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Buy-In: $5,000 + $180
Prize Pool: $1,125,200
Entrants: 232

No-Limit Hold'em Event 14

  • Apr 17, '08 - Apr 18, '08


Updates on Day 2 (Apr 18, 08)


Chris Bush Wins Event No. 14

Chris Bush raises to 90,000 on the button and David Baker moves all in for 530,000. Bush calls and shows KJ. Baker shows 109. The board comes AK5Q8 and Chris "Bushman" Bush wins event no. 14.

Bush takes home approximately $320,000 plus the seat and the bracelet.

Baker takes home around $230,000.


Billy Pilossoph Eliminated in 3rd Place Earns Roughly $210,000

Billy PilossophBilly Pilossoph is all in against Chris Bush. Pilossoph shows AJ and Bush turns over KQ. The board comes 10838Q and Bush rivers the queen to send Pilossoph home in 3rd place.

Pilossoph's deal earned him roughly an additional $90,000.






Deal Made

A deal has been made. The official numbers won't be available on until the Bellagio releases them tomorrow morning, but a rough breakdown of the deal is below.

Baker - $230,000

Pilossoph - $210,000

Bush - $320,000

They will continue to play for the seat into tommorow's WPT main event and the gold bracelet.



The players are talking a by the chips chop and the deal discussion will continue for a bit. Regardless of whether or not a deal is made, they will be playing for a seat and the bracelet.


Blinds Up

The blinds increase to 15,000-30,000 with a 5,000 ante. Play continues without a break.


Chris Bush Doubles Through David Baker For Chip Lead

The action starts on the turn in this 150,000 pot with the board reading 552Q. David Baker bets 95,000 and Chris Bush makes the call after some deliberation. The river is the 10 and Baker moves all in. Bush has 425,000 behind and after a few minutes, calls all in turning over QJ. Baker taps the table and mucks his hand. Bush now has over 1.1 million and Baker takes a hit down to little under 600,000.


Billy Pilossoph Doubles Up

In a limped pot between the blinds and a flop of K65, Billy Pilossoph bets 35,000 and David Baker puts him all in. Pilossoph reluctantly calls showing 106 but he is ahead of Bakers 75. The turn and river come 2A and Pilossoph doubles to around 450,000.


Steven Miller Eliminated in 4th Place ($65,995)

Steven Miller moves all in for his last 120,000 or so and David Baker insta calls having looked at only one card, an ace. Miller reveals J6 but is crushed when Baker reveals his other card, another ace for AA. The board rolls out 10971010 and Miller is eliminated in 4th place, earning $65,995.

Miller came into the day second to last in chips, and at one point during the money bubble was down to exactly one big blind. He may have been pretty card dead four handed, but his comeback today was a great accomplishment.

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Young Guns Picking On Their Elders

Now it seems as if David Baker and Chris Bush are taking turns picking up the blinds and antes of Steven Miller and Billy Pilossoph. It costs these guys 46,000 to play each four-handed round, and their stacks are dwindling fast. Miller is going to need to make a move soon if he wants to stay in contention.


Trading Chips

The players are currently playing very cautiously. Hands are taking upwards of 5 minutes each and it seems as though the only player losing chips is Steven Miller. He now has just under 220,000.

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