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Buy-In: $5,000 + $180
Prize Pool: $1,197,950
Entrants: 247

No-Limit Hold'em - Event 12

  • Dec 10, '08 - Dec 11, '08


Updates on Day 2 (Dec 12, 08)


Matt Graham Wins Event No. 12 ($400,685)

Matt GrahamMatt Graham has had an amazing 2008, picking up his first bracelet during this summer's World Series of Poker and topping it all off with a $400,000 score here at Bellagio.

Through it all he has proven that he never gives up, no matter how many times his opponent's cards get the better of him. Congratulations to Matt "mattg1983" Graham.










Davidson Matthew Eliminated in 2nd Place ($257,940)

Davidson MatthewOn a flop of J-9-2, Matt Graham is all in with pocket queens against Davidson Matthew's Q-9.

The turn and river come 7-7 and all of a sudden Graham is the chip leader once again.

A few hands later, both players find themsevles all in preflop. Graham has 85 and Matthew has A2.

The flop brings a five, and the turn and river fail to help Matthew who is eliminated in 2nd place.







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Davidson Matthew Doubles Up

On a flop of 10-9-7 both players get it all in. Graham shows Q-J for an open-ended straight draw but Matthew is ahead with Q-9 for top pair.

The turn and river come A-Q and Matthew doubles up to 2.2 million. Graham is left with 1.4 million.


Matt Graham Doubles Up Again

On a flop of 876, Matt Graham is all in with 108 against Davidson Matthew's Q5.

Matthew needs a four or a queen to win the tournament. The turn is the 8 reducing Matthew's outs to the four remaining fours.

The river is the Q and Graham doubles up to take back the chip lead.

Matt Graham - 2.6 million
Davidson Matthew - 1.05 million


Matt Graham Doubles Up

On a flop of J108, Davidson Matthew bets 80,000 and Matt Graham calls.

The turn is the 5 and Mattthew bets 150,000. Graham moves all in for about 700,000 total, and Matthew instantly calls with pocket queens.

Graham shows 105 and needs to avoid any nine, jack, ten or queen to double up.

The river is the 7 and Graham doubles up to 1.5 million. Matthew is still leading with 2.1 million.


Davidson Matthew Continues To Win From Behind

After clawing back to take the chip lead with a series of big reraises and showdowns, Matt Graham was just one card away from ending the tournament.

The board read 863J and Matthew was all in for 1,235,000 into a 500,000 pot. Graham made the call with 84 and was right when Matthew turned over 75 for the open-ended straight draw.

The river was the 9, however, and Matthew doubled up. Graham was left with 750,000 in chips.

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Blinds Up

The players continue without a break as the blinds increase to 20,000-40,000 with a 5,000 ante.



The players took a very long break to discuss a deal. The details are uknown, but they have definitely resumed play for the bracelet.


Davidson Matthew Doubles Up

Davidson Matthew is all in for his last 1,060,000. Matthew shows JJ and is racing against Graham's AQ.

The board comes 664K7 and Matthew doubles up to the chip lead with 2,150,000.

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Matt Graham Strikes First

Matt Graham raises to 80,000 from the button and Davidson Matthew calls. The flop comes J43 and Matthew checks.

Graham bets 110,000 and after some deliberation, Matthew calls.

The turn is the 3 and once again, Matthew checks. Graham bets 150,000 and Matthew tanks. He asks how much Graham has behind and is told 750,000.

After a few minutes, Matthew calls. The river is the K and he checks for the last time. Graham moves all in for 750,000 and Matthew stands up from the table.

He separates his call from the rest of his stack, seeing what he'd be left with if he was wrong. After three minutes, Matthew calls and Graham instantly flips up the J3 for a full house.

After the hand, Graham is the chip leader with 2,150,000. Matthew is left with 1,480,000.

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