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Buy-In: $5,000 + $180
Prize Pool: $868,150
Entrants: 179

No-Limit Hold'em Event 13

  • Apr 15, '08


Updates on Day 2 (Apr 16, 08)


Fitoussi Chips Up

Bruno Fitoussi has taken a 2-1 chip lead on Michael Binger.


Slow Play

Michael Binger and Bruno Fitoussi are in no rush to get things over with. Both players are playing small pot poker and taking considerable time with each decision. Each player has at least 40 big blinds at this point, but with their styles of play, the blinds won't factor much into the outcome. It's going to take both players making a relatively strong hand for this one to end.


Blinds Up

Players continue playing without a break as blinds increase to 10,000-20,000 with a 4,000 ante.


Shannon Shorr Eliminated in 3rd Place ($92,690)

Shannon ShorrShannon Shorr is all in with A-J against the pocket eights of Michael Binger. The board rolls out 9-3-3-9-7 and Shorr is eliminated in 3rd place. Shorr takes home $92,690 for his efforts over the past two days.

The picture, at right, taken moments after being eliminated, pretty much sums up Shannon's attitude at the moment. *

The players are now on a short break before heads up play begins.




* J/K That's a completely different, older photo of Shannon. For all I know he could have been in a good mood when it was taken.

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Michael Binger Doubles Up

Michael Binger is all in with AJ against Shannon Shorr's KQ. The board comes A86QJ and Binger doubles up to stay alive.

After the hand, Shorr is left with 240,000 while Binger chips up to 610,000.


James Mackey Eliminated in 4th Place ($50,565)

James MackeyJames Mackey is all in and covered by just 8,000 from Michael Binger. Mackey shows K8 and Binger turns over AQ

The flop comes K43 and Mackey takes the lead. Binger looks distraught knowing that he will have to come back with just 8,000, but the turn gives him a chance with the 2. Binger must now catch any Ace or Five to win the hand and the river is the 5 giving Binger the wheel and eliminating Mackey in 4th place. Mackey takes home a not too shabby $50,565.







Player Tags: James Mackey,   Michael Binger

Shannon Shorr Doubles Up

Shannon Shorr raises to 45,000 and James Mackey reraises to 120,000. Shorr announces that he is all in and Mackey calls the additional 85,000. Shorr shows QQ and Mackey is behind with AQ. The board comes Q5239 and Shorr doubles up to 425,000. Mackey is left with just over 200,000.


Updated Chip Counts

Here are the Updated Chip Counts:

Bruno Fitoussi     987,000

James Mackey     434,000

Shannon Shorr    247,000

Michael Binger     185,000


Bruno Fitoussi Doubles Up

The details are unclear, but Bruno Fitoussi just doubled through James Mackey for a 1,000,000 pot.

Updated chip counts to follow.


Blinds Up

The blinds have increased to 8,000-16,000 with a 3,000 ante.

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