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Buy-In: $7,000 + $350
Prize Pool: $4,217,088
Entrants: 667

EPT Main Event

  • Mar 10, '09 - Mar 14, '09


Updates on Final Day (Mar 14, 09)


Goodbye Germany; Hello San Remo

It's been a long haul from 667 down to just one, but what a week it has been. Sandra Naujoks came up trumps after beating a field filled with pros. The final table saw lots of excitement and disappointment with Luca Pagano, William Thorson, and Mike McDonald all vying for top prize. They can try again however next month at the penultimate stop of the EPT - San Remo. Card Player will be there of course to bring you the best of all the action. So join us then.


Sandra Naujoks is EPT German Open Champion (€917,000)

Sandra Naujoks is EPT German Open ChampionThe ultimate hand of the night came with Sandra Naujoks and Holger Kanisch all in with AQ versus A9.

The board fell A72 and Naujoks was behind, but the tournament was meant to be for her as the 9 fell on the turn, and the 8 on the river.

She becomes the second woman to win an EPT, and in her own country at that. She takes home €917,000 for first place, while Holger Kanisch is the runner up for €533,000.







Player Tags: Sandra Naujoks,   Holger Kanisch

Chip Exchange

Holger Kanisch: 3,860,000

Sandra Naujoks: 2,780,000


Player Interview: Johan Storakers

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Kanisch Back in the Game

Holger KanischBlinds are nose-bleed inducing now - they are 50,000/100,000, Sandra Naujoks moves all in, and Holger Kanisch with about 12 big blinds left, calls. Kanisch shows A7 and Naujoks reveals K4. The board comes: Q87610. Kanisch pairs his seven, and Naujok hopes for a king. The turn gives her a straight draw but nothing comes and Kanisch doubles through.










Player Tags: Sandra Naujoks,   Holger Kanisch

Final Table Hunt

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: The Final Table Hunt on


Naujok Hopes for No Jacks

And so it continues, Sandra Naujok, a member of the PokerStars Shooting Stars team versus sit and go specialist Holger Kanisch.

Naujok calls her small blind and Kanisch checks. The flop is K54 and Naujok checks. Kanisch also checks.

The turn is the 7 and Naujok bets 250,000. Kanisch raises it to 800,000 and Naujok is not happy about it. She stares at him and then passes.

In the very next hand, Kanisch bets 190,000 and Naujok calls. The flop comes 765 and Naujok bets 225,000. Kanisch raises it to 750,000 and Naujok lets out a big sigh, putting her head on the table. She then announces, "All in" and Kanisch insta-calls.

With a bit of a mix up as to has what after Naujok lets out a German grumble of some sort when she sees Kanisch's cards, but it turns out she has pocket aces and Kanisch has pocket jacks. The turn is the 5 and the river is the 9.

She doubles through and is now completely dominating Kanisch with 5,060,000. He has 1,580,000.

Player Tags: Sandra Naujoks,   Holger Kanisch

Small Balling

Blinds in, the flop comes AJJ. Holger Kanisch on the small blind checks, as does the big blind, Sandra Naujoks.

The turn is the 9 and Kanisch checks. Naujok bets 100,00 and Kranisch calls. The river is the 7 and both players check once again.

Kanisch shows 9-5 and Naujok mucks.

A big pot is in the making and it won't be long before these two confident players make some waves.

Player Tags: Sandra Naujoks,   Holger Kanisch

Heads Up Chip Counts

Sandra Naujoks: 2,980,000

Holger Kanisch: 3,666,000



Player Interview: Marc Gork

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