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Buy-In: $9,373 + $422
Prize Pool: $3,832,648
Entrants: 462

EPT No-Limit Hold'em Main Event - Event 2

  • Feb 16, '09 - Feb 21, '09


Updates on Final Day (Feb 21, 09)


Scandinavian Open Comes to a Close

Casino with Champion Trophy and ChipsAfter five days of fast and furious mind-blowing poker, the final of the EPT Scandinavian Open wrapped up in a style quite like the rest of the week - quick, aggressive, and utterly eye-opening. The players who made it through really showed that they deserved to be where they were. Now most of them are heading to watch Gus Hansen and Theo Jorgensen fight it out tonight, so stay tuned to Card Player to hear all about what went on.

As for the EPT, Card Player will be in Dortmund, Germany next to bring you a new wheelbarrow full of bad beats, suck outs, amazing calls, bust outs, and most importantly, a new champion. Join the Card Player live reporting team then to be in on the action. Don't forget to watch out for interviews with the winner and runner-up of this event which are upcoming.







Jens Kyllonen is Scandinavian Open Champion (€878,057)

Jens KyllonenAfter a few hands were Jens Kyllonen was slowly chipping away at Peter Hedlund, it finally came to a head.

Hedlund raises 220,000, Kyllonen pushesall in and Hedlund calls. They flip over their cards:

Kyllonen: JJ


Board: 985KQ

Kyllonen's jacks hold up and the nineteen-year-old Finn is now the EPT Scandinavian Open champion. He takes home the title, the trophy, and €878,057.

Peter Hedlund had an amazing game and was fantastic to watch. A great personality and strong poker skills has earned this Swede €497,069 for second place.

The final table was fast and furious and all over and done with in around four and a half hours.

Player Tags: Peter Hedlund,   Jens Kyllonen

Heads Up Chip Counts

Peter HedlundPeter Hedlund: 1,100,000

Jens Kyllonen: 3,508,000

Kyllonen now wears a pink cap which reads "Teenage Millionaire" - but it's too risky to say right now with the funny but seriously dangerous Hedlund as an opponent.










Player Interview: Jonas Klausen

Watch EPT Copenhagen S5: Jonas Klausen - (English) on


Anders Langset Eliminated in Third Place (€288,717 )

Anders LangsetJens Kyllonen raises with A8 and Anders Langset calls with A4. The flop is QJ9, Kyllonen checks and Langset bets 200,000. Kyllonen snap-calls.

The turn is a 7 and Langset moves all in. Kyllonen flat calls immediately and Langset knows he's out before even showing his cards.

He is drawing dead as a meaningless 4 falls on the river. Anders Langset leaves Peter Hedlund and Jens Kyllonen to fight it out for the top prize, but he walks away with a whopping €288,717.







Player Tags: Jens Kyllonen,   Anders Langset

Langset's Downfall

Jens Kyllonen raises 110,000 and Anders Langset reraises to 300,000. Kyllonen moves all in and Langset insta-calls. Kyllonen does not look happy about it and flips over KQ and Langset shows 88.

Board: 9643Q

Kyllonen hits his flush to the queen and doubles up through Langset.

Player Tags: Jens Kyllonen,   Anders Langset

Level Up: 25

The blinds are now 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante.


Player Interview: Eric Larcheveque

Watch EPT Copenhagen S5: Eric Larcheveque (English) on


Jussi Nevanlinna Eliminated in Fourth Place (€220,258)

Peter HedlundJussi Nevanlinna shoves all-in for 164,000 and Peter Hedlund calls, as does Jens Kyllonen.

The board comes down Q52 and Nevanlinna has to await the others' actions. It's checked all the way down with an A turn and a 2 river. The players reveal their cards:

Hedlund: A-4

Nevanlinna: K-9

Kyllonen: 9-9

Hedlund takes the pot down and Nevanlinna makes his exit. He collects €220,258 for his efforts.




Player Tags: Peter Hedlund,   Jussi Nevanlinna

Kyllonen Lands Killer Blow

Jens Kyllonen opens for 100,000 and Jussi Nevanlinna shoves all in over the top. Kyllonen calls and slowly turns over A7.

Nevanlinna shows 55. The board comes down AK3Q9 and Jens doubles up taking a pot worth 586,000.

Player Tags: Jussi Nevanlinna,   Jens Kyllonen
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