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Buy-In: $9,600 + $400
Prize Pool: $6,681,600
Entrants: 696

No-Limit Hold'em Championship (WPT) - Event 35

  • Feb 20, '09 - Feb 26, '09


Updates on Final Day (Feb 26, 09)


Cornel Cimpan Wins the 2009 L.A. Poker Classic ($1,686,760)

Cornel CimpanWith the way the cards ran all night, it seems like it was destiny for Cornel Cimpan to come in here and take this championship.

Cimpan defeated the likes of poker superstar Chris Ferguson, WPT champion Chris Karagulleyan, online superstar Mike Sowers and one of the most tenacious players we've ever seen in Binh Nguyen. Cimpan earns by far the biggest payday of his career with $1,686,760. He also takes home the Frederic Remington trophy, the WPT bracelet and the $25,000 seat into the WPT Championships at Bellagio.

Thank you for staying up to watch our coverage of the L.A. Poker Classic. Stay tuned for a recap of the final table.




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Binh Nguyen Eliminated in 2nd Place ($935,424)

Binh NguyenCornel Cimpan moved all in and Binh Nguyen made the call. Cimpan showed K 5 and Nguyen was ahead once again with A 9.

Nguyen had the lead in the hand but he doesn't feel too confident. He had the best hand four times with a chance to win the tournament tonight and the L.A. Poker Classic title slipped out of his grasp each time thanks to the poker gods.

The board ran out 10 5 3 10 4 and Nguyen was eliminated in second place, earning $935,424. Cimpan won the 2009 LAPC and he will take home $1,686,760 in prize money.






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Cornel Cimpan Can't Lose!

Cornel Cimpan and Binh Nguyen get it all in preflop. Cimpan shows A4 and is in bad shape against Nguyen's 1010.

The flop came 864 and Cimpan picked up a pair of fours. The turn was the 8 giving Cimpan the nut flush draw and as if on cue, the river was the 5 giving him the winning flush and crippling Nguyen.

Cimpan now has 12.8 million to Nguyen's 1.1 million.

Player Tags: Cornel Cimpan,   Binh Nguyen

Miracle River For Nguyen!

Binh NguyenBinh Nguyen moved all in for 3.975 million and Cornel Cimpan made the call. Nguyen showed K5 and was dominated by Cimpan's KJ.

The flop came down 998, giving Nguyen outs to the chop. The turn was the 3 meaning Nguyen needed any trey or eight for a chop, or any five for the win.

The river was the... 5! and Nguyen doubled to take the chip lead with 7.95 million. Cimpan is the short stack once again with 5.95 million.


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Cornel Cimpan = Soul Crusher

Both players get it all in preflop. Cornel Cimpan shows KQ and Binh Nguyen has him beat, at least temporarily, with A9.

The board comes KJ2K10 and Cimpan doubles up to 8.2 million. Nguyen is now the short stack with 5.7 million.

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Level 34

The blinds are now 100,000-200,000 with a 30,000 ante for the start of level 34.


Same Old Song and Dance

Cornel Cimpan is allowing Binh Nguyen to grind him down once again. The chip stacks have tipped back in major favor of Nguyen as he exerts his will as the more aggressive player at the table.


Back from Break

The two finalists are back and here is a look at the chip counts:

Binh Nguyen: 8,925,000
Cornel Cimpan: 4,975,000


Break Time

The players are on a 10-minute break.


Cornel Cimpan Crushes Everyone's Dreams

Cornel CimpanBinh Nguyen raised to 375,000 and Cornel Cimpan moved all in. Nguyen instantly called and tabled AQ and was dominating Cimpan's Q10.

Of course, the board came Q105104 to give Cimpan a boat and double him up to 4.45 million. Nguyen now has 9.45 million.


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