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Buy-In: $6,100 + $305
Prize Pool: $4,552,130
Entrants: 681

Aussie Millions Main Event - Event 9

  • Jan 17, '09 - Jan 24, '09


Updates on Final Day (Jan 23, 09)


Stewart Scott Wins the 2009 Aussie Millions ($2,000,000 AUD)

Stewart ScottStewart Scott raised to 250,000 and Peter Rho went into the tank. He then reraised all in for 2,175,000 and Scott instantly made the call. Their cards:

Scott: AA
Rho: AJ

Board: 98249

Peter Rho was eliminated in second place and he will take home $1,000,000 AUD in prize money. Stewart Scott is the 2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championships main event champion! He takes home $2,000,000 AUD in prize money, the champions' gold bracelet, and a lot of national pride as an Australian claiming the crown.

That concludes our coverage of the main event. Check back in tomorrow at 4 p.m. AEDT (9 p.m. PST) for coverage of the Million Dollar Cash Game featuring Tom "Durrrr" Dwan, Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, Andrew Robl, and others. Minimum buy-in is $1 million and Card Player will bring you all of the action.

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Heads-Up Chip Counts

Here are the chip counts heading into heads-up play:

Stewart Scott: 10,700,000
Peter Rho: 2,900,000

The players are on a short break as the money presentation preparations are underway.


Elliot Smith Eliminated in Third Place ($700,000 AUD)

Eliot SmithElliot Smith limped from the button and Stewart Scott moved all in. Smith called for this tournament life and the two players turned up their hands:

Smith: AQ
Scott: A7

Board: KK1075

Smith was eliminated in third place and he will take home $700,000 AUD in prize money.


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Back from Break

The players have returned from the break and cards are back in the air.


Break Time

The players are on a 30-minute break.


Chip Counts

Here are the chip counts:

Stewart Scott: 7,600,000
Peter Rho: 3,800,000
Elliot Smith: 2,200,000


Scott Losing His Lead?

Elliot Smith raised to 300,000 from the small blind and Stewart Scott called from the big blind. The flop was dealt 544 and both players checked. The turn fell 9 and both players checked again. The river fell 7 and Smith bet 500,000. Scott made the call and Smith turned over Q7. Scott mucked and his body language is now subdued as his chip lead continues to slip away.

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Level 27

The blinds are now 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante for the start of level 27.


Break Time

The players are on a 10-minute break.


Elliot Smith Doubles Up

Elliot SmithStewart Scott raised to 200,000 preflop from the button and Elliot Smith moved all in from the big blind. Scott called him down. Their cards:

Scott: Q10
Smith: A8

Board: 964K7

Smith doubled up to nearly 3 million while Scott is still way out in front with 8,125,000.


Player Tags: Stewart Scott,   Elliot Smith
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