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Buy-In: $1,000,000
Entrants: 7

Million Dollar Cash Game

  • Jan 23, '09 - Jan 25, '09

  Day 1

Updates on Day 1 (Jan 24, 09)


Million Dollar Cash Game Ends

The Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game has come to a close. Here is a look at who finished up and who finished stuck (all counts are the approximate amount the players left the table with and those counts are in Australian dollars -- AUD):

Note: Dwan brought $2 million and Antonius brought $1.5 million to the table. The five other players bought in for $200,000. The counts below represent the final total amount of money they walked away from the table with, and not their net gain or loss.

Downtown Melbourne from 53 Floors UpUp:

Patrik Antonius: $1,800,000
Niki Jedlicka: $420,000
Jamie Pickering: $315,000
Andrew Robl: $225,000


Tom Dwan: $1,500,000
Chris Ferguson: $165,000
Phil Laak: $15,000

Stay tuned for a recap of the day's events.

A few of the players are going to keep the high-stakes cash game going, but that will take place behind closed doors since the television tapes have stopped rolling. This concludes our coverage from the 2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championships in the land down under.


Last Laugh for Dwan

Tom DwanThe last hand of the night saw a flop of KQ3 hit the table with Tom Dwan, Jamie Pickering, and Phil Laak all limping in preflop. Dwan bet $3,400 from the button, Pickering mucked in the small blind, and Laak made the call from the big blind. The turn fell 4 and Laak checked. Dwan bet $8,800 and Laak made the call. The river fell 2 and Laak checked again. Dwan bet $62,200 and Laak went into the tank. After agonizing about the decision Laak made the call and Dwan turned over 86 to win the hand with a flush.

After the hand the players began to bag up their chips. Laak returned the $200,000 he borrowed from Dwan after the Unabomber hit the felt earlier. He was left with $15,000 in his stack after that. He was stuck $185,000.


Player Tags: Phil Laak,   Jamie Pickering,   Tom Dwan

Crazy Hand -- Run it Four Times One Time

Andrew RoblPatrik Antonius raised the pot ($3,500) preflop on the button during pot-limit Omaha and Andrew Robl reraised to $12,000 from the big blind. The flop was dealt A74 and Robl bet $16,000. Antonius raised the pot ($72,000) and Robl moved all in for $103,000. Antonius called, the two players decided to run it out four times, and they turned up their hands:

Robl: AQQJ
Antonius: 9865

Run 1: K2 -- Robl wins one-fourth of the pot

Run 2: JA -- Robl wins one-half of the pot

Run 3: 10K -- Robl wins three-fourths of the pot

Run 4: 310 -- Robl amazingly wins the entire pot

Robl more than doubles up to $225,000 to get unstuck just before the end of the night. Antonius is knocked down to $1.8 million.

Player Tags: Patrik Antonius,   Andrew Robl

Pickering vs. Patrik

Patri AntoniusFour players saw a flop of Q109 during pot-limit Omaha and they all checked. The 5 fell on the turn and Phil Laak checked in the small blind. Patrik Antonius bet $3,000 in the big blind and Tom Dwan mucked. Jamie Pickering made the call on the button and Laak got out of the way. The 4 fell on the river and Antonius bet $6,000. Pickering went into the tank for a few minutes and eventually made the call. Antonius flipped over AJ85 and Pickering mucked.


Player Tags: Patrik Antonius,   Jamie Pickering

Up and Stuck

Crown FlagsUp:

Patrik Antonius, Jamie Pickering, Niki Jedlicka


Tom Dwan, Chris Ferguson, Phi Laak, and Andrew Robl



Back From Chinese on the Break

The crew did take a break but the players kept on gambling. They took to a few rounds of Chinese poker on the break before jumping back into the NLHE/PLO continuum for a final hour.


Break Time

The players are on a 10-minute break.


Durrrr Fights Back

Tom DwanAndrew Robl raised to $6,500 preflop during pot-limit Omaha and Tom Dwan made the call. The flop was dealt J75 and Robl bet $12,000. Dwan made the call and the turn brought the 5 to the party. Dwan bet $23,600 and Robl made the call. The river fell Q and Dwan bet $68,200.  Robl made the call after thinking for a minute and Dwan turned up KJ52 for the full house. Robl mucked his cards.


Player Tags: Tom Dwan,   Andrew Robl

Play will Continue Past the Witching Hour

Fox Sports Net has said that they will conclude the Million Dollar Cash Game at 1 a.m. AEDT (6 a.m. PST). We will stick with all of the action until that time.


Pickering vs. Dwan

Jamie PickeringJamie Pickering raised to $3,500 preflop and Niki Jedlicka made the call. Tom Dwan called as well and then Chris Ferguson raised to $20,300. All three opponents made the call and the flop was dealt A64. Dwan bet $31,400 and Ferguson mucked. Pickering made the call and Jedlicka mucked as well. The turn fell 2 and Dwan bet $41,800. Pickering made the call again and the river fell 9. Both players checked and Pickering turned up A-K to defeat Dwan's pair of deuces.


Player Tags: Jamie Pickering,   Tom Dwan
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