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Buy-In: $6,269 + $376
Prize Pool: $7,441,720
Entrants: 1178

EPT Main Event - Event 1

  • Apr 18, '09 - Apr 23, '09


Updates on Final Day (Apr 23, 09)


Constant Rijkenberg is EPT San Remo Champion (€ 1,508,000)

Constant RijkenbergWith plenty of action on a 10-5-3-5 board, our two heads-up players only experienced the final battle for a very short period of time before it was all over.

Constant Rijkenberg (pictured right) took down the event with pocket aces versus Kalle Niemi's A-10. Niemi needed a 10 but it was a 4 that fell on the river, and he goes out in second place for €862,000.

The 20-year-old Rijkenberg takes home a massive €1,508,000 for withstanding the trials and tribulations within a field of 1,178 from all around the world.

Next stop coming up shortly is Monte Carlo for the Grand Final. Another amazing and large field is expected there, with a huge amount of money on the line. Join the Card Player reporting team there for all the action.






Player Tags: Constant Rijkenberg,   Kalle Niemi

Gustav Sundell Eliminated in Third Place (€480,000)

After a moments break where the three players left the table for what can only be presumed to be a deal discussion, they rejoined and then found their heads up players.

Gustav Sundell met the end of his tournament life after running his A-6 into Kalle Niemi's A-J. He is the third place finisher and takes home €480,000.

Player Tags: Gustav Sundell,   Kalle Niemi

William Reynolds Eliminated in Fourth Place (€377,000)

William ReynoldsSoon after dinner, William Reynolds (pictured right) makes some moves. His final move in the EPT San Remo however, came when he raised all in with K J and faced a call from Constant Rijkenberg with A 7.

An ace comes on the flop and it puts Reynold straight out of the tournament in fourth place for €377,000.










Dinner Time

The four remaining players of the EPT San Remo will now head for a well-deserved dinner break for the next 60 minutes.


Reynolds Holds On

William Reynolds raises all-in for 575,000, Constant Rijkenberg asks for a count, and then folds. Kalle Niemi insta-calls with pocket queens. Reynolds has A 4 and he gets lucky on the turn:

10 9 4 Ax 9x

Reynolds doubles through.


Poker Explosion; Niemi Pushes Forward

Gustav Sundell raises to 200,000, Constant Rijkenberg calls, and Kalle Niemi goes all-in for 1,490,000 more.

Sundell calls after about three minutes and Rijkenberg says that he folded sixes. Niemi is holding A Q and Sundell is behind with A J.

The cards fall 9 8 5 8 Q and Niemi doubles up and wins 3,620,000. Things have taken a drastic change as Niemi has quietly risen up the ranks while Reynold has dropped off them.

Chip count update:

Rijkenberg: 5,765,000
Kalle Niemi: 3,620,000
Sundell: 1,740,000
Reynolds: 575,000

Player Tags: Constant Rijkenberg,   Kalle Niemi

Kalle Chipping Up

Constant Rijkenberg raises 195,000, and Kalle Niemi moves all-in with A 8. Rijkenberg calls with K 10.

The board comes J 7 4 J and Niemi needs to steer clear of a king or a ten. The river seals the deal for Niemi when it falls the A and Niemi doubles through.

Current chip counts are:

Constant Rijkenberg: 6,095,000

Gustav Sundell: 2,935,000

Kalle Niem: 1,090,000

William Reynolds: 965,000

Player Tags: Constant Rijkenberg,   Kalle Niemi

Player Interview: Alex Fitsgerald

Watch EPT San Remo S5: Final Table Interview with Alex Fitsgerald on


Sunny Days for Sundell

After a raise, William Reynolds reraised all in and Gustav Sundell called.

Sundell flipped over pocket kings and was in good shape against Reynold's pocket fours. The board brought a king to make a set for Sundell and Reynold's hand couldn't improve: A K 3 5 8

Sundell doubles through Reynolds.

Player Tags: William Reynolds,   Gustav Sundell

Tens for Everyone

William Reynolds bets around 143,000, Gustav Sundell shoves on top for 610,000, and Reynolds calls.

Sundell reveals A 8 and Reynolds flips over pocket tens. Kalle Niem kindly informs him that he also had pocket tens but folded them. Reynolds does not look happy as he feels he already knows his fate. The board falls A 9 3 8 9 giving Sundell his ace and doubling him up.

Player Tags: William Reynolds,   Gustav Sundell
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