminated In 5th Place

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 4 out of 928

Chip Counts:

1. Josh Brikis – 5,350,000
2. Matt Hawrilenko – 3,750,000
3. Sean Keeton – 2,900,000
4. Faraz Jaka – 2,200,000

Average Chip Count: 3,550,000


5. Jonas Wexler — $189,555

Big Hands:

Jonas Wexler Eliminated In Fifth Place($189,555)

Faraz Jaka raised to 150,000 preflop from the button and the action was on Jonas Wexler in the small blind. He moved in for over 700,000 and Josh Brikis came right back over the top from the big blind, moving all in. Jaka mucked his hand and both players tabled their hands.

Wexler: KDiamond SuitQHeart Suit
Brikis: ADiamond SuitQDiamond Suit

Board: 8Diamond Suit5Spade Suit4Club SuitQSpade Suit7Club Suit

Wexler was dominated and could not connect on any street and he was eliminated.

Player Tags: Jonas Wexler,   Faraz Jaka,   Josh Brikis

Final Table Update: Matthew Waxman Eliminated In 6th Place

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 5 out of 928

Chip Counts:

1. Josh Brikis – 5,000,000
2. Matt Hawrilenko – 4,250,000
3. Faraz Jaka – 1,900,000
4. Jonas Wexler – 1,600,000
5. Sean Keeton – 1,450,000

Average Chip Count: 2,840,000


6. Matthew Waxman — $138,394

Big Hands:

Matt Hawrilenko Moves In

From under the gun, Jonas Wexler raised to 125,000 preflop and Matt Hawrilenko, Sean Keeton and Matthew Waxman made the call. The flop came KSpade Suit10Club Suit7Diamond Suit and everyone checked to a 5Diamond Suit turn. Keeton checked to Waxman who fired out a bet of 280,000. Wexler folded and Hawrilenko went all in. Keeton folded and Waxman went into the tax before finally folding. Hawrilenko is now at 4,650,000.

Matthew Waxman Eliminated In Sixth Place($138,394)

Sean Keeton raised to 150,000 from early position and action folded to Matthew Waxman in the cutoff. He shoved for 605,000 total and Josh Brikis then moved over the top all in from the big blind. Keeton mucked and the players showed down their cards.

Waxman: ADiamond Suit10Spade Suit
Brikis: KSpade SuitKClub Suit

Board: JSpade Suit7Heart Suit3Club Suit8Club Suit7Diamond Suit

Waxman was in deep trouble and never received any help from the board. He was the first player eliminated from the official final table and took home $138,394.


Level 24 Update: Robert Kay Eliminated

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 with a 5,000 ante

Players Remaining: 6 out of 928

Chip Counts:

1. Josh Brikis – 4,650,000
2. Matt Hawrilenko — 3,700,000
3. Sean Keeton – 1,600,000
4. Jonas Wexler — 1,600,000
5. Faraz Jaka – 1,400,000
6. Mathew Waxman — 1,350,000

Average Chip Count: 2,320,000


7. Robert Kay – $100,230

Big Hands:

Matt Hawrilenko

Robert Kay Eliminated in 7th Place ($100,230)

Matt Hawrilenko raised under the gun to 105,000 and Faraz Jaka called. Robert Kay then moved all in over the top for 1,333,000 more. Hawrilenko made the call which was almost all of his remaining chips. Jaka mucked Hawrilenko tabled the AHeart SuitKClub Suit, which was dominating the KHeart SuitQSpade Suit of Kay. The board ran out KSpade Suit3Club Suit2Diamond Suit10Heart SuitJSpade Suit, eliminating Kay from the tournament. Hawrilenko was up to 3,700,000 after the hand.

Left in the Deck:

The players are currently on a 90 minute break.

Player Tags: Robert Kay

Level 23 Update: Final Table of Seven Reached

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 with a 4,000 ante

Players Remaining: 7 out of 928

Chip Counts:

1. Josh Brikis – 3,900,000
2. Faraz Jaka – 2,550,000
3. Mathew Waxman — 1,940,000
4. Jonas Wexler — 1,600,000
5. Matt Hawrilenko — 1,590,000
6. Robert Kay — 1,250,000
7. Sean Keeton – 780,000

Average Chip Count: 1,740,000


11. Rory Mathews – $52,296
10. Alex Venovski – $72,446
9. James St Hilaire – $72,446
8. Thorsten Schaefer – $100,230

Big Hands:

Rory Mathews Eliminated in 11th place ($52,296)

Rory Mathews open shoved for 550,000 and Jonas Wexler went all in over the top. Everyone else folded and Wexler tabled the KClub SuitKHeart Suit while Mathews exposed the dominated KSpade Suit9Spade Suit. The flop was a disaster for Wexler as it came ASpade Suit4Spade Suit3Diamond Suit, giving Mathews the nut flush draw. However, the board bricked out with the AClub Suit and 8Diamond Suit, eliminating Mathews. Wexler is up to 1,600,000

Alex Venovski Eliminated in 10th Place ($72,446)

Alex Venovski went all in with the ASpade SuitQHeart Suit and was called by the ASpade SuitAHeart Suit of Faraz Jaka. The board ran out JHeart Suit8Club Suit3Spade Suit2Heart Suit4Heart Suit, offering no help to Venovski. Jaka is up to 2,550,000.

Josh Brikis Wins Massive Double Up

Josh Brikis and James St. Hilaire each had almost 2 million when Brikis moved all in preflop with the AHeart SuitQSpade Suit and was called by the AClub SuitKDiamond Suit of St. Hilaire. The flop came 7Club Suit5Club Suit3Heart Suit, offering no help to Brikis. The 4Club Suit hit the turn and St. Hilaire needed to dodge one more card to become the massive tournament chip leader. However, the QHeart Suit fell on the river, giving Brikis the huge pot and cripping St. Hilaire to just 300,000. Brikis is up to 3,900,000.

James St. Hilaire Eliminated in 9th Place ($72,446)

James St. Hilaire moved all in for his last 250,000 from the button with pocket fours and was called by the Q-7 of Jonas Wexler. Wexler won the race when he paired his queen on the turn, eliminating the former chip leader. James St. Hilaire once had 2,500,000 in chips but took a horrible beat from Josh Brikis. Now he has been sent to the rail right before the final table. Wexler now has 1,600,000.

Thorsten Schaefer Eliminated in 8th Place ($100,230)

On a board of JDiamond Suit7Club Suit3Club Suit4Club SuitQSpade Suit Faraz Jaka bet out and Thorsten Schaefer moved all in. Faraz snap called and and tabled the AClub Suit10Club Suit for the nut flush. Schaefer mucked the AHeart SuitQDiamond Suit and was eliminated.

Left in the Deck:

The players are currently on break.


Level 22 Update: Peter Feldman, Aurelien Guiglini, John Conkright Eliminated

Blinds: 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante

Players Remaining: 11 out of 928

Chip Counts:

1. James St. Hilaire – 2,450,000
2. Faraz Jaka – 2,050,000
3. Matt Hawrilenko — 1,600,000
4. Thorsten Schaefer — 1,400,000
5. Mathew Waxman — 1,115,000
6. Robert Kay — 1,100,000
7. Josh Brikis – 880,000
8. Jonas Wexler — 790,000
9. Rory Mathews — 780,000
10. Sean Keeton – 780,000

Average Chip Count: 1,070,769


14. Peter Feldman – $37,379
13. Aurelien Guiglini – $37,379
12. John Conkright – $52,296

Big Hands:

Peter Feldman

Peter Feldman Eliminated in 14th Place ($37,379)

Peter Feldman and Thorsten Schaefer both were holding pocket pairs. Feldman had the 4Diamond Suit4Spade Suit while Schaefer was holding the 5Club Suit5Diamond Suit. Both players saw a flop of 8Club Suit5Heart Suit4Club Suit, giving each a set. Feldman checked his set to Schaefer on the button, who bet 115,000. Feldman check raised to 295,000 and Schaefer went all in. Feldman instantly called and saw the horrible news. The board failed to bring quads as Feldman was eliminated. Schaefer is now chip leader with 1,875,000.

Aurelien Guiglini Eliminated in 13th Place ($37,379)

Faraz Jaka raised to 190,000, Aurelien Guiglini went all in for just over 500,000 and Jaka made the call. Jaka tabled the AHeart SuitQDiamond Suit but was up against the QClub SuitQSpade Suit of Guiglini. The board was a disaster for the shorter stack as it came ASpade Suit2Spade Suit2Club Suit6Spade Suit4Diamond Suit, eliminating Guiglini from the tournament as the remaining players combined into the final two tables. Jaka is now up to 2,050,000.

John Conkright Eliminated in 12th Place ($52,296)

John Conkright moved all in preflop with the AClub SuitJDiamond Suit and was called by the ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit of Josh Brikis. The board ran out KClub Suit2Spade Suit10Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit3Heart Suit and Conkright was eliminated. Brikis is up to 880,000.


Level 21 Update: Frank Calo, Eugene Katchalov Eliminated

Blinds: 10,00-20,000 with a 3,000 ante

Players Remaining: 14 out of 928

Chip Counts:

1. Rory Mathews — 1,358,000
2. Matt Hawrilenko — 1,327,000
3. Peter Feldman — 1,321,000
4. Robert Kay — 1,213,000
5. Mathew Waxman — 1,132,000
6. Sean Keeton – 1,150,000
7. Thorsten Schaefer — 1,094,000
8. Faraz Jaka – 985,000
9. James St. Hilaire – 925,000
10. Jonas Wexler — 848,000

Average Chip Count: 870,000


16. Frank Calo – $37,379
15. Eugene Katchalov – $37,379

Big Hands:

Sean Keeton Doubles Up

Frank Calo bet from the small blind and Sean Keeton in the big blind moved all in for 400,000. Calo made the quick call. Calo tabled the 9Heart Suit9Spade Suit while Keeton had him dominated with the QDiamond SuitQHeart Suit. The board ran out AClub SuitJClub Suit10Heart Suit10Diamond SuitJHeart Suit, giving Keeton the pot and a stack of 985,000. Calo was down to 170,000.

Frank Calo Eliminated in 16th Place ($37,379)

Immediately after doubling up Sean Keeton, Frank Calo went all in under the gun with the 8Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit and was called by the K-Q of Keeton. The boarded offered no kelp for Calo, and he was eliminated early on the final day of action. Keeton is now at 1,150,000 in chips.

Eugene Katchalov

Eugene Katchalov Eliminated in 15th Place ($37,379)

In a blind vs. blind battle, Eugene Katchalov moved all in over the raise of James St. Hilaire. All the money went in as Katchalov held the ASpade SuitQHeart Suit and St. Hilaire tabled the AClub Suit10Spade Suit. The flop was a disaster for Katchalov as it came 10Heart Suit5Diamond Suit2Spade Suit, pairing St. Hilaire’s kicker. The turn was the 3Spade Suit and the river brought the AHeart Suit, eliminating Katchalov from the tournament. St. Hilaire is at 925,000.

Player Tags: Eugene Katchalov,   Sean Keeton,   Frank Calo

Final Day Starts at 1:00 PDT

The penultimate event of the 2009 World Series of Poker is one day closer to coming to an end. Just 16 players remain in the $5,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em event and one of them will walk away from the Rio on Thursday with approximately $1 million.

The field will be returning at 1:00 PDT to battle down to the final table and then a champion. Here are the final chip counts:

1. Rory Mathews — 1,358,000
2. Matt Hawrilenko — 1,327,000
3. Peter Feldman — 1,321,000
4. Robert Kay — 1,213,000
5. Mathew Waxman — 1,132,000
6. Thorsten Schaefer — 1,0940,000
7. James St. Hilaire — 876,000
8. Jonas Wexler — 848,000
9. Faraz Jaka — 778,000
10. John Conkright — 749,00
11. Alex Venovski — 684,000
12. Sean Keeton — 641,000
13. Frank Calo — 569,000
14. Aurelien Guiglini — 549,000
15. Eugene Katchalov — 356,000
16. Josh Brikis — 294,000

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