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Buy-In: $9,600 + $400
Prize Pool: $5,000,000
Entrants: 516

No-Limit Hold'em Championship (WPT) - Event 15

  • Sep 14, '08 - Sep 18, '08


Updates on Day 5 (Sep 18, 08)


CardPlayer TV: Vivek Rajkumar Winner Interview

Vivek Rajkumar wins the 2008 WPT Borgata Poker Open




Final Results

1. Vivek Rajkumar - $1,424,500
2. Sang Kim - $750,000
3. Dan Heimiller - $387,500
4. Jason Strochak - $337,500
5. Mark Seif - $287,500
6. Andrew Knee - $237,500


Vivek Rajkumar

Vivek RajkumarAt the Legends of Poker event last month, Rajkumar's roommate Amit Makhija finished in second place.

Today, Rajkumar does one better by taking the lion's share of the prize pool with $1,424,500 and his first WPT championship.






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Vivek "So Sick" Rajkumar Wins the 2008 Borgata Poker Open

Sang KimSang Kim opens for a raise on the button and Vivek Rajkumar reraises 2.5 million more. Kim moves all in and Rajkumar makes the call.

Rajkumar reveals AJ and Kim has AQ. The flop comes J107 and Rajkumar takes the lead! Kim picks up a straight draw and needs a a king or a queen to stay alive. The turn is the A giving Rajkumar two pair and the river is the 8, giving the championship to Rajkumar, who can hardly believe his luck. A barrage of "so sick's" escape from his mouth as he in enveloped by the online contigent on the rail.

Kim is eliminated in second place and earns $750,000.






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Back From Break

The money presentation is over and heads up play has begun.


CardPlayer TV: Moonlighters

While we wait for the heads up match to begin, here is a fan favorite from CardPlayer TV.

Card Player TV confronts professinal poker players with picture evidence of them involved in other professions




A Look Back: Season II Borgata Poker Open

David Oppenheim2003 Borgata Poker Open (New Event on the WPT for Season II)

Number of entries: 235
Buy-in: $5,000
Prize pool: $1,175,000
First-place prize: $470,000

Final-table results:

1: Noli Francisco -- $470,000
2: Charlie Shoten -- $235,000
3: David Oppenheim -- $117,500
4: Carlos Mortensen -- $70,500
5: Mickey Seagle -- $52,875
6: Randy Burger -- $41,125




There will be a short break before heads up play begins.

We have only played 41 total hands thus far at the final table. The record for the shortest final table on the World Poker Tour is Eugene Katchalov's 53 hand performance at last year's Five Diamond tournament at the Bellagio.

Here are the chip counts before heads up play begins:

Vivek Rajkumar - 16,805,000
Sang Kim - 3,910,000


Dan Heimiller Eliminated in 3rd Place ($387,500)

Dan HeimillerDan Heimiller moves all in from the button and Vivek Rajkumar makes the call from the big blind.

Heimiller shows Q3 and Rajkumar is ahead with A5.

The board runs K5455 and Rajkumar makes quads to take out Heimiller in third place. Heimiller earns $387,500 for his performance today.








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Blinds Up

Play continues without a break as the blinds increase to 100,000 - 200,000 with a 20,000 ante.

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