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Buy-In: $12,534 + $752
Prize Pool: $12,181,000
Entrants: 935

EPT Grand Final Championship - Event 1

  • Apr 28, '09 - May 03, '09


Updates on Final Day (May 03, 09)


Heads Up Begins

Thomas Kremser has just announced the beginning of the heads up game. Matt Woodward and Pieter Korver are now ready to face off. It is level 32 and the blinds are 100,000-200,000 with a 20,000 ante. The action can also be followed right now via the Pokerstars live video feed.


Player Interview: Matt Woodward

Watch EPT Monte Carlo S5: Matthew Woodward Final Table on


Dinner Time

The players are now on a 60-minute dinner break. Heads-up play will resume at 7:20 p.m. CEST (10:20 a.m. PDT).


Mikhail Tulchinskiy Eliminated in Third Place (€800,000)

Mikhail TulchinskiyBack from break only moments and we have found our heads up players.

Matt Woodward bets 725,000 from the button, Mikhail Tulchinskiy raises it to 1,200,000, and Woodward pushes all in.

Tulchinskiy gets the pot spread out for him so he can count it, and then calls. He has Q 10. Woodward has 3 3.

Flop: J 8 2

T: 4

R: 2

Tulchinskiy goes out in third place for €800,000 and our heads up players are Matt Woodward and Pieter de Korver.




Player Tags: Matt Woodward,   Pieter De Korver

Player Interview: Pieter de Korver

Watch EPT Monte Carlo S5: Pieter De Korver Final Table on


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break.


Dag Martin Mikkelsen Eliminated in Fourth Place (€600,000)

Dag Martin MikkelsenDag Martin Mikkelsen moves all in preflop and both Pieter De Korver and Mikhail Tulchinskiy call him down. The two live players check down a board of 1094Q4 and then all three players open up their hands:

Mikkelsen: K-7
De Korver: Q-9
Tulchinskiy: A-8

De Korver wins the hand to increase his chip lead and he eliminates Mikkelsen in fourth place (€600,000). Mikkelsen held the title of dominant chip leader just a short time ago, but now his fall from grace is complete.


High Roller Update -- Vanessa Rousso Doubles Up

Over at the European High Roller Championship Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso just doubled up through Randy Dorfman with a king-high flush to take the chip lead. Here is a look at the current chip counts:

Team PokerStars Pro Vaness Rousso: 1.2 million
Randy Dorfman: 800,000
Tony G: 700,000



Rags to Riches

Pieter de KorverDag Martin Mikkelsen raises to 380,000 under the gun, and Pieter de Korver reraises to 680,000 from the small blind.

The flop is 7 7 6 and de Korver is first to speak. He bets 430,000.

Mikkelsen calls and the turn is the 9.

De Korver bets 1,040,000 and Mikkelsen goes all in. De Korver insta-calls and shows 6 6, while Mikkelsen shows K 10. The river is the A and Mikkelsen's amazing run has meant he has exchanged places with Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen is now at the bottom of the leader board with 360,000, while De Korver has 14,640,000.







Pieter De Korver = Invincible

A cat may have nine lives, but Pieter De Korver may have hundreds. He raises to 3,760,000 preflop and Dag Martin Mikkelsen calls him down. Their cards:

Mikkelsen: 1010
De Korver: AJ

Board: AKJ42

De Krover doubles up yet again and he now holds 7,760,000. Mikkelsen is knocked down to 7,940,000. The game has completely changed at this final table.

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