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Buy-In: $6,296 + $378
Prize Pool: $4,024,804
Entrants: 645

EPT Main Event - Event 1

  • Jan 19, '09 - Jan 24, '09


Updates on Final Day (Jan 24, 09)


Au Revoir EPT Deauville... Goddag Denmark!

EPT Deauville First and Second Place FinishersThe European Poker Tour Deauville was a success all around. Despite other major tournaments taking place at the same time, the field was the biggest of this season (excluding the PCA which took place in the Bahamas). 645 players came together this week, and more than half the field was made of local produce - French players galore.

As the television set is being taken down and the high roller event gets down to the business end of things - with Bertrand Grospellier and Isabelle Mercier present - Moritz Kranich is heading to the bar for a "couple of beers". Of those who haven't already flown to their next destination, some will be joining him in celebration, and some, perhaps, to drown their sorrows.

The next event will take place on Feb. 17 and run until 21 in Copenhagen. This will be hard to beat but with all the Danish players in tow, and many prodigal players returning to the EPT from places like Australia and the U.S., it should make for one explosive event.

Card Player will be there as usual, following all the action as it happens, and delivering it to you right here.



Moritz Kranich is the Winner of EPT Deauville (€851,400)

Moritz KranichAfter numerous announcements of "All-in" followed by "Fold", the hand we've all been waiting for has emerged.  Arnaud Esquevin moves all-in and Moritz Kranich calls.

Esquevin: A3

Kranich: A7


Arnaud Esquevin is the second place finisher of EPT Deauville and takes home €495,400.

Moritz Kranich has beaten 644 players to take down the title and €851,400.







Level 28

Blinds are now a massive 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante. Arnaud Esquevin has 1.4 million in chips and Moritz Kranich has the rest.


Heads Up Play Begins

Arnaud EsquevinArnaud Esquevin is fighting to make a comeback. He's been taking pots down and giving Moritz Kranich a run for his money.












Player Interview: Tristan Clemencon

Watch EPT Deauville S5: Final Table Tristan Clemencon (English) on


Tristan Clemencon is Eliminated in Third Place (€284,800)

Tristan ClemenconTristan Clemenson moves all in with his last 120,000 in chips. The two other hopefuls will also see the flop:


Arnaud Esquevin checks, Moritz Kranich moves all in, and Esquevin folds. 

Turn: 5

River: 4

Kranich shows 108 and Clemencon shows J2.

The young French man who played some impressive poker throughout this event should make his exit with his head held high. He receives €284,000 for second place.






Three-Handed Chip Counts

Moritz Kranich: 5,300,000

Arnaud Esquevin: 1,048,000

Tristan Clemencon: 120,000


Crippling Clemenson

Moritz Kranich limps in on the small blind and Tristan Clemenson bets 200,000. Kravich calls.

The flop is 10-10-8 and Moritz checks. Clemenson bets 200,000, Moritz raises to 550,000, and Clemenson calls.

The turn is a 2. Kranich goes all in and Clemenson thinks about it for three or four minutes, and painfully decides to call.

The poker-faced German, Kranich shows J10and Clemenson instantly mucks.

The river is the 5, leaving Clemenson totally crippled.

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Pocket Rockets for Moritz

Moritz Kranich bets 190,000 preflop and Arnaud Esquevin calls. The flop comes KJ9. Moritz bets 245,000, Esquevin shoves all in and Moritz calls.

Moritz reveals pocket aces and Esquevin shows K8 for a pair of kings.

The turn is the 2 giving Esquevin a flush draw, but the river falls the 7 and Moritz takes it down.

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Player Interview: Arnaud Esquevin

Watch EPT Deauville S5: Final Table Arnaud Esquevin (English) on

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