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Buy-In: $9,900 + $100
Prize Pool: $921,600
Entrants: 96

H.O.R.S.E Championship - Event 29

  • Feb 15, '09 - Feb 18, '09


Updates on Final Day (Feb 18, 09)


Bob Golick Eliminated in Sixth Place ($52,531)

Bob GolickOmaha Eight-or-Better

Bob Golick was eliminated in sixth place when he found himself all in against Jeff Madsen, who held a straight. Neither player qualified low and Golick was eliminated from the tournament in sixth place ($52,531). This continues a successful run at the 2009 LAPC for Golick, who has won two events, both the $300 and $500 seven-card stud preliminaries.


Player Tags: Jeff Madsen,   Bob Golick

Amnon Filippi Eliminated in Seventh Place ($40,550)

Amnon FilippiStud Eight-or-Better

Amnon Filippi was knocked out of the HORSE tournament shortly after the field returned from break. He was on a short stack for much of the end of level 19 and he was forced to shove it all in early during the new level. Filippi was all in with split queens against Matt Graham, who held splits fives, but seventh street delivered Graham a six to give him sixes up to win the pot when neither player qualified for a low hand. He will take home $40,550 in prize money. This is another appearance at a major HORSE final table for Filippi, who also finished in fourth place at the 2007 WSOP HORSE world championship.



Level 20

The players are back from break and the levels are as follows:

Hold'em/Omaha: 8,000-15,000 blinds with 15,000-30,000 limits
Stud/Razz/Stud 8OB: 5,000 ante with a 8,000 low card and 15,000 completion and 15,000-30,000 limits


Break Time

The players are on a 10-minute break.


Chip Count Update

Here are the updated chip counts. Not one player has fallen during the last two levels:

Matt Graham: 430,000
Jeff Madsen: 480,000
Amnon Filippi: 105,000
Chris Tsiprailidis: 230,000
Chino Rheem: 70,000
Bob Golick: 370,000
Scotty Nguyen: 250,000


Amnon Takes a Hit

Amnon FilippiOmaha Eight-or-Better

Amnon raised preflop to 12,000 and Bob Golick called him down. The flop was dealt 952 and Filippi bet 12,000. Golick made the call and the turn brought the K. The river fell 6 and Golick bet 24,000. Filippi made the call and Golick turned up 5432. Filippi mucked and Golick took down the pot. These two players have been on divergent paths as of late, with Golick climbing the leader board and Filippi starting to feel the strain of rising blinds and limits with a short stack.


Player Tags: Amnon Filippi,   Bob Golick

Level 19

The players are back in their seats and the limits are as follows:

Hold'em/Omaha: 6,000-12,000 blinds with 12,000-24,000 limits
Stud/Razz/Stud 8OB: 3,000 ante with a 3,000 low card and 12,000 completion and 12,000-24,000 limits


Break Time

The players are on a 10-minute break.


Very Slow Level

The past level during the HORSE event has been very slow. The chip stacks have been evening out, and other than the fall and re-birth of Matt Graham, not too much has transpired. Here is an update of the chip counts:

Matt Graham: 325,000
Jeff Madsen: 420,000
Amnon Filippi: 415,000
Chino Rheem: 220,000
Chris Tripaidilis: 250,000
Bob Golick: 240,000
Scotty Nguyen: 170,000


Graham Low but Doubles

Matt GrahamStud Eight-or-Better

Matt Graham moved all in on sixth street with three kings exposed and both Scotty Nguyen and Jeff Madsen called him down. Madsen took the low while Graham revealed a fourth king to beat Nguyen's seven-high straight.


Player Tags: Scotty Nguyen,   Matt Graham,   Jeff Madsen
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