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Buy-In: $4,900 + $100
Prize Pool: $412,100
Entrants: 50

Pot-Limit Omaha - Event 27

  • Feb 14, '09 - Feb 15, '09


Updates on Day 1 (Feb 15, 09)


Final Results

After returning from the break the players began to discuss how they would like to proceed. Since three of the five players were going to play in the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. event tomorrow, and it was already past 3 a.m., the final five players came to gentleman's agreement to determine the final standings. Here are the final results:

1: Frank Kassela
2: Raphael Zimmerman
3: Mickey Mills
4: Randy Ohel
5: Andreas Krause

Check back in tomorrow for live coverage of the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. event begining at 3 p.m.


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break.


Glantz Busts on the Bubble

Matt GlantzMatt Glantz was forced to move his short stack all in from the big blind and Frank Kassela called him down. Unfortunatley for Glantz his opponent held two aces in the hole and they held up to eliminate Glantz on the money bubble in sixth place.


Player Tags: Frank Kassela,   Matthew Glantz

Stuck on the Bubble

Action has slowed to a snail pace as the clock draws near to 3 a.m. It appears that play might be halted for the night at the next break in a few minutes, although it will be left to the players to vote on.


Chip Counts

Here is a look at the leader board:

Frank Kassela: 276,000
Raphael Zimmerman: 194,000
Mickey Mills: 176,000
Andreas Krause: 112,000
Randy Ohel: 40,000
Matt Glantz: 30,000


Level 10

The blinds are now 800-1,600 for the start of level 10. Six players remain and the top five will get paid.


Constantine Moustakis Eliminated

Constantine MoustakisConstantine Moustakis has busted out of the tournament in seventh place, just two spots shy of the money.


Player Tags: Constantine Moustakis

Frank Kassela Doubles Up and Then Some

Frank KasselaFrank Kassela has now found himself on the winning end of the two most lucractive pots in the tournament. He was all in against Raphael Zimmerman, who had both Kassela and Erick Lindgren covered all in on a board of J10288. Their cards:

Kassela: AQ93
Lindgren: A5A9
Zimmerman: J1097

Kassela doubled up on the hand with his straight and eliminated Erick Lindgren in eighth place.



Erick Lindgren Doubles Up

Erick LindgrenRaphael Zimmerman raised 6,000 from the button on a flop of K84 and Erick Lindgren raised to 17,500 from the hi-jack. Matt Glantz mucked and Zimmerman raised enough to put Lindgren all in, who made the call. Their cards:

Lindgren: 8876
Zimmerman: KQ104

Turn and River: 97

Lindgren won the hand to double up and survive.



Money Bubble Sets In

The slow play of the money bubble has finally taken hold of this field. Eight players remain and only the top five are going to walk away with prize money. After sticking with it for this long these players are very unlikely to go down without a fight. This could take a while.

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