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Buy-In: $9,700 + $300
Prize Pool: $12,674,000
Entrants: 1347

EPT No-Limit Hold'em Main Event 1

  • Jan 04, '09 - Jan 10, '09


Updates on Final Day (Jan 10, 09)


Level 29

The price of poker is going up, and it is now very high. The blinds are 100,000-200,000 with a 20,000 ante. This should help force the action between the final three.


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break.



There has been little to no action after Anthony Gregg doubled up two times in a row to kick off the level. These players are now timid with $3 million on the line, and these they have no prior TV table experience so that might be affecting them as well. Nazari has developed a habit of re-raising his opponents though, so we will see if that weighs in as a factor moving forward.


Anthony Gregg Doubles Up Again

Anthony GreggAnthony Gregg and Benny Spindler found themselves all in on a flop of J87.

Gregg: J7
Spindler: K6

The turn and river came 96 and Spindler failed to hit his outs. Gregg doubled up again to move into second place with 8.3 million in chips. Spindler now has about 6 million.


Player Tags: Anthony Gregg,   Benjamin Spindler

Anthony Gregg Doubles Up

Anthony Gregg moved all in for just under 2 million and Poorya Nazari made the call.

Gregg: KJ
Nazari: A5

The board came 1095J7 and Gregg's pair of jacks is enough to double him up to 4 million in chips.

Player Tags: Anthony Gregg,   Poorya Nazari

Level 28

The players have returned to increased blinds of 75,000-150,000 with a 15,000 ante.


Dinner Break Chip Counts

After Poorya Nazari made higher kings up than Benny Spindler, here is how the chips look going into dinner.

Poorya Nazari - 13,590,000
Benny Spindler - 10,435,000
Anthony Gregg - 2,865,000


Dinner Break

The players are on a 30-minute dinner break.


Poorya Nazari Takes the Lead

Poorya NazariAnthony Gregg made it 245,000 to go from the button and both Benny Spindler and Poorya Nazari made the call in the blinds. The flop was dealt KJ7. Spindler bet 250,000 from the small blind and both players called. The turn fell 3 and Spindler bet 550,000. Nazari raised to 1,450,000 total and Gregg got out of the way. Spindler made the call and the river card was dealt 8. Spindler checked and Nazari moved all in for 4,590,000. The clock had expired into the dinner break at this point and Spindler decided to make the call. He turned over K3 and Nazari showed down K8. Nazari doubled on the hand to take the chip lead into the dinner break with 13,590,000 and Spindler was knocked down to 10,435,000.



CardPlayer TV: Final Table Update

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