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Buy-In: $20,000
Prize Pool: $1,500,000
Entrants: 64

NBC Heads-Up Championship Event

  • Feb 28, '08 - Mar 02, '08


Updates on Quarter Finals (Mar 02, 08)


Chris Ferguson Wins the 2008 Heads-Up Championship

Ferguson WinsChris Ferguson raises to 25,000 and Andy Bloch makes the call. The flop comes 10 7 3 and Ferguson bets 35,000. Bloch check raises to 105,000 and Ferguson calls. The turn is the 7 and Bloch bets 150,000. Ferguson moves all in and Bloch tanks. He thinks it over for about 7 full minutes before deciding to flip a coin. The coin lands on heads and he makes the call, showing 10 4 for top pair, and a flush draw. Ferguson turns over J J and is in the lead. The river is the 7 giving both players a full house, but Ferguson's is higher. Ferguson wins the match and Bloch finishes runner-up, receiving $250,000.

The trophy and money presentation, complete with Cleopatra and Caesar himself followed, where Ferguson was presented with $500,000, the championship trophy, a championship watch, and a $10,000 seat in the 2008 World Series of Poker main event.

Ferguson won the championship in his third finals appearance, you can view these past results and everything about the history of the NBC National Heads-Up Championship by clicking here. You can also view the complete results for the bracket from this year's event.

Player Tags: Chris Ferguson,   Andy Bloch

Chris Wins a Small One

Andy Bloch raises on the button to 25,000 and Chris Ferguson makes the call. The flop comes 10 9 7 and both players check. The turn is the 8 and Ferguson's 30,000 bet is enough to take the pot.  

Player Tags: Chris Ferguson,   Andy Bloch

Chris Ferguson Wins We Think

"Chris Ferguson draws first blood here in round 3," says the tournament announcer. The board read 9 6 2 and that's all the information the announcer gave us. There looked like there was about 100,000 in the pot and it all went Ferguson's way.

Player Tags: Chris Ferguson,   Andy Bloch

Match 3

The third and final match is underway. Both players are feeling the pressure as both don't want to be remembered as the guy who always finishes second. Blinds are back down to 3,000-6,000.


Chris Ferguson Wins Match 2

CrowdingChris Ferguson just hit quad queens to take match 2. He and Bloch got it all in preflop and Ferguson held pocket queens. Bloch held K 3 and the board ran out Q J 2 Q J. We're all tied up and 10 minutes from the deciding match.  






Player Tags: Chris Ferguson,   Andy Bloch

Chris Ferguson Cripples Andy Bloch

On a flop of 1054 Andy Bloch moves all in and Chris Ferguson calls. Ferguson shows pocket jacks and Bloch shows 76 for an open ended straight draw. The turn is the 6, giving Bloch even more outs, but the river is the 9. Bloch is left with just 150,000.

Player Tags: Chris Ferguson,   Andy Bloch

Chris Ferguson Doubles Up

FergusonChris Ferguson is all in and called by Andy Bloch, who shows pocket threes. Ferguson shows Q J and the board comes Q 6 5 7 7 to give Ferguson a much needed double up. Bloch still maintains the chip lead, but only by a few thousand.









Player Tags: Chris Ferguson,   Andy Bloch

Pot Bloch

Andy Bloch raises to 40,000 and Chris Ferguson calls. The flop comes Q J 4 and Bloch bets 50,000. Ferguson check raises to 200,000 and Bloch moves all in. After several long minutes, Ferguson folds, leaving himself with about 340,000.



Player Tags: Chris Ferguson,   Andy Bloch

Andy Bloch Takes the Chip Lead

Andy Bloch bet 60,000 on the river and got Chris Ferguson to make the call. Bloch showed two pair and takes a decent lead in their match.


Player Tags: Chris Ferguson,   Andy Bloch

Blinds Up

The blinds have increased to 10,000-20,000. We'll see if the rising blinds induce some more action between the two players. They know each other's game well, and they have been cautious of making any mistakes thus far.

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