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Buy-In: $9,500 + $500
Prize Pool: $3,520,738
Entrants: 373

No-Limit Hold'em Championship Event (WPT)

  • Aug 23, '08 - Aug 28, '08


Updates on Day 5 (Aug 28, 08)


John Phan Wins the 2008 Legends of Poker ($1,091,428)

John PhanAmit Makhija moves all in and John Phan makes the call. Makhija shows K7 and Phan is racing with the 33.

The flop comes Q55 and Makhija picks up more outs to counterfeit Phan's pair.

The turn is the A and now a Queen will chop the pot.

The river is the 10 and Phan wins the 2008 Legends of Poker tournament.

Makhija earns $563,320 for his second place finish. Phan earns $1,091,428 and takes a monster lead of nearly 1,500 points in the CardPlayer (POY) Player of the Year race.





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Amit Makhija Doubles Up

After being grinded down to his final 1.6 million with a failed bluff attempt, Amit Makhija got the rest of his chips in with A8 and was relieved to see that he was dominating John Phan's A2.

The board ran out KK1084 and Makhija doubled up to 3.2 million.


Back From Break

Blinds are still 60,000-120,000 with a 20,000 ante.


Break Time

The players are on a 10-minute break while the tapes are changed.


Amit Makhija Doubles Up

Amit Makhija raised to 320,000 and John Phan called.

The flop came K74 and Phan checked. Makhija bet 360,000 and Phan quickly check-raised to 820,000.

After some thought, Makhija moved all in and Phan immediately called. Makhija showed 96 for a flush draw, and Phan shoed K7 for top two pair.

The turn was the 10, giving Makhija more outs with a gutshot straight draw. Phan was once again only one card away from the title, but the 8 hit the river, giving Makhija his straight.

Player Tags: John Phan,   Amit Makhija

John Phan Picks Off a Bluff

Amit Makhija raised to 400,000 on the button and John Phan called. The flop came down 985 and Phan checked.

Makhija bet 600,000 and Phan called. The turn was the 2 and both players checked.

The river was the 6 and Makhija bet 1.5 million. Phan made the call and showed J9 for a nine-high flush. Makhija said good call and mucked his 102.

Here are the chip counts after the hand.

Amit Makhija - 2,620,000
John Phan - 8,580,000

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Amit Makhija Doubles Up

Amit MakhijaJohn Phan raises to 300,000 and Amit Makhija moves all in for nearly 2,000,000.

Not surprisingly, Phan goes into the tank. After a few minutes, he makes the call, showing Q9. Makhija is momentarily stunned by the call, and he produces A6.

The flop comes KQJ and the room explodes as Phan hits his queen. Makhija is dejected, wondering when the draw outs will end.

Phan calls out for a deuce, and he gets his wish when the dealer turns the 2. He is just one more card away from his first WPT championship, and he rubs his palms together in anticipation.

The online contingent in the audience screams one last time for an ace, and the dealer turns over the...A!

There is a mixture of collective groans and explosive cheers as Makhija doubles up to 3,960,000. Phan retains the lead but now only has 6,440,000.


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The players are now on a quick television time out.


John Phan Doubles Up With a King on the River!

John PhanAmit Makhija raises to 320,000 and John Phan reraises to 1.2 million. Makhija moves all in and Phan goes into the tank.

After about a minute Phan wanders over to his friends on the rail and annouces call. Makhija asks if Phan has a pair and is relieved to see he's coinflipping with his pocket deuces. Phan shows AK which has most in the crowd wondering why he took so long.

The flop comes out J43 and Makhija retains the lead. The turn is the J which gives Phan more outs with a counterfeit. Phan needs an ace, king, four or three to win the pot and the river is the.... K!

Phan hits his card and doubles up to a massive chip lead.

John Phan - 8,940,000
Amit Makhija - 2,260,000



Player Tags: John Phan,   Amit Makhija

Long Hands

With John Phan contesting every pot, each hand is taking longer and longer to complete. Even the average raise and take it blind steal is followed by minutes of thought, hollywooding and table talk.

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