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Buy-In: $9,900 + $100
Prize Pool: $1,065,600
Entrants: 111

Heads Up Championship - Event 32

  • Feb 17, '09 - Feb 20, '09


Updates on Final Day (Feb 20, 09)


Vivek Rajkumar Wins Heads Up Championship ($350,000)

Vivek RajkumarWIth the blank on the river, Vivek Rajkumar completed an improbable feat, going 12-1 in the tournament and taking down the trophy, the title and $350,000.

This is Rajkumar's second L.A. Poker Classic victory, after winning an event last year.










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Chris Moore Eliminated in 2nd Place ($190,000)

Chris MooreAfter taking the lead, Vivek Rajkumar finally closed Chris Moore on a nine-high board with 10-9 in the hole. Moore held a pair of sevens and needed to make trips or catch a jack on the river to pair his kicker. The river bricked out and Moore was eliminated in 2nd place, earning $190,000.





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Vivek Rajkumar Wins First Match, Draws Even

Vivek RajkumarThe first match between Chris Moore and Vivek Rajkumar is in the books and because we still don't have a champion, that means Chris Moore is undefeated no.... more!

Both players had the lead at various points in the match, but it was clear that Rajkumar held it for much longer, having Moore on the ropes quite a few times before finally finishing him off. On the final hand, Moore was all in with a pair and an open-ended straight draw while Rajkumar held a club flush draw with a gutshot to a higher straight. The river gave him his flush and suddenly things were all square.

Stay tuned for the final match of the tournament.





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James Mackey Eliminated in 3rd Place ($100,000)

Jame MackeyVivek Rajkumar has won his tenth match of the tournament, eliminating James "" Mackey and advancing to face Chris Moore in the finals.

Rajkumar took an early lead in the match with a series of four bets that were never called. Then, he made a set of threes, taking a huge pot and a 3-1 chip lead.

On the final hand, Rajkumar slow played aces and got Mackey to pay him off with his entire stack. Mackey earns $100,000 for his finish.








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David Oppenheim Eliminated in 4th Place ($75,000)

David OppenheimVivek Rajkumar has done it again. After a long three hour match with David Oppenheim, Rajkumar has come out on top, this time after a match that saw several lead changes and numerous comebacks.

After building more than a 3-1 chip lead, both players got it all in. Rajkumar held J-10 and Oppenheim held A-8. Both players hit a pair, but Rajkumar's was higher, giving him the match and advancing him to the third place match.

Oppenheim was eliminated in fourth place and earned $75,000.






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Next Match

The next match will featured David Oppenheim and Vivek Rajkumar. The winner of that match will go against James Mackey for the honor of loser's bracket champion. Then we will have our championship match up.


Loser's Bracket Update -- Final Four

In the top half of the bracket Vivek Rajkumar beat Amit Makhija to advance to part II, where the winner's bracket final four loser Evan Roberts was waiting. Rajkumar defeated Roberts as well and he now has a spot in the loser's bracket championship round. The bottom half is taking much longer to decide things between Steve Billirakis and Steve Sung, who have been playing for hours. The winner of that match will advance to play David Oppenheim in part II of the loser's bracket final four, and the winner of that match will advance to the loser's championship against Rajkumar.

Loser's Bracket (winners in bold)

Final Four Part II                                      Final Four Part II

Amit Makhija vs. Vivek Rajkumar        Vivek Rajkumar vs. Evan Roberts
Steve Billirakis vs. Steve Sung           Steve Billirakis vs. David Oppenheim                


Steve Sung Eliminated in Seventh Place ($35,000)

Steve SungSteve Sung and Steve Billirakis finally ended their match after a two-hour duel that saw several lead changes. At one point, Sung was just six outs away from the win, but Billirakis hit his draw to stay alive and even it up.

Finally, both players got it in on a coinflip. Sung held A-Q and Billirakis held pocket sevens. The pocket pair held up and Sung was eliminated in seventh place, earning $35,000.

Billirakis will now pay David Oppenheim for the chance to play Vivek Rajkumar for the chance to play James Mackey for the chance to play Chris Moore. Confused yet?







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Winner's Bracket Update -- Championship Results

Winner in Bold:

Chris Moore vs. James Mackey


Chris Moore Defeats James Mackey

Chris Moore grinded down James Mackey from the start and quickly built a large and what proved to be insurmountable lead.

On the final hand, Mackey got his last few thousand in with Q-8 only to see Moore show a dominating A-8. The board helped neither player and Moore moved on to the finals to face whoever it is that advances from the loser's bracket.

Mackey will still have a shot to be that player, but he's going to have to wait a few rounds to get his revenge.

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