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Buy-In: $7,000 + $350
Prize Pool: $3,451,896
Entrants: 570

EPT No-Limit Hold'em Main Event 1

  • Dec 08, '08 - Dec 13, '08


Updates on Final Day (Dec 13, 08)


EPT Prague Over: Where to Next ?

From 570 the EPT Prague found its final eight, and after 12 hours or so it also found its champion.

The first Italian to win an EPT is Salvatore Bonavena and the celebrations are set to go well into the night.

The next leg on the Tour is Deauville, with a brief stop-off at the PokerStars Carribean Adventure on the way.

Follow all the action with the live reporting team as we take you to all the major poker destinations and let you in on all the action of this season's European Poker Tour.


Poker Aid

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Salvatore Bonavena is Champion of EPT Prague (€774,000)

Salvatore BonavenaMassimo Di Sicco moves all in on a 832 flop with A4. Salvatore Bonavena calls with 87.

The turn is the 6, and the river is the J. Bonavena's pair of eights hold and we have our first ever Italian EPT champion.

Dario Minieri among other Italian notables are there to congratulate him as he picks up the cheque worth €774,000, the trophy, the title, and of course, the honour.

Di Sicco finishes runner up for €445,000.







Massimo Moves into Lead

Massimo di Sicco raises 210,000 preflop. Salvatore Bonavena reraises to 680,000. Di Sicco pushes all in.

Bonavena thinks for a few moments, and then folds.

Di Sicco chips up a little and moves into the lead.


Neck and Neck

On a 1042 flop, Massimo Di Cicco and Salvatore Bonavena check it down. The turn is the 7 and Di Cicco bets 120,000, Bonavena raises, and Di Cicco pushes all in almost straight away. Bonavena calls just as quick.

Di Cicco: 102

Bonavena: Q10

River: 5

Di Sicco doubles up and now the stacks are almost evenly split:

Bonavena: 2,889,000

Di Cicco: 2,808,000


Before Heads Up ...

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Heads Up Chip Counts

Salvatore Bonavena: 4,123,000

Massimo Di Cicco: 1,574,000

Two Italians heads up. Both take their places. Let the games begin.


Andrew Chen Eliminated in Third Place (€257,000)

Andrew Chen and Salvatore Bonavena just went head to head in a detrimental pot. All-in the cards were:Andrew Chen

Chen reveals: KQ

Bonavena: A6

Board: 75348

Bonavena was ahead preflop with ace high but as is the luck of the Italians today, the board brought a straight for him and in doing so knocked young Andrew Chen right out of the event.

Chen leaves in third place, and takes home €257,000 for a long hard day of coming back from being the underdog.








10 Minute Break

A quick ten minute break and then back to the action.


Push Comes to Shove

Andrew ChenAndrew Chen calls from the small blind and the flop falls: KK3

Chen bets 70,000, Salvatore Bonavena calls.

The turn comes the A. Chen bets 180,000 and Bonavena calls. The river is the 8.

Chen thinks and then bets a grandiose 500,000. The pot is now worth 1,400,000.

Bonavena thinks about it and then calls. Immediately Chen says, "Nice hand" and mucks his cards as Bonavena shows Q3 for a pair of threes.

Either a really genius read or a terrifyingly terrible call.






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