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Buy-In: $6,100 + $305
Prize Pool: $4,552,130
Entrants: 681

Aussie Millions Main Event - Event 9

  • Jan 17, '09 - Jan 24, '09


Updates on Final Day (Jan 23, 09)


Stewart Scott Increases His Lead

Stewart ScottPeter Rho bet 100,000 on a flop of AK7 and Stewart Scott made the call. The turn fell J and Scott checked. Rho bet 225,000 and Scott raised to 600,000. Rho made the call after going into the tank and the 5 was dealt on the river. Scott bet 2 million and Rho made the call after another period of deliberation. Scott flipped over Q10 for a Broadway straight and Rho mucked. Scott jumped up to 7.5 million with the win and Rho was knocked down to 3 million.


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Preliminary Event Breakdown

Lee NelsonHere is a look at the winner's of the preliminary events at the Aussie Millions:

Note: All payouts in Australian dollars (AUD).

Event No. 1 ($1,100 no-limit hold'em): Christian Heich -- $150,000
Event No. 2 ($1,050 PokerPro no-limit hold'em): Mark Carle -- $25,000
Event No. 3 ($1,100 Omaha eight-or-better): Mel Judah -- $30,600
Event No. 4 ($1,100 limit hold'em): Zach Gruneberg -- $35,000
Event No. 5 ($1,100 H.O.R.S.E.): Jarred Solomon -- $30,380
Event No. 6 ($1,150 no-limit hold'em w/rebuys): Mark Kassis -- $160,326
Event No. 7 ($1,650 bounty feature event): Saidal Wardak -- $151,200
Event No. 8 ($100,000 no-limit hold'em challenge): David Steicke -- $1,200,000
Event No. 10 ($5,300 heads-up championship): John Tabatabai -- $100,000
Event No. 11 ($1,100 pot-limit Omaha): Lee Nelson -- $32,400
Event No. 12 ($3,250 pot-limit Omaha w/rebuys): Michael Binger -- $123,840
Event No. 13 ($1,100 mixed hold'em): Adam Peck -- $25,000

There are still three preliminary events and the main event that have yet to crown a champion.


Rajkumar Ramakrishnan Eliminated in Fourth Place ($400,000 AUD)

Rajkumar RamakrishnanPeter Rho raised to 280,000 preflop from the big blind and Rajkumar Ramakrishnan reraised to 580,000. Rho reraised all in and Ramakrsihan made the call for his tourament life. Their cards:

Ramakrishnan: AA
Rho: KK

Board: K10532

Ramakrishnan was eliminated in fourth place and he will take home $400,000 AUD in prize money.


Level 26

The blinds are now 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante for the start of level 26.


Back in the Saddle

The break went a bit linger than expected and cards have just gotten back into the air.


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break.


Down Shift

Play at the final table has slowed back down once again. After two quick eliminations coming out of dinner the table has slowed down and few flops have been seen. We'll let you know when action picks back up.


Photos Up

Main Event Trophy and Final TableA round of photos has been posted from today's final table. Check them out during the lull in the action on the photos tab.



Level 25

The blinds are now 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000 ante for the start of level 25.


Chip Counts

Here is a look at the chip stacks:

Stewart Scott: 6,000,000
Elliot Smith: 3,000,000
Rajkumar Ramakrishnan: 2,750,000
Peter Rho: 2,000,000

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