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Buy-In: $12,534 + $752
Prize Pool: $12,181,000
Entrants: 935

EPT Grand Final Championship - Event 1

  • Apr 28, '09 - May 03, '09


Updates on Final Day (May 03, 09)


Pieter De Korver is EPT Grand Final Champion (€2,300,000)

Pieter De Korver WinsOn a 10 6 5 flop with more than one million in the pot, Matt Woodward bets 700,000 and Pieter de Korver reraises all-in. Woodward shakes his head and after a few moments, he calls. He flips over 6 4. De Corver shows 9 6.
The turn is the Q and the river is the 7.

Pieter De Korver has come back from a crippling 365,000 in chips to win the entire event. He now goes home with €2,300,000.

Matt Woodward earns €1,300,000 for his second place finish, and this season's EPT is complete.






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Woodward Wins One

The pattern of Matt Woodward raising, Pieter de Korver reraising, and Woodward folding was broken when Woodward came back at de Korver with an all-in reraise. De Korver passes and Woodward moves up to 7,750,000. He's still dominated however by the 20,400,000 in chips of De Korver.


Level 33

It's now level 33 and the blinds are 150,000-300,000. There is no longer an ante.


Woodward Needs Improvement

On a 10 9 6 flop, both players check. The turn is the 4. Woodward bets 275,000, De Korver calls. The river is the 9. It's checked down and De Korver shows K-4 to win the pot. Woodward mucks.

Pieter de Korver raises 450,000 preflop. It's 250,000 for Woodward to call, and he does.

On another flop of A 9 9, both players check. The turn is the 8. Woodward bets 650,000 and De Korver raises it to 2 million. Woodward says, "You win again."

Then a 4 3 2 flop prompts a bet from Woodward of 300,000, and De Korver calls. The turn is the 10 and Woodward bets out again. De Korver passes.



High Roller Update: Dinner Break Chip Counts

Players are now on a 90-minute dinner break until 9:20 p.m. CEST (12:20 p.m. PDT).

Here are the chip counts:

Randy Dorfman, USA, 1,870,000
Tony G, Lithuania, 560,000
Vanessa Rousso, USA, Team PokerStars Pro 1,525,000


Woodward Leaking Chips

Matt Woodward bets 425, Pieter de Korver calls and the flop comes 4 3 3. De Korver bets 400,000, and Woodward calls.

The turn is the 5 and de Korver bets 700,000. Woodward gets the dealer to spread the pot and then calls. The river is the 10. Korver grabs a handful of yellows to bet 3,600,000, and Woodward passes another big pot over to the Dutchman. De Korver says, "Do you want to see what I had? Show?" He shows a 3. Woodward says, "Nice hand!"

De Korver now has 21,840,000 and Woodward has 6,325,000.

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Chip Count

Matt WoodwardThe latest hand saw the chip counts get even further apart.

Pieter de Korver: 20,075,000

Matt Woodward: 8,090,000











De Korver Moves in Front

Pieter De KorverMatt Woodward bets 300 on a flop of K 10 7. Pieter De Korver raises to 550,000 and Woodward calls. The turn is the 8 and both players check.

The river is the 6 and Woodward bets 700,000, De Korver calls and shows K 2x, which beats Woodward's A 7.

Pieter de Korver moves into the lead with 15,595,000. Matt Woodward has 12,570,000.









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EPT Live: Jason Mercier

The PokerStars EPT Live video feed is now featuring commentary with Jason Mercier.


Calm Before the Storm

The players are hustling back and forth with mediocre size pots as the tension begins to bubble.

In the last hand, Matt Woodward bets 575,000 and Pieter de Korver raises it to 1 million and Woodward calls.

Flop: A K Q

De Korver bets 1 million. Woodward passes.

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